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British 25 Pounder Field Gun


Availability: RETIRED & SOLD OUT

If the Sherman tank was an American military “icon” of WW2 then the “25 Pounder” must be a British one!!! For generations of British guys (of a certain age) and that includes me…we all had models of 25 pounders in among our toy soldiers…Different versions and scales of this gun were manufactured by Britains, Lone Star and, of course, DINKY. I love this little field gun and I hope you will too… Over 13,000 were built (of the real gun) in Britain, Canada and Australia and remained in service with different overseas armies until the late 1970’s. The K&C “25 Pounder” is in plain olive drab and comes with a removable seated gunner so that collectors can have the gun “in action” with other crew members or being towed behind the Quad and Limber.

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