April 2015 – Part One

Here is just the first half of a 2-part “DISPATCHES” which will appear this month.

Because of a reconfiguration of our release schedule we’ve been moving some pieces around a bit. So this first part is considerably smaller than our usual cornucopia!

Here goes…

1. "Wehrmacht...Wunderbar!!!"

For collectors of K&C’s “Classic Field Grey” German troops April is one big bumper month!

No less than 13 all-new releases that should please Wehrmacht Collectors whether they like their figures “on Parade” or…”On The Battlefield.”


The 12-piece Classic Wehrmacht Band

WH013 "The 12-piece Classic Wehrmacht Band"

These 12 musicians will march proudly into any collection that features “feldgrau” infantry. Dressed in their traditional everyday uniform, albeit with decorative silver and red “swallow-nests” on their shoulders, German military bands were a familiar sight on the streets of cities and towns in Nazi-occupied Europe.

Please note our 20-piece Wehrmacht Band remains available.

At attention

WH014 "At attention"

A classic Wehrmacht soldier on guard duty.

Marching Officer

WH015 "Marching Officer"

On parade and leading the way...This officer has both the 1st and 2nd Class “Iron Cross” awards on his tunic.

Marching Rifleman

WH016 "Marching Rifleman"

The perfect accompaniment to WH015.

Wehrmacht Mortar Team

WH017 "Wehrmacht Mortar Team"

Two kneeling “Soldaten” man their 81mm mortar and prepare to launch a bomb.

WH018 “Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen

With so many K&C German tanks, armoured cars and other vehicles in collections it’s always useful to have additional crew members available in “non-action” roles…

Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Feldgrau)

WH018-G "Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Feldgrau)"

The two crewmen in “feldgrau” armoured vehicle jackets.

Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Black)

WH018-B "Dismounted Armoured Vehicle Crewmen (Black)"

Two crewmen wearing the Panzer black wrap-around short jackets.

Take A Breather

WH019 "Take A Breather"

His stalhelm held in one hand, this “soldaten” rests on his rifle...He’s marched over 20 miles this day and he’ll march another 20 tomorrow. It’s often forgotten that the majority of German infantry in the first half of the war journeyed into battle...on foot!


WH020 "Happy…!"

This field-grey infantryman seems pleased with himself...Has he just been given a leave pass?

Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf.N

WH021 "Pz. Kpfw. III Ausf.N"

The Panzer III Ausf.N variant was an “assault tank” that was produced to meet the specific need for a stronger tank that could more effectively take on the Soviet T34.

Designers decided to use the short-barreled 7.5cm main gun along with a special “hollow-charge” shell.

Additional armour was also included in this model, especially around the turret.

Production of these “N” variants began in June 1942 and continued through until August ’43. Just over 700 were built in this time. Most being conversions and upgrades from existing Ausf.L. and Ausf. M. tanks.

This new version earned a good reputation from its crews and mostly saw action on the Eastern Front. Some models were also transferred from German stocks to Romania, Slovakia and Croatia after their replacement by more updated German armour.

Our K&C model is in typical field grey and comes with a tank commander figure.

Eat when you can

WH031 "Eat when you can "

As every soldier knows...”Sleep when you can...Eat when you can!” This man enjoys a mess-tin of hot food.

The 20-piece Classic Wehrmacht Band

WH032 "The 20-piece Classic Wehrmacht Band"

12 x marching musicians look good...20 look even better!

All of the different German armed services supplied bands and musicians to accompany their troops in the field. When not engaged in musical activities bandsmen often acted as stretcher bearers and assistants to the German military medical services.

Standing at Attention Set

WH-S01 "Standing at Attention Set"

This little 2-man set gives you two great Wehrmacht figures at a “special” price.

On the March Set

WH-S02 "On the March Set"

A 3-man marching Wehrmacht set to follow your marching officer (WH015). If you think 3 look good...try making it 33! Now that will really impress your friends. A “special value” package again!


2. "Policing The Trenches"

Even in the midst of battle it was necessary to employ Military Policemen…Their duties were many and varied…From directing traffic to ensuring supplies of ammunition get to the front.  The Military Police also collected enemy prisoners and any soldier attempting to escape or evade their duties in the front line.  They enforced military discipline and also provided security for the “top brass”.  They were not alas, universally popular…

WW1 Military Policemen

FW198 "WW1 Military Policemen"

A pair of “Red Caps” (on account of their red service cap covers) directing traffic and on the lookout for deserters, malingerers and others trying to evade their duties.

Special Note: All rank and file Military Policemen were Non Commissioned Officers.  The older Corporal is pointing, the younger Lance Corporal is watching.


3. "Into Battle...In the Middle East"

From the mud and blood of Flanders in 1916 and 1917 to the sand and dust of the Holy Land in the time of the Crusades…With a fine selection of warriors.


The Kneeling Spearman

MK126 "The Kneeling Spearman "

Crouched behind his large shield this crusader Man-at-arms prepares for the enemy...

Standing Firing Crossbow

MK127 "Standing Firing Crossbow"

A Germanic Man-at-arms fires into the enemy horde.

Bending and Loading Crossbow

MK128 "Bending and Loading Crossbow "

As he keeps a watchful eye on the enemy another German Man-at-Arms prepares his next ‘shot’.

Kneeling Firing Crossbow

MK129 "Kneeling Firing Crossbow"

This soldier takes very careful aim at the enemy.

Loading Crossbow

MK130 "Loading Crossbow"

Another Crusader Crossbowman prepares to shoot again.

The Ballista

MK131 "The Ballista"

This medium size weapon had been in use since Ancient Roman times and could prove deadly. Our rock-firing version is manned by one Crusader...backed up by others.

The Rock Carriers

MK132 "The Rock Carriers"

This is one of the back-up crews of the “Ballista”. Here manfully carrying a stretcher full of large stones towards the weapon these two men-at-arms make their way forward.

Single Rock Carrier

MK133 "Single Rock Carrier"

One individual rock carrier.

Saracens Assassins

MK134 "Saracens Assassins"

A pair of blood-thirsty Islamic warriors descend on a fallen Germanic knight.

The Fallen Knight

MK135 "The Fallen Knight"

This Germanic horseman falls to the ground as his mount is fatally wounded. When surrounded and attacked by the MK134 set his outlook is looking desperate...no matter how bravely he fights!




Some interesting pieces here…Grab ‘em while you can!

Standing-At-Ease SS Officer

LAH143 "Standing-At-Ease SS Officer"

Marching Bannerman

MK094 "Marching Bannerman"

Marching Man-at-Arms

MK095 "Marching Man-at-Arms"

The happy Man-at-Arms

MK096 "The happy Man-at-Arms"

This smiling foot soldier is happy to be returning all in one piece.

French Line Infantry Mtd. Officer

NA228 "French Line Infantry Mtd. Officer"

French Line Marching Officer

NA229 "French Line Marching Officer"

French Line Flagbearer

NA230 "French Line Flagbearer"

French Line Drummer Boy

NA231 "French Line Drummer Boy"

French Line Marching Rifleman (right shoulder)

NA232 "French Line Marching Rifleman (right shoulder)"

French Line Marching Rifleman (left shoulder)

NA233 "French Line Marching Rifleman (left shoulder)"

French Line Marching Rifleman (w/ beard)

NA234 "French Line Marching Rifleman (w/ beard)"

French Line Make Ready

NA235 "French Line Make Ready"

French Line Advancing Forward

NA236 "French Line Advancing Forward"

First Aid

TRW027 "First Aid"

This kneeling Seventh" trooper tries to bandage his arm while still clutching his Army “Colt”."

The Trapped Horseman

TRW029 "The Trapped Horseman"

Although pinned beneath his fallen mount this defiant cavalryman takes careful aim.

Dead Horse

TRW030 "Dead Horse"

Although many horses were killed by Indian bullets and arrows others were shot by their riders to provide some cover on the sparsely covered hillside.

On His Knees

TRW031 "On His Knees"

Clutching a serious head wound and his carbine by his side this wounded trooper will not last long.

Lying Firing Carbine

TRW032 "Lying Firing Carbine"

American Horse

TRW039(P) "American Horse"

Not the famous Oglala Sioux chief out a Northern Cheyenne who had his favorite pony shot from under him and fought the rest of the battle on foot.

And that’s that…for a little while at least…As we said, look out for Part Two!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country