December 2017


And suddenly… before you know it… it’s almost the end of the year and Christmas will soon be upon us!

To be honest it’s also my favourite time of the year... I’m fortunate to get to go to Europe at this point and meet many of our most enthusiastic collectors and dealers at events and shows in Italy, France and the U.K.

What delights and amazes me is the huge amount of background knowledge these collectors have… about both the hobby in general and K&C in particular.

PLUS I’m fortunate to get a wealth of great ideas and suggestions from those very same collectors and dealers that often turn into some of the most popular and best-selling K&C figures, fighting vehicles and aircraft!

So, many thanks in advance for all the support, advice and, from time to time, constructive criticism…

A very Merry Christmas and a Happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!



1. "THE U.S. ARMY AT WAR 1944/45"

Our 2nd batch of ‘Fighting GI’s’ from the latter days of WW2 add some extra firepower in the shape of TWO MORE Riflemen… a ‘Bazooka Guy’ and a kneeling, shouting ‘Tommy- Gunner’… All dressed for battle in the ETO (European Theatre of Operations) during 1944/45.

DD309, 310, 312, 314_01

Kneeling Rifleman

DD309 "Kneeling Rifleman "

Standing Rifleman

DD310 "Standing Rifleman"

Kneeling Bazooka Guy

DD312 "Kneeling Bazooka Guy"

Shouting Tommy-Gunner

DD314 "Shouting Tommy-Gunner"



During the Second World War, the British Crown Colony of Hong Kong was destined to be the first place the Canadian Army fought a land battle against the Axis powers.

On December 8, 1941, 2 x battalions of Canadians, The Winnipeg Grenadiers and The Royal Rifles of Canada were an important part of the British garrison defending Hong Kong against a Japanese attack.

Just hours after simultaneous Japanese attacks on Pearl Harbor, Malaya, Singapore and the Philippines the enemy struck.  Within 5 days they had occupied all of the New Territories (bordering mainland China) and the Kowloon Peninsula.  Now they were poised to invade Hong Kong Island itself!


There are many tales of bravery and gallantry among the beleaguered and besieged defenders of the small British Colony but one in particular is remembered in this initial release…

On 19 December, the second day of fighting after the Japanese had landed on Hong Kong Island, soldiers of “A” Company, Winnipeg Grenadiers were holding defensive positions in the centre of the Island.

Japanese troops had surrounded the ‘Winnipeggers’ and were lobbing grenades into the Canadian position.  On numerous occasions, Company Sergeant Major John Osborn, a WW1 veteran, picked them up and threw them back at the enemy.

When one fell where Osborn could not reach it in time, he shouted a warning to his men and threw himself onto the grenade smothering the explosion.  He was killed instantly but his sacrifice saved the lives of many of his men.

CSM Osborn was posthumously awarded the Victoria Cross, Britain’s highest military award for bravery in the field.


King & Country is proud to produce a squad of 6 x fighting Canadian infantrymen in two small sets as they appeared in the dark days of December 1941.

FoB154, 155

Taking The Fight To The Enemy

FOB154 "Taking The Fight To The Enemy"

CSM John Osborn V.C. leads 3 of his Winnipeg Grenadiers into battle. In one hand he holds his ‘Tommy-Gun’, in the other a grenade.

All 3 infantrymen carry the standard British .303 Lee Enfield Rifle.

Bren Gun Team

FOB155 "Bren Gun Team"

As the Bren Gunner moves forward his ‘Number 2’ provides covering fire.


Further Reading: A great book on the Battle of Hong Kong is Oliver Lindsay’sThe Lasting Honour”… Highly recommended!


From the Colony in time of War to the Colony in more peaceful times…

HK268, 70, 79_02

Standing Coolie w/ Water Baskets (Gloss)

HK268G "Standing Coolie w/ Water Baskets (Gloss)"

In those far off days there was little or no indoor water supply so most people had to go to a nearby fountain or well to collect fresh water using a wooden bucket like the one shown.

Here, the lady is about to fill up her bucket.

Standing Coolie w/ Water Baskets (Matt)

HK268M "Standing Coolie w/ Water Baskets (Matt)"

The Watcher (Gloss)

HK270G "The Watcher (Gloss)"

As we all know there is nothing more enjoyable than watching other people work. Here, this Chinese gentleman stands, arms folded, observing others hard-at-work.

The Watcher (Matt)

HK270M "The Watcher (Matt)"

The Flower Stall Set (Gloss)

HK279G "The Flower Stall Set (Gloss)"

Another version of another old favorite... the Lady Flower-Seller waters her colourful blooms.

The Flower Stall Set (Matt)

HK279M "The Flower Stall Set (Matt)"



When we launched this ‘TARAWA’ range of U.S. Marines at the recent Chicago Show (September 2017) little did we realize just how popular they would become!!!

They have been a huge success worldwide.  So, we decided let’s keep the range fresh and exciting by adding new figures as often as we can.  Here are FOUR of our latest… ‘reinforcements


LVT(A)-1 “Alligator”

USMC023 "LVT(A)-1 “Alligator”"

This is the THIRD Amtrack K&C has produced over the years and the FIRST to carry the turret-mounted 37mm gun from the M3 Light Tank. In addition to the main gun this amphibious vehicle has TWO Marine-manned .30 caliber machine guns as part of its defensive/ offensive armament.

Marine Sniper

USMC026 "Marine Sniper"

A sitting (on ammunition crates) Marine taking careful aim with his M1 ‘Garand’ Rifle.

Kneeling B.A.R. Gunner

USMC028 "Kneeling B.A.R. Gunner"

With both knees ‘on the deck’ this Leatherneck opens fire with his Browning Automatic Rifle.

Running Marine

USMC029 "Running Marine"

A running Marine sprints for cover as the bullets fly around him.



During the 1920’s and into the 1930’s the SA, Hitler’s Brownshirts, were always on show… in demonstrations, parades and rallies the brown-clad, street-brawling, bully-boys were much in evidence among the most infamous was…


Horst Wessel

SA001 "Horst Wessel"

A Berlin ‘tough-guy’ and petty criminal... his star rose rapidly in the SA (Sturmabteilung) and he became well-known to the Police, fellow comrades of the SA and, of course, to his enemies, the Communists.

In February 1930 his enemies caught up with him and he was shot by two left wing assassins. After his death he was promoted by Josef Goebbels, Berlin’s Gauleiter, as a ‘martyr’ to the Nazi cause and celebrated in words and music by a specially composed song “The Horst Wessel Lied” which during the Nazi years became almost a second National Anthem to “Deutschland Uber Allies” (Germany Above All).

Here, Wessel strides confidently forward, right hand adopting the ‘half-Hitler’ salute favoured by some Nazi Leaders and their acolytes.

Marching Flagbearer

SA002 "Marching Flagbearer"

Marching SA Man

SA003 "Marching SA Man"

Marching w/Side Glance

SA004 "Marching w/Side Glance"



As regular collectors know K&C has produced a great number of Soviet armoured vehicles and Red Army figures.

We’ve also, of late, produced several individual Russian Peasants to help populate any Eastern Front display or diorama.  It seemed logical for the next step to be a Russian dwelling of some kind…


The Russian Farm House

SP097 "The Russian Farm House"

This typical wooden structure features TWO different sides to the building allowing collectors to reverse sides to crate alternative displays as well as, if you buy 2, to create a small two-building settlement somewhere out on the Russian Steppes.



As the war lengthened and Germany weakened important changes were made to the ‘look’ of the German soldier himself.

Due to clothing and material shortages the German Army began to copy some of the ideas from their enemies… these Panzer Grenadiers are ample proof of that.

Gone are the high, traditional jackboots, replaced by short ankle boots and web-style gaiters (copied from the British).

The uniform jacket also became shorter and waistlength (again an influence borrowed from British battledress).

These first five Panzer Grenadiers are perfect for any late war street-fighting scenes… A second group of Panzer Grenadiers will be available shortly…

WH075, 79, 80, 82

Kneeling Panzerschrek Grenadier

WH075 "Kneeling Panzerschrek Grenadier"

The Germans were pioneers of these rocket-propelled, anti tank grenades and many an Allied vehicle fell victim to their accuracy and lethality.

Kneeling Panzer Grenadier with Schmeisser

WH079 "Kneeling Panzer Grenadier with Schmeisser"

Another German favourite... the soldier with the MP40 machine pistol.

Standing Firing Panzer Grenadier

WH080 "Standing Firing Panzer Grenadier"

This Panzer Grenadier is armed with the standard German rifle of WW2... The Mauser K98, a bolt-action rifle firing the 7.92mm cartridge.

First issued in 1935 it saw continuous action until the end of the war in 1945.

The Sniper Team (2 figures)

WH082 "The Sniper Team (2 figures)"

Our sniper here is firing the “Gewehr 43” a semi automatic rifle that owes some of its development to the earlier Soviet ‘Tokarev SVT-40’.

It fired the same 7.92mm round as the K98 and had a 10-round box magazine.

Kneeling alongside our sniper is his ‘Spotter’ observing the enemy and selecting targets.



The Mummy's Statue

AE047 "The Mummy's Statue"

A great little display item with lots of detail that can be used primarily in an Ancient Egypt" scenario... or just as well with "Napoleon in Egypt" figures or even WW2's Afrika Korps or 8th Army. "

Winter Guards

BBG055 "Winter Guards"

A pair of greatcoat-clad soldaten" perfect for guarding a strong-point, a bridge crossing or anything you like. One carries the obsolete (but still used) Bergmann submachine gun ."

The M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer

DD274 "The M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer"

Developed towards the end of WW2 the M36 “Jackson” was the most powerful U.S. tank destroyer of its time mounting a massive 90mm gun. It replaced the much weaker M10 which only carried a 76mm gun.

Supplies of the M36 finally began to arrive in the European Theatre of Operations in September 1944 where it immediately proved itself to be more than a match against any of the heavy tanks of the Germans.

It also saw ‘active duty’ in the Korean conflict easily defeating the Russian-supplied armour used by both the North Koreans and the Chinese Red Army.

Even after Korea, M36’s turned up in the former Yugoslavia and saw action in the 1990’s!

Our K&C M36 is painted in typical olive drab finish complete with Allied ‘white star’ and would have certainly took part in The Battle of the Bulge in December ’44 and the drive into Germany in the first 5 months of 1945.

Walking "SEPP" Dietrich

LAH138 "Walking "SEPP" Dietrich"

Sepp Dietrich in a new parade" pose."

Miss Lucy

WoD007 "Miss Lucy"

A fashionable young lady and popular with the gentlemen.

SS-Oberscharfuhrer Karl Otto

WS308 "SS-Oberscharfuhrer Karl Otto"

When we released the original “Karl Otto’s Tiger” WS311 back in March 2015 we knew it would be a popular “add-on” to our “Gang of Heroes” set...

And highly popular it proved to be as it quickly sold out ! More than a few collectors however requested that “Karl Otto” should also be released as an individual figure so that he could be used with other K&C German tanks... Well, here he is... minus his Tiger!

Singapore Commando on Parade

SAF001 "Singapore Commando on Parade"

The Singapore Armed Forces may be relatively small in numbers but they are highly professional, well motivated and extremely well-equipped and trained.

In addition to the “Regular” full-time soldiers, sailors and airmen ... Singapore has ‘National Service’ for all male Singaporeans over the age of 18.

Upon ‘Call-Up’ young Singaporeans will either be directed to the Singapore Armed Forces (SAF), the Singapore Police Force (SPF) or the Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF). The vast majority go to the SAF.

Within the SAF the best and most elite unit is the Singapore Commando Formation. A battalion-sized unit that specializes in reconnaissance and preemptive operations in small groups within enemy territory.

Our special Singapore event figure portrays a soldier of the Commando Formation in NO. 1 Dress uniform complete with Red Beret and carrying his SAR21, the 5.56mm Assault Rifle, Singapore designed and manufactured weapon with fixed bayonet.

And that’s the story for December… Let’s hope there’s more than a few K&C things for you under your Christmas Tree this Festive Season!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country