April 2018


APRIL is upon us and Spring is just around the corner and… before we know it… It will be time for ‘THE TEXAS SHOW’ in May…

However, as I always say, before all of that… There is all of this…    WELCOME to April!



We return to North Africa with additional figures to supplement our recent ‘RAMCKE BRIGADE’ series of Fallschirmjagers in Action.

AK118-119_group 2

General Ramcke

AK118 "General Ramcke"

Hermann – Bernhard Ramcke (1889-1968) was an outstanding senior officer of German paratroop forces during WW2. He was the rare recipient of the Knights Cross of the Iron Cross with Oak Leaves, Swords and Diamonds... one of just 27 soldiers granted this high honour during WW2.

Under the command of Paratroop General Kurt Student he helped plan the successful but costly airborne invasion of Crete in 1941.

By 1942 he led his brigade of Fallschirmjagers to North Africa to join Erwin Rommel’s Afrika Korps. There, he and his men saw plenty of action and fought with great valour and distinction at the pivotal battle of El Alamein in late 1942.

Despite their best efforts Ramcke and his command found themselves vastly outnumbered and surrounded. Rather that surrender Ramcke and his paratroopers fought their way out of their encirclement losing almost a quarter of the Brigade.

They soon captured a British supply column which provided them with food, fuel, ammunition and transport vehicles that allowed them to ‘battle’ their way west to rejoin the remnants of the Afrika Korps.

Eventually just 600 Fallschirmjagers made it to the safety of the German Lines.

After North Africa Ramcke took command of the 2nd Parachute Division in Italy before being transferred with his division to Normandy in 1944 just in time to fight the invading Allies there. He remained in France leading the defence of the great port of Brest until it surrendered in September 1944.

Our figure shows him in a typical pose in North Africa in 1942.

“Attack!” (3x figure Set)

AK119 "“Attack!” (3x figure Set)"

Three more of Ramcke’s Brigade in action... perfect additions to our earlier release and suitable for battles in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and even Sicily and Italy!


2. "Polish Cavalry"

From North Africa in 1942 we go back three years to the outbreak of the Second World War in Europe… to September 1939 and… POLAND!


Polish Cavalry Trumpeter

FOB160 "Polish Cavalry Trumpeter"

A dramatic galloping horse and rider in a ‘classic’ cavalry pose... This trumpeter sounds ‘The Charge’ as he rides towards the enemy.


Stabbing w/Lance

FOB163 "Stabbing w/Lance"

Another Polish Lancer thrusts his lance forwards about to ‘skewer’ one of the German invaders... This figure works particularly well with the following FoB164 German soldier about to throw his grenade.

German Soldaten w/Grenade

FOB164 "German Soldaten w/Grenade"

This figure was actually designed to oppose FoB163 but can also work equally well with other ‘classic’ Wehrmacht infantry.

The Defiant One

FOB170 "The Defiant One"

A Polish Cavalry Officer has had his horse shot from under him... Undaunted he gets to his feet sabre in one hand and clutching his pistol in the other... An apt symbol of the courageous fighting spirit of the Polish people.



Lili Marleen

FOB171 "Lili Marleen"

This figure is based on one of the most famous songs of WW2, ‘Lili Marleen’ and the character it portrays.

Originally recorded in Germany in 1939 by the singer Lale Andersen it tells the story of the sweetheart of a German soldier who waits for him every evening under the lamp light outside his barracks.

Other interpretations of the ‘sweetheart’ have her waiting under the lamp light for more mercenary reasons and willing to meet any soldier that ventures out of the barracks in the evening!

The song however became very popular with the Afrika Korps and, also crossed the battle-field and enjoyed equal popularity with the men of the British 8th Army.

Over the years it has been recorded by many but perhaps the most famous ‘other’ versions were by Britain’s Vera Lynn and the legendary Marlene Dietrich.

Our pretty little figure can and will happily accompany, either German, British or American soldiers!



One of the many great advantages the Israeli Army had over its Arab opponents was its mobility.

Its troops could range over the battlefield rapidly and relatively safely thanks to their ample use of armoured personnel carriers.

In 1967 the bulk of these vehicles were the US-designed and manufactured M3 Halftracks originally built for service in WW2!


The Israeli Army M3 Halftrack

IDF020 "The Israeli Army M3 Halftrack"

These sturdy and reliable vehicles were the ‘workhorses’ of the mobile Israeli infantry during the SIX-DAY WAR and for years afterwards.

In 1967 the majority of Israel’s M3’s came from French Army surplus stocks which in turn had been supplied from US Army surplus stocks after WW2.

The Israelis then dismantled them, re-engined them, added additional armour and ‘up-gunned’ them.

This new K&C model is one such example... and armed to the teeth! On both sides of the vehicle are mounted Belgian-made FN General Purpose Machine Guns firing a 7.62mm round, the same as the combat rifles used by the Israelis at that time. Upfront of the vehicle is the pole-mounted Browning .50 cal. Heavy Machine Gun together with a .30 cal. Light Machine Gun sighted next to the driver in the passenger position.

Other Israeli M3’s mounted 81mm mortars and even 20mm cannon...

Around our vehicle are all kinds of stowage items allowing more space for soldiers riding in the back of the M3. In this model we include a seated driver and three sitting Paratroopers (including a radio operator).

The model itself also sports the broad, black edged, white air recognition stripe found on all Israeli fighting vehicles of this era.

This is a welcome addition to K&C’s previously released M4 ‘Isherman’ tank (IDF002) and the more recent M38 Jeep with the recoilless rifle (IDF017).

Standing Israeli Officer w/Binos

IDF027 "Standing Israeli Officer w/Binos"

An add-on figure that can fit into the M3 or stand on the M4 or... alongside any of our vehicles and figures.



From 1967 journey back over 300 years to the France of ‘The Three Musketeers’ and one of literature’s most famous and dangerous ‘Femme Fatales’…


Milady de Winter

PnM075 "Milady de Winter"

Milady de Winter is a fictional character created by Alexandre Dumas for his great novel ‘The Three Musketeers’.

Set in France 1625, Milady is a spy and an assassin of the first order. She is in the pay and employ of Cardinal Richlieu and one of the dominant antagonists of the story.

Described as being uncommonly beautiful, her beauty masks a diabolically ruthless and cunning nature that is totally remorseless and unrepentant for her many misdeeds. She is also an expert swordswoman, a skilled shot and a talented poisoner. In short, a decidely nasty piece of work!

Milady also turns out to be the former wife of one of the Musketeers!!! She eventually comes to a ‘sticky end’. Here however we see her in a somewhat happier but just as deadly mood...


5. "The Real West"

On we journey from the palaces and streets of 17th Century France to the Wild West of 19th Century America… with four interesting figures for ‘The Real West’…


First Sergeant Rutledge

TRW129 "First Sergeant Rutledge"

Another of director John Ford’s classic US Cavalry figures. This black NCO is based on a leading character in Ford’s 1960 Movie “Sergeant Rutledge” starring Woody Strode in the title role.

Here Rutledge stands ready for action, his US ‘Army’ Colt revolver in hand. He will fit nicely together with the other K&C ‘Buffalo Soldiers’.

Lieutenant Cantrell

TRW130 "Lieutenant Cantrell"

Another character in the movie is a white Cavalry officer portrayed by Jeffrey Hunter.

The K&C figure leaps into action firing his revolver at some attacking Indians.

Kneeling Plains Indian w/Carbine

TRW131 "Kneeling Plains Indian w/Carbine"

A second version of a very popular figure from our Sioux / Cheyenne warriors fighting Custer at the Little Bighorn in 1876.

War Bonnet w/Guidon

TRW132 "War Bonnet w/Guidon"

An alternative version of an earlier release complete with captured troop guidon.



As the old saying goes, “The price of victory sure ain’t cheap!” Here is the long-awaited ‘Stretcher Set’…


The Stretcher Party

USMC025 "The Stretcher Party"

Four battle-weary ‘Leathernecks’ carry a wounded buddy back to safety and down to the beach where a landing craft will ferry him out to one of the hospital ships lying offshore.

Five great character-filled figures combine into one special set that is a worthy and necessary addition to our very popular USMC series.


7. "SEPTEMBER 1, 1939"

For the second time in this month’s DISPATCHES we are returning to the beginning of the war in Poland… To the actual day war broke out when the Germans put into action ‘FALL WEISS’ (Case White)… the invasion of Poland.


Breaking The Barrier

WH084 "Breaking The Barrier"

Three German soldiers grasp the frontier barrier and attempt to break it... Although it might be easier simply to lift it, these three want to destroy it!

Cutting Down the Polish Road Sign

WH086 "Cutting Down the Polish Road Sign"

In another gesture of military vandalism a German soldier takes an axe to cut down the Polish border sign.



After releasing these same figures first as ‘Assault Gun Crews’ in feldgrau (field grey) it was always our intention to bring them out in ‘Panzer Black’ for tank enthusiasts.


Dismounted Tank Crew #1

WS346 "Dismounted Tank Crew #1"

One of the crew enjoys a mug of hot coffee while talking with his wounded tank commander.

Dismounted Tank Crew #2

WS347 "Dismounted Tank Crew #2"

Three more tankers is various relaxed off duty poses.



Obersturmbannfuhrer Max Wunsche

WS348 "Obersturmbannfuhrer Max Wunsche"

Max Wunsche enjoyed a successful military career in the SS from 1935 until his capture by British troops in Normandy in September 1944.

At that time he was commanding the 12th SS Panzer Regt., part of the 12th SS ‘Hitlerjugend’ Division Shortly before his capture he had been wounded in action as you see here. Also of interest is his field jacket which is made up from Italian camouflage material normally utilized by Italy’s paratroopers... The Folgore.

After his capture he was sent to Scotland as a POW and released in 1948... He died peacefully in Germany in 1995 aged 80.



A mixed assortment of items but some very good pieces to acquire if you don’t already have them…

Panzer IV H (Winter)

BBG065 "Panzer IV H (Winter)"

This is a great winterized version of the Panzer IV…This battle-weary Panzer already has its white-washed camouflage fading in places and its mud-smeared wheels and tracks provide evidence of its previous actions. The vehicle includes the tank commander figure.

William & Kate

CE011 "William & Kate"

Kate in her traditional-style wedding dress and Prince William in his uniform as Honorary Colonel of the Irish Guards make a handsome couple... I hope you agree.

Standing-At-Ease Danish Royal Guardsman (Red Tassel)

CE016-1 "Standing-At-Ease Danish Royal Guardsman (Red Tassel)"

This at ease figure is also armed with the M1 Garand and fixed bayonet.

Standing-At-Ease Guardsman (White tassel)

CE016-2 "Standing-At-Ease Guardsman (White tassel)"

Standing-At-Ease Guardsman (Blue tassel)

CE016-3 "Standing-At-Ease Guardsman (Blue tassel)"

Aussie Vickers Gunner

EA094 "Aussie Vickers Gunner"

Seated behind the Vickers Heavy Machine Gun this Australian “Digger” will extract a heavy toll on the advancing enemy.

Aussie Grenadier

EA095 "Aussie Grenadier"

Each British and Commonwealth soldier, during WWII, carried at least two “Mills Bomb” hand grenades in his ammo pouches.

Our bloke prepares to hurl one of his at the enemy.

Aussie Kneeling Firing

EA096 "Aussie Kneeling Firing "

Classic infantryman’s position...taking careful aim with his Lee Enfield .303.

Aussie Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team

EA097 "Aussie Anti-Aircraft Bren Gun Team"

“Look out for them Stukas!”

Aussie Officer w/ Tommy Gun

EA098 "Aussie Officer w/ Tommy Gun"

Moving forward and preparing “covering fire” with his Thompson SMG.

Maxim Machine Gun Set

FW212 "Maxim Machine Gun Set"

The standard heavy machine gun of the Kaiser’s Army in action during WWI with its kneeling gunner and a loader bringing up extra ammunition.

Kneeling Firing Rifleman

FW213 "Kneeling Firing Rifleman"

Standing Firing Rifleman

FW214 "Standing Firing Rifleman"

Advancing with Rifle

FW215 "Advancing with Rifle"

Standing Sniper

FW216 "Standing Sniper"

Flight Deck Crew Set

JN002 "Flight Deck Crew Set"

Two kneeling crewmen with aircraft “chocks” ready to pull them away before the aircraft takes off.

Imperial Japanese Navy Bugler

JN003 "Imperial Japanese Navy Bugler"

Flight Deck Flag Man

JN004 "Flight Deck Flag Man"

Japanese flight deck crews used small coloured flags to indicate positioning of aircraft on the deck and “readiness to start engines and take off”.

Admiral Yamamoto

JN008 "Admiral Yamamoto"

A standing, saluting version of the “architect” of the Pearl Harbor attack. Here, he wears the “winter” version of the senior Naval officers’ uniform.

Saburo Sakai

JN010 "Saburo Sakai"

For those who already have one or two of our “Pearl Harbor” Zeroes the standing figure of Saburo Sakai clutching his “Samurai” sword is also available as a single figure release.

Type 89 Grenade Discharger

JN032 "Type 89 Grenade Discharger"

The Type 89 was colloquially known as a “Knee Mortar” and was a short-range weapon used for close-in infantry combat in urban as well as jungle warfare. Our crawling Japanese Infantryman moves closer to the enemy in order to get maximum results.

Standing Machine Gunner

JN034 "Standing Machine Gunner"

With his Type 99 Light Machine Gun resting over one shoulder this soldier awaits the next order to advance.

Napoleon in Egypt Standing Drummer

NE041 "Napoleon in Egypt Standing Drummer"

And that is that for another 30 days or so… Many thanks for reading!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
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