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Enjoy the preview of New German Military Band
On display at The “WESTCOASTER” Show, 4 – 8 March, 2015
The Irvine Marriot Hotel, Irvine Calif

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May KING & COUNTRY wishes you a Great Year of The Goat and Full of The Joys of Spring.
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As most of you know 2015 marks many auspicious military anniversaries…One of the most important is the Centenary of the “Gallipoli Campaign” in 1915 when British, French and “ANZAC” (Australian & New Zealand Army Corps) troops stormed the beaches in a combined attempt to capture the Gallipoli Peninsula and destroy the Turkish coastal batteries that controlled the Dardanelles Straits. The date of the landing was 25 April 1915.

By capturing Gallipoli the Allies hoped to begin a “new front” with the Central Powers (Germany, Austria Hungary and Turkey). It was also hoped that a new supply route to Russia could be opened up. And finally…that a major defeat of Turkey, on its home soil, might force her out of the war.

Alas, the best laid plans…often go wrong. However, the bravery and fortitude of the Allied troops, particularly the Aussies and the Kiwis, in the most difficult of circumstances, became legendary.

K&C honours that legacy and the legend with the upcoming release of many new sets of figures and accessories that focus on the ANZACS and their British brothers-in-arms.

Here is just a small taste…Best wishes and happy collecting!

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We just received a sample of our new “Chapel Façade” that can go along with all of our existing RTA series figures as well as the 4 x new inexpensive sets in February…

Hope you like it!