Blog Archive: October 2014

Just a little look at some “work-in-progress”…Here you see a whole lot of GIs about to board their trucks and move off to their embarcation ports for the journey across the channel to Normandy and D.Day.

The soldiers are all white metal…the trucks are all-metal “tinplate”. Hope you like ‘em!

MG053 Aiborne Jeep
When it comes to the Paras you can never have “too many jeeps”. Since all our earlier Para Jeeps are retired we’ve had many requests for another…and here it is. A simple, straight forward, regular “Airborne Jeep” complete with Para driver.

WH004 Opel Blitz Ambulance (Camouflage)
The second version of this great ambulance model. This particular two-coloured Opel Blitz can be utilized in a wide variety of “combat theatres” — North Africa…Italy…Normandy…even the Eastern Front and all-points-in-between.