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The M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer

The M36 'Jackson' Tank Destroyer

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Developed towards the end of WW2 the M36 “Jackson” was the most powerful U.S. tank destroyer of its time mounting a massive 90mm gun. It replaced the much weaker M10 which only carried a 76mm gun. Supplies of the M36 finally began to arrive in the European Theatre of Operations in September 1944 where it immediately proved itself to be more than a match against any of the heavy tanks of the Germans. It also saw ‘active duty’ in the Korean conflict easily defeating the Russian-supplied armour used by both the North Koreans and the Chinese Red Army. Even after Korea, M36’s turned up in the former Yugoslavia and saw action in the 1990’s! Our K&C M36 is painted in typical olive drab finish complete with Allied ‘white star’ and would have certainly took part in The Battle of the Bulge in December ’44 and the drive into Germany in the first 5 months of 1945.