April 2017


And so we come to April…

Before getting into this month’s latest releases allow me to extend my grateful thanks to all those K&C collectors (and others) I was fortunate enough to meet and talk with on this last visit to “The Land of OZ”.

It’s always encouraging (and for me exciting) to hear their thoughts, comments, suggestions and ideas on the hobby in general and K&C in particular.  Lots of great gatherings in each city thanks to the combined efforts of Brett (The Military Workshop) in Brisbane … Peter & Sven & Leigh (Elite Military Miniatures) in Sydney and Howard (The Toy Soldier Experience) ably assisted by Robin in Adelaide and Melbourne – All great blokes and three great toy soldier shops! Thankyou once more.

And now onto the main event …


1. "Riflemen to the front!"

It’s been a long time since K&C produced any riflemen to face up to Bonaparte’s men.  Our last ‘British’ riflemen were actually King’s German Legion and date back to 2005!  Over the years there have been more than a few requests by dealers and collectors to produce more and so we have… and here they are … This time the men of the 95th Rifles.

In 1800, an “Experimental Corps of Riflemen” was raised from officers and men drawn from the regular line regiments of the British Army.

The ‘recruits’ selected for this new military experiment were chosen from the fittest and smartest young soldiers of their ‘parent regiments’ … They also had to be the best marksmen!

This new formation was to act as scouts and skirmishers in advance of the main army as well as covering the flanks of any larger advancing force.

They had to blend into the countryside as well as move swiftly through it.  Not for them the traditional scarlet coat and white crossbelts of the regular British infantry even their military appearance was different … These new riflemen wore dark green uniforms together with all-black belts, pouches and backpacks.

Importantly, they carried the much more accurate shorter Baker Rifle in place of the more cumbersome ‘Brown Bess’ musket of the remainder of the army.

After two years of tests, trials and tribulations they were formally brought into the British Army as “The 95th Rifles” in April 1802.


We are releasing our first 11 officers and men of the 95th in two small batches, this first comprises 6 individual figures which will be sold separately and in a “Special 8-Figure Value Added Bonus set


95th Rifles Officer w / Telescope

NA376 "95th Rifles Officer w / Telescope"

Observing the enemy as his men move forward to take up firing positions.

Lying Sniper

NA377 "Lying Sniper"

This lying prone 95th Rifleman rests his Baker Rifle on his shako as he takes careful aim. His bandaged head is perhaps the result of a previous violent encounter with the French.

95th Bugler

NA378 "95th Bugler"

Unlike other regular British line regiments the 95th did not employ drummers but instead used bugle calls to transmit instructions across the battlefield.

This man maybe a bugler but he still carries his Baker Rifle.

Lying Prone Rifleman

NA379 "Lying Prone Rifleman"

A companion piece to NA377, this rifleman adopts the prone position in order to use the countryside as convenient cover and take a better aim on the enemy.

Advance To Your Front

NA380 "Advance To Your Front"

Rifle held at the ‘high port’ position this rifleman dashes forward.

Kneeling Firing

NA381 "Kneeling Firing"

Another favourite firing position while presenting a smaller ‘target’ to your enemy.

The Rifle Section

NA-S03 "The Rifle Section"

A special ‘Value Added Bonus Package’ of 8 figures which combines all 6 of the above releases together with 2 additional riflemen NA379 + NA381 ... And all at a very special price!


 Special Note : FIVE additional 95th Rifles soldiers are being released this coming June … Among them will be one more officer (advancing with sword) … a 95th Rifles Sergeant A ‘Chosen Manand two more riflemen in action.

2. "On The Eastern Front"

When the Nazis invaded the Soviet Union in June 1941 there were many Russians who welcomed the Germans as ‘liberators’ from the Godless Communists … Here are the first three Russian Civilians (more to come) giving a guarded welcome to the German invaders …

FoB139, 140, 143

The Little Apple Seller

FOB139 "The Little Apple Seller"

A young girl, gaily dressed in traditional peasant costume stands by the roadside with a basket of apples from the local orchard.

A Serf with a Scythe

FOB140 "A Serf with a Scythe"

An older peasant stands with his scythe watching a column of Germans pass by.

A Russian Orthodox Priest

FOB143 "A Russian Orthodox Priest"

Offering a ‘blessing’, this elderly priest hopes these invaders from the West might get rid of the hated Communists once and for all!



On Sunday morning 7 December 1941, an “urgent” radiogram went out to all U.S. Navy ships in Hawaiian waters.

The message was sent minutes after Japanese aircraft first started dropping bombs and launching torpedoes on the US Pacific Fleet based at Pearl Harbor.

Caught completely by surprise on that fateful Sunday morning the military response was, at first, slow and painful … Just a handful of US fighter aircraft managed to get into the air to combat the marauding Japanese “Zeroes”, “Vals” and “Kates”.

Among the pilots who took to the skies over Hawaii were Lieutenants Ken Taylor and George Welch flying their P40Tomahawks”.

Both pilots’ exploits on 7 December have been portrayed in movies such as “TORA! TORA! TORA!” (1970) and “PEARL HARBOR” (2001)


Pearl Harbor P40 "Tomahawk"

AF041 "Pearl Harbor P40 "Tomahawk""

This is the third version of the CURTISS P-40 “Tomahawk” that K&C has made. Previous models have included an RAF “Desert Air Force” one and the classic “Flying Tigers” version.

The new model is in the standard olive drab and light grey colour scheme typical of US Army Air Corps aircraft at this time. Our model bears the code number “160” of the aircraft 2nd Lieut . George Welch flew on 7 December and belongs to the 15th Pursuit Squadron.

The Air Corps officially credited Lieut. Welch with 4 “kills” and several others damaged.

This “Pearl Harbor P40” comes complete with a standing figure of a US Army Air Corps pilot wearing a non standard “Hawaiian” shirt over his khakis and carrying a.45 Colt Automatic.

Note: Just 150 of this aircraft are being released.


4. "From Pearl Harbor to Palestine ..."

As regular readers of “DISPATCHES” know K&C likes to move around the globe every month … at least as far as general releases allow …

This month is no exception!

Once more we return to Palestine and the exploits of the Australian Light Horse in their campaign against “Johnny Turk” during the First World War.

However, on this occasion we are ‘in camp’… either before or just after the battle .


Preparing Some Grub

AL076 "Preparing Some Grub"

A crouching Light Horse trooper uses his bayonet to hold a ‘billy can’ full of tea over a little camp fire.

Enjoying a Brew-Up

AL077 "Enjoying a Brew-Up"

Even in the desert heat of Palestine a mug of tea can actually be quite refreshing as these two “Diggers” know.

A Drink of Water

AL078 "A Drink of Water"

This kneeling trooper pours water out of his canteen into his upturned slouch hat for his four-legged ‘mate’ to enjoy.

Preparing to Saddle-Up

AL079 "Preparing to Saddle-Up"

About to head out on picket duty or a patrol this trooper carries his saddle over to his waiting horse.

New Zealand Mounted Rifles Officer

AL086 "New Zealand Mounted Rifles Officer"

Last month we launched the first 3 figures of this New Zealand release. Here, a wee bit later, is their Mounted Rifles officer on his charging horse aiming his revolver at the enemy.


5. "All Roads Lead to Rome!"

To be honest, I don’t know who originally said it but in the case of K&C and this release it certainly seems to be true …

Here are five (5) more great releases to add on to our first four (4) launched earlier.


The Tribune

ROM002 "The Tribune"

Every Roman Legion was commanded by a “Legate”, he in turn was assisted by no less than six “Tribunes”. These were men usually drawn from the Rome’s upper social class. In camp and on the battlefield they were easily recognized by their more decorative and expensive armour.

Among their many duties were general administration and management of all military camps, forts and other establishments. That also included food supply, overall security and enforcing discipline as well as ordering punishments when required.

Each Tribune in turn had a number of clerical assistants to prepare reports, records and rosters.

Our K&C Mounted Tribune is the perfect companion to ROM001 “The Legate”.

The Optio

ROM005 "The Optio"

This ‘non-commissioned officer’ was the centurion’s right-hand man appointed personally by him.

The Optio was in charge of the instruction and training of all new recruits as well as assisting his Centurion in whatever requirements were necessary in the running of the Century.

Optios often wore ‘crested’ helmets and carried long canes to enforce good order and discipline.

The Aquilifer

ROM006 "The Aquilifer"

One of the most important men in the Legion because he carries the ‘Eagle Standard’ of that particular Legion.

He wears a Lion’s pelt and head over his ‘scale’ armour. On his back is the small round shield carried by Aquilifers, Signifiers and some other senior Legion NCO’s.

Legionary on Guard

ROM010 "Legionary on Guard"

For any Roman collector this particular soldier is a ‘must-have’. Standing on guard duty, either at a gate or on a wall, he carrier his ‘Pilum’ in his right hand while his left holds onto his large Legion-issue shield.

Standing Legionary w/Marius Mule

ROM011 "Standing Legionary w/Marius Mule"

This Legionary is preparing to leave his fort or encampment and move to a new location. He carries all of his personal belongings, necessary kit and other items on this baggage pole along with his large and small swords and the Pilum.

His shield might be carried with the baggage train.


6. "Desert Pendezvous"

Somewhere in the sands of Libya a vehicle patrol of the Long Range Desert Group comes to a halt to check their maps and present location.


LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Truck

EA120 "LRDG 30cwt. Chevrolet Truck"

An additional vehicle to a very popular range of LRDG / SAS trucks and jeeps issued by K&C over the years.

This 3rd “Chevy” is painted in a very attractive sand / faded green finish and comes with an Arab head-dressed driver, and armed with the Boyes Anti Tank Rifle on a pindle mount on the rear of the vehicle.

These LRDG vehicles have always been very popular with “Desert War” collectors and occasionally appear on ebay ... So it’s good to add an all-new one.


EA121 "Sandy"

This bearded LRDG ‘desperado’ is about to either a) help dig the truck out or

b) go for a little walk behind the nearest sand dune to perform a necessary human function ... You decide.

Dusty Miller

EA122 "Dusty Miller"

‘Dusty’, map in hand, has acquired, after a few raids and missions, some authentic Afrika Korps souvenirs including the cap, a map case and an MP40 ‘Schmeisser’ Machine Pistol.


EA123 "Jock"

A Scottish member of the patrol, wearing an old “Solar Topee” sun helmet and carefully scrutinizes the surrounding landscape for any signs of life as well as any approaching Germans or Italians. Can also fit easily onto the rear of the Chevy!


7. "On The Streets of Olde London"

The Hansom Cab was a single horse-drawn carriage first patented in Britain by Joseph Hansom in 1834.

For many years during the Victorian era they were a familiar sight on the streets of London and other large British cities.

Soon their fame and use travelled far and wide … First to Europe and finally on to New York.  They continued to be widely used until the advent of the motor car when they were superseded.  By the early 1920’s they had all but disappeared from London’s streets.

Their popularity and appeal today however has been mainly through films and television … No self respecting Victorian street scene is rarely complete without the familiar clip-clop sound of at least one or two ‘Hansom Cabs’.


Hansom Cab (Yellow)

WoD058-1 "Hansom Cab (Yellow)"

The first of our two “Standing Horse” cabs is decorated in a golden yellow and black paint scheme and comes with the seated driver.

Hansom Cab (Red)

WoD058-2 "Hansom Cab (Red)"

The second version sports a “Wine Red” finish and again has a driver on the back seat.



Two additional versions of these cabs will be available later with “Walking Horses”.

And that my friends is that for the month of April … Except, of course, for some retirements … Now read on


Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson

NE045 "Rear Admiral Horatio Nelson"

At the time of the Egyptian Campaign Nelson was still just a Rear Admiral. Here he is dressed in typical day uniform of his rank. He is not as flamboyantly dressed or decorated as he was at Trafalgar…or as much of a target. His green eye patch is neatly folded up on his hat exposing his blind right eye. His empty right sleeve pinned on to his jacket front.

R.N. First Lieutenant

NE046 "R.N. First Lieutenant"

This officer is accompanying the fleet admiral and acts as both his Aide de Camp as well as nearest bodyguard with sword drawn…note the “Hussar-style” riding boots.

R.N. Midshipman w/Union Jack

NE047 "R.N. Midshipman w/Union Jack"

A young naval officer trainee (probably 15 or 16 years of age) carries the Union flag (or jack) in one hand, navy cutlass in the other.

German Officer Prisoner

WS251 "German Officer Prisoner"

Is this prisoner really a German officer or someone posing as one?

Red Cross Nurse

WS262 "Red Cross Nurse"

As any nurse will tell you – “it’s not all about wiping the patient’s fevered brow”…This young nurse has rolled up her sleeves – the better to clear away the blood-stained bandages and used-wound dressings!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country