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The Aussie M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier


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As Australia’s involvement in South Vietnam deepened the Army decided it must have a modern armoured personnel carrier that could more easily navigate through dense South East Asian jungles, paddy fields, rivers and creeks. After exhaustive tests and trials in Australia’s own tropical rain forests the Army selected the American-made M113. In March 1965 the first M113 A1’s arrived in Australia and by June of that same year some of these Aussie 113’s were deployed to South Vietnam. Our K&C model is typical of these Australian APC’s that saw action at that time and in the following years. ’22 Bravo’ mounts a .50 caliber Browning machine gun on top of the commander’s hatch behind which sits the vehicle commander himself. A second figure appears just popping out of the open hatch of the driver’s position. As you can see in our pictures the vehicle can also accommodate additional Australia infantrymen riding into battle.