April 2019

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They do say as you get older time passes faster so it must be true… Can’t really believe it’s April already! So without further ado let’s see what K&C has in store for your this particular month…



We are beginning this month’s ‘DISPATCHES’ with some long-awaited and much-requested foot soldiers that fought all across Europe and into the Middle East at the time of the Crusades… Knight Hospitaller Men-At-Arms.

Unlike their occasional rivals The Templars, the Order of St. John of the Hospital of Jerusalem (or simply the Hospitallers) was not created as a result of the First Crusade in 1099.  Instead it was previously established by a consortium of Italian merchants and noblemen from Amalfi in the mid 11th Century.  Thanks to the financial support of this group volunteers and mercenaries came from all over Italy and beyond to join the order, which had already received the Papal blessing and set up its headquarters and training facility near Amalfi before leaving for The Holy Land.

As a consequence of the crusading movement ‘Hospitallers’ became recognized as one of the best disciplined and best-led of all the Crusader armies.

On the battlefield their principal colours were ‘black’ and ‘blood red’.  This new release shows a range of Hospitaller Men-At-Arms in action wearing a variety of blood-red tunics and even some partially-red steel helmets.


Hospitaller Sergeant-At-Arms

MK179 "Hospitaller Sergeant-At-Arms"

Moving into the attack, sword and shield in hand, this soldier fears no man!

Hospitaller Casualty

MK181 "Hospitaller Casualty"

Wounded Hospitaller

MK182 "Wounded Hospitaller"

Clutching his ‘sword arm’ this Man-At-Arms is still prepared to fight.

Hospitaller Crossbowman Ready

MK185 "Hospitaller Crossbowman Ready"

Virtually all of the ‘Hospitaller Crossbowmen’ were either French or Italian in origin. Both countries specialized in this weapon and favoured it over the more traditional long-bow.

Hospitaller Crossbowman Firing

MK186 "Hospitaller Crossbowman Firing"

Aim... Fire... Reload! A skilled Crossbowman could load and fire as many as six bolts a minute if required.

Hospitaller Crossbowman Shouting

MK187 "Hospitaller Crossbowman Shouting"

As his crossbow comrades maintain a steady fire on the enemy this senior crossbowman shouts an order over the din of battle.

The Value Added Package

MK-S02 "The Value Added Package"

When a collector (or K&C dealer) buys ALL SIX of these great figures we like to ‘reward’ them with a special price... Grab ‘em while you can!

MK184,195 (1)

Sir William Wallace

MK184 "Sir William Wallace"

Most medieval collectors are more than familiar with the Mel Gibson movie “Braveheart”, the semi fictional exploits of one of Scotland’s greatest heroes.

The real Sir William Wallace was a far cry from the cinematic version... He never painted half his face blue and he never wore a kilt either!

Wallace was a lowlander from a small town called Elderslie, near Glasgow not far from where yours truly was born.

In battle Wallace was garbed in much the same contemporary military fashion as his enemies led by Edward I of England. He was a Scottish knight of Norman background who became one of the main leaders during the First Scottish War of Independence (1296-1328).

His ‘finest hour’ came in September 1297 when he led his vastly outnumbered Scottish Army and defeated a much-larger English force of 3,000 mounted knights and about 10,000 foot soldiers at the Battle of Stirling Bridge.

Our K&C ‘Wallace’ is dressed in chainmail with a surcoat bearing the saltire St. Andrew’s Cross of Scotland. On his shield and horse’s coat is a white lion rampant on a red background... part of his family’s coat-of-arms. In his raised right hand he wields a one-handed ‘Ball & Chain Flail’... a wooden shaft connected by a chain to a spiked, metal ball... deadly and dangerous!

Sir Archibald Douglas

MK195 "Sir Archibald Douglas"

Sir Archibald (1298-1333) was another Scottish nobleman and military leader during the struggle for Scotland’s independence. A son of the Douglas family and a friend of Robert The Bruce (1274-1329) this brave knight wears the colours and symbols granted to the Douglas clan after they took the dead king’s heart (as he had wished) on a crusade to The Holy Land. Our sword-wielding knight charges into battle ready to strike down the enemy be they English or Saracen!



WoD061 Group (1)

Professor James Moriarty

WoD061 "Professor James Moriarty"

Professor Moriarty is a fictional character in several of the Sherlock Holmes stories written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Moriarty is a criminal mastermind of the first order, described by Holmes himself as the ‘Napoleon of crime’. Based on the nefarious activities of an actual, late-Victorian criminal Conan Doyle introduced ‘Moriarty’ initially to ‘kill-off’ his most famous creation.

However, much as he wanted to eliminate Holmes he also discovered that his readership very much appreciated the appearance of this dastardly evil opponent to the world’s most brilliant detective.

Over the years as Sherlock Holmes popularity grew so too did Professor James Moriarty’s appearances multiply in other books, films and television series.

Wherever you find Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson... Professor Moriarty is sure to follow.

Here then is K&C’s interpretation... We see a tall, elegant, saturnine figure, black cane in one hand while his other hand is behind his back... In that hand he holds a deadly revolver.

Well, we told you he was dangerous... and devious!


3. "SPQR"

From late-Victorian London to Imperial Rome in one mighty leap…


Shouting Centurion

RnB027 "Shouting Centurion"

This Legion officer is certainly mad at someone... whether it’s an unfortunate Legionnaire or some Barbarian enemy we will leave that decision up to you.



Four ‘Napoleonic’ mounted figures… and none of them French!


The Duke of Wellington

NA426 "The Duke of Wellington"

Arthur Wellesley, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852) was an Anglo-Irish soldier and Tory statesman who was one of the leading military and political figures of the first half of the 19th Century.

His victory over Napoleon at the Battle of Waterloo in 1815 puts him in the first rank of British military heroes. After serving in India he rose to prominence during the Peninsular Campaign of the Napoleonic Wars. Following Bonaparte’s exile to Elba in 1814 he became Britain’s ambassador to France and was granted a ‘Dukedom’.

During the Hundred Days Campaign of 1815 he commanded the Allied Armies which finally defeated the French emperor at Waterloo. Wellington’s battle record is second-to-none... he took part in and often successfully won some 60 military battles during the course of his long military career.

After leaving the army he entered politics and was elected twice as Britain’s Prime Minister.

Our K&C figure portrays him wearing just one of his many ceremonial uniforms from the period 1812-1815.


KGL Light Dragoon Charging

NA428 "KGL Light Dragoon Charging"

The first of three additional King’s German Legion Light Dragoons to join the first four which we brought out last month.

This particular Light Dragoon is galloping into battle with his sabre held downwards in his right hand.

KGL Light Dragoon w/Carbine

NA432 "KGL Light Dragoon w/Carbine"

The second Light Dragoon brings his cavalry carbine to the fore as he charges the enemy. All dragoons carried a carbine in addition to their sabre and a brace of pistols.

KGL Trumpeter

NA433 "KGL Trumpeter"

An essential member of any troop of cavalry... and always mounted on a white horse so he could be easily visible to his commanding officer in any charge, skirmish or patrol.



Once more K&C returns to the city of HUE during the TET Offensive of February 1968…

VN047, 048

Sitting & Waiting

VN047 "Sitting & Waiting"

As any combat veteran will tell you battle often means sitting and waiting for something to happen 90% of the time... And then being terrified out of your mind the remaining 10%!

This Marine is taking a break while he can.

Don McCullin, Combat Photojournalist

VN048 "Don McCullin, Combat Photojournalist"

Briton Don McCullin is widely regarded as one of the greatest photographers of his generation. During the Vietnam War he made multiple visits to that country and took some of the most dramatic and memorable images ever shot of that terrible war.

In February 1968, he found himself embedded with the U.S. Marines in Hue during TET when they were attempting to retake the city from the Viet Cong and North Vietnamese forces. Many of his photos of that time have inspired more than a few of the figures in our K&C’s ‘Vietnam’ series.

This figure of Don McCullin is based on an actual photo of him taken by fellow photojournalist Nik Wheeler in Hue during the battle.

VN54-55 (1)

Mother & Child

VN054 "Mother & Child"

In most conflicts it’s the poor bloody civilians who get caught in the middle! Here, a Vietnamese mother carries her child to safety as the bullets and bombs fly all around them.

"Hearts & Minds" #1

VN055 ""Hearts & Minds" #1"

Even in the midst of battle a Marine kneels down to bandage the leg of a young Vietnamese girl after she has been injured by a piece of shrapnel.



After K&C released the ‘Mussolini Rescue’ set a few months back quite a few collectors suggested adding some extra ‘Fallschirmjagers’… Here’s two more.

LW067-68 Group

Standing Fallschirmjager

LW067 "Standing Fallschirmjager"

Wearing the tropical FJ uniform and carrying the revolutionary FG42 assault rifle this German paratrooper waits for further orders.

Giving The Signal

LW068 "Giving The Signal"

A standing Fallschirmjager NCO (non commissioned officer) blows his whistle to bring together all his men now that their mission is complete.



Welcome to the first of what I hope will be a small, select series of some very large and exciting releases of important military vehicles.

DD318_Group (2)

DD318_Group (14)

DD318_group (19)

The Diamond T Tank Transporter Set

DD318 "The Diamond T Tank Transporter Set"

In August 1940, just a short time after the Fall of France and the evacuation of the British Expeditionary Force from Dunkirk, a small group of men, the British Purchasing Commission, arrived in America to seek out all kinds of military hardware and transport for the much depleted British forces.

Among their most urgent requirements was the need for ‘Tank Transporters’, those special vehicles urgently needed to move tanks to and from the battlefield and help recover damaged fighting vehicles and return them to their repair depots behind the front lines.

One of the BPC’s first visits was to the Diamond T & Company of Chicago who had been developing a heavy truck / tractor and trailer for the U.S. Army. The British immediately recognized that this could fulfill their tank transporter needs. An order for 200 of these very special combinations was placed immediately and so began... The Diamond T at war!

The M19 Tank Transporter was a heavy tank transporter system used during WW2 and for many years afterwards. It comprised a 12-ton, 6x4 M20 Diamond T Model 980 truck / tractor and a companion 12-wheel M9 trailer.

Almost 6,000 of these combinations were produced between 1941 and 1945 and supplied to all Allied armies fighting in all the main theatres of war.

The British Army alone received over 1,000 of these vehicles and they remained in front-line service until the late 1950’s with the last of the breed being retired to an army museum in 1971!

This King & Country model is the largest, mixed-media (polystone, white metal and resin) model K&C has ever produced. It measures almost 24” (61cm) in length and is in the markings of a typical U.S. Army vehicle from the time of Normandy (June ’44) until May 1945. A driver is included.

The model comes in its own specially-designed box and contains a 4 page, full colour leaflet complete with photographs and background information.

If you collect Allied armour then the Diamond T Tank Transporter is destined to become one of the centerpieces of your collection.

Please Note: A ‘Desert’ Diamond T version is already in development.

SPECIAL NOTE:  In addition to DD318 set itself K&C are also providing several ‘Value Added Package’ options…

DD318 Diamond T with DD104(SL) M26 Recovery Vehicle

DD318-S01 "DD318 Diamond T with DD104(SL) M26 Recovery Vehicle"

This great set brings together DD318 Diamond T with DD104 (SL) M26 Recovery Vehicle.

DD318 Diamond T with DD189 The Valentine MKⅢ tank

DD318-S02 "DD318 Diamond T with DD189 The Valentine MKⅢ tank"

This set combines DD318 with DD189 The Valentine MK III tank.

DD318 Diamond T and KnC001 The Normandy Sherman

DD318-S03 "DD318 Diamond T and KnC001 The Normandy Sherman"

A combination of DD318 and KnC001 The Normandy Sherman

DD318 Diamond T plus WS197 Sd. Kfz. 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen

DD318-S04 "DD318 Diamond T plus WS197 Sd. Kfz. 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen"

A final combo of DD318 plus WS197 Sd. Kfz. 234/1 Schwerer Panzerspahwagen



Hoplite Officer w/ Sword

AG028 "Hoplite Officer w/ Sword"

Drinking B.A.R. Gunner

DD249 "Drinking B.A.R. Gunner"

“Killing Krauts” is thirsty work as this paratrooper quenches his thirst... Now is that water in his canteen or some recently “Liberated” French Wine...? You decide.

Standing Armoured Car Crewman

FOB112 "Standing Armoured Car Crewman"

Dressed in the standard armoured corps leather jerkin, holding his helmet and wearing his beret this soldier could only...be French!

SA Chief Ernst Rohm

LAH183 "SA Chief Ernst Rohm"

Another of the infamous Nazi “Rogues Gallery” and the leader of the SA (the Sturmabteilung) or “brownshirts”. Formerly a career Army Officer he served throughout WW1 and won the Iron Cross First Class for bravery.

He continued to serve in the post war Reichswehr (German Army) until joining the Nazi Party...A heavy drinker and a notorious homosexual he helped co-found and lead the SA.

Eventually Hitler began to realize that Rohm was becoming too dangerous and too powerful. In 1934. Rohm alongwith many of his top SA leaders were arrested and shot in what became known as “The Night of The Long Knives”.

Der Fuhrer on inspection

LAH218 "Der Fuhrer on inspection"

Hitler himself on parade in a typical ‘Hitlerian’ pose with his very own ‘half-salute’.

“Sturmabteilung Minder” (Liaison Officer)

LAH228X "“Sturmabteilung Minder” (Liaison Officer)"

Although, for the most part, Riefenstahl was left to her own devices because of her extensive use of SA camera crew SA Leader Ernst Rohm insisted that a ‘Liaison Officer’ was always present... at least for the most important ‘shots’ of the Party Rally at Nuremberg that year.

James Butler Bonham, SC (w/1824 Republic Flag)

RTA033A "James Butler Bonham, SC (w/1824 Republic Flag)"

Bonham stands defiantly, sword in one hand, rifle in the other supporting the 1824" Republic of Texas" flag.

The Apple Thief

WS327 "The Apple Thief"

This Wehrmacht soldier has come across a box full of apples ... Perhaps they fell off the back of a truck ...?

The Threat!

WS331 "The Threat!"

A SD officer points his pistol menacingly at some unfortunate civilians ...

And that, my friends, is that for just one more month.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country