August 2018


Here I am writing this month’s ‘DISPATCHES’ after just returning from quite possibly the most successful and enjoyable ‘Three City Tour of Australia’ yet as part of K&C’s Annual OzFest Down Under trip to meet’n’ greet King & Country Collectors and Dealers in that great country.

As usual the visit began in Brisbane with our good friend Brett Williams of The Toy Soldier Workshop before moving on to Sydney and meeting up with Peter & Sven of Peter Nathan Toy Soldiers.  The final destination was Melbourne and the linkup with Howard Woods and his Toy Soldier Experience.

Each dealer provided excellent venues and a host of great attractions in the shape of dioramas… competitions… lucky draws… and special guests (including yours truly) that drew ‘full houses’ at each event.

Simultaneously, I had the valuable opportunity to meet and talk with many individual Aussie collectors on a one-to-one basis that as usual provided a wealth of great ideas and original suggestions.

The ‘Aussie’ hospitality and good humour throughout the entire trip was well up to Australia’s legendary reputation and standard!

Even the ‘winter weather’ was generally beautiful, especially in Brisbane and Sydney… Melbourne, not so much until a sunny last day!

However, it’s the people who make the place and Australia is a fantastic place to visit… If you ever get the opportunity to make it ‘down under’ – don’t miss it!

And so, back to the ‘salt-mines’ and here’s what is appearing in August…

Coming in August


Over the years K&C has produced more than a few figures of Napoleon Bonaparte however this is the first time we have designed and made a special 2-figure set that includes one of the great loves of his life… Josephine de Beauharnais (1763-1814).

Her marriage to Napoleon was her second, her first husband being guillotined during the ‘Reign of Terror’ that followed the revolution of 1789.

Already the mother of two children before she met Napoleon in 1795 she was six years older than him.  Smitten by her charms and beauty they married just one year later.

Their married life afterwards was far from perfect with both indulging in extramarital affairs.  Eventually, Napoleon chose to divorce Josephine because of her inability to provide an heir.  Both however retained a great fondness for each other that survived their divorce in 1810 and lasted until their deaths… Josephine in 1814 and Napoleon himself in 1821.


Napoleon & Josephine

NA414 "Napoleon & Josephine"

Here we see Napoleon himself dressed in the uniform of a Colonel of Chasseurs of the Imperial Guard. It was the Chasseurs of the Guard who usually provided the personal escort to the Emperor and he often wore the regiment’s uniform in recognition of their loyal service.

Josephine meanwhile is gracefully attired in a pale blue and delicately embroidered ‘classical-styled’ dress complete with a wine velvet ‘manteau’ edged with ermine and decorated with gold, hand-sewn motifs.

Sapeur of the Grenadiers

NA415 "Sapeur of the Grenadiers"

This figure is in ‘campaign dress’ complete with his traditional axe and a ‘Musket’ with fixed bayonet on his back.

His sleeve badge consists of the ‘crossed axes’. He is also armed with a short sabre.



From a leader of the early 19th Century we journey back in time to Barbarian Warriors of almost two millennia before… Here, are the first five fighting warriors (there are more in the pipeline) ready to do battle with the Legions of Rome…

RnM010, 11, 12, 16, 17_1

Fighting Chieftain

RnB010 "Fighting Chieftain"

Carrying a richly – decorated bronze shield this Chief is about to strike down one of his Roman opponents... No mercy asked... No mercy given!

Fighting Warrior

RnB011 "Fighting Warrior"

Before coming to blows this barbarian warrior takes the time to look over his enemy.

Charging Warrior

RnB012 "Charging Warrior"

Wearing a wolfskin over his chainmail armour vest this warrior rushes forward to, he hopes, surprise his enemy.

Throwing Spear

RnB016 "Throwing Spear"

Advancing Warrior

RnB017 "Advancing Warrior"



Once in a while it’s good to revisit and in this particular case resculpt an old favourite that has been much requested…

Dead & Wounded GI's

DD317 "Dead & Wounded GI's "

Three ‘Casualties of War’ in 3 x different poses that prove, once again, that the price of freedom is never free!



Following the successful launch our first set of ‘mounted’ John Ford Cavalry figures here are three more to extend and expand your troop…

TRW137, 138, 140_group

Mounted Trooper A

TRW137 "Mounted Trooper A"

This moustachioed trooper sits confidently on his chestnut mare... Once more this figure has the ‘moveable head’ which allows him to scan the horizon from left to right and still keep an eye open for those dangerous Apaches!

The Bugler Corporal

TRW138 "The Bugler Corporal"

An essential part of any cavalry troop, our bugler is mounted, by tradition, on a different colour of horse than his fellow soldiers... All the better for his officer to see him in a battle situation.

This particular figure’s head is ‘fixed’ as he is blowing his bugle.

Mounted Trooper B

TRW140 "Mounted Trooper B"

The second of our mounted Cavalry troopers, sits with his gloved hands folded over each other... Like ‘Trooper A’ he has the moveable head feature.



The Vietnam War has featured prominently these past few months with major releases of U.S. Marines fighting their way into the old Vietnamese Imperial Capital of HUE during the 1968 TET Offensive… the pivotal point in America’s involvement in the entire Vietnam conflict.

First, we released the Marines in combat, some of the finest and most realistic fighting figures King & Country has ever produced.  Now we are releasing one of their most famous fighting vehicles and… The first infantry figures of one of their most valiant and reliable allies in that war… Australia!

VN015, 16_2


VN015 "The USMC M50 A1 ONTOS"

Officially known as ‘The Rifle, Multiple 106mm, Self-propelled, M50 this U.S. light armoured, tracked, anti tank vehicle became better known as ‘THE ONTOS’.

Initially designed in the 1950’s as a fast tank-killer for airborne forces it won its battlefield reputation during the Vietnam War.

Its six 106mm recoilless rifles comprised its main armament and could be fired in rapid succession against single targets to guarantee a ‘kill’.

Although originally designed for the Army’s Airborne divisions it eventually ended up with the Marines after the Army cancelled the project.

The Marines however used the ‘ONTOS’ for direct fire support against enemy infantry operating in fixed locations such as bunkers and houses.

During the battle for Hue the ONTOS was much in evidence and played a major role in helping the Marines retake the old Imperial Capital.

Our King & Country model is in USMC markings and carries the nickname ‘SIX-GUN SUZIE’ on one of its six 106mm barrels. The set also includes a vehicle commander in the top open hatch firing his .30 cal. machine gun.

The Loader

VN016 "The Loader"

The perfect ‘add-on’ to VN015... This Marine man-handles one of the large 106mm rounds ready to reload one of the ONTOS barrels.

VN030, 031_group

Australian Patrol Section

VN030 "Australian Patrol Section"

As stated earlier, Australia was one of America’s staunchest allies throughout the Vietnam War and contributed over 60,000 men to the conflict between 1962 and 1973.

Here, we present a set of 4 ‘Diggers’ from the Royal Australian Regiment as they would have appeared on patrol during the 1967/68 period.

As you can see their appearance and some of their weapons are radically different from our US Marines in Hue. The Aussies favoured ‘bush hats’ in place of steel helmets and rarely wore flak jackets... Their uniform and web equipment shows a mix of British, Australian and American influences. As does their weaponry... Our 4-man set carries the American M60 machine gun... the M79 Grenade Launcher and the M16 Automatic Rifle... The standard military rifle most Aussies carried was the L1A1 Self Loading Rifle, the same as the British Forces of that time.

This K&C set was previewed to great acclaim during my recent ‘Aussie Trip’ and, going by pre orders, is already a big hit!

An additional 4-man patrol set is already in development for release later this year.

Aussie Patrol Commander

VN031 "Aussie Patrol Commander"

During our recent ‘Aussie Trip’ this particular figure was made available to collectors and is now available worldwide...

The standing ‘Patrol Commander’ holds his military-issue binos in one hand and his SLR in the other... A great ‘stand-alone’ figure... Even better with his four mates!

VN032_group 2

VN032_group 1




The Vietnam Walls Set

VN032 "The Vietnam Walls Set"

K&C featured this 3 x Section Walls Set in all of our promotion material for the new Vietnam series... As you can see it’s very flexible and although specifically designed for a Vietnam street scene it works equally well in other settings.



From the streets and jungles of Vietnam we move back a quarter of a century to the beaches and jungles of the South Pacific with our latest reinforcements for our popular USMC in WW2…


Marine w/ Tommy Gun

USMC042 "Marine w/ Tommy Gun"

A Marine Corps NCO (non commissioned officer) cautiously advances his trusty ‘Thompson’ at the ready...

Hold on Buddy… We're Almost There!

USMC043 "Hold on Buddy… We're Almost There!"

A Marine BAR Gunner hoists a wounded Marine onto his shoulder and carries him back to safety.

Navy Corpsman & Wounded Marine

USMC044 "Navy Corpsman & Wounded Marine"

As a gravely-wounded Marine awaits evacuation a Navy Corpsman gives him a sip of water.

Navy Corpsman during WW2 were enlisted medical specialists of the U.S. Navy who also served with U.S. Marine Corps units.

Their bravery under fire was legendary and in WW2 alone they won no less than 7 Medals of Honor.

Marine Machine Gunner

USMC045 "Marine Machine Gunner"

A classic pose firing a classic machine gun... The M1917 Browning Machine Gun. This belt-fed, water-cooled weapon served alongside its lighter air-cooled Browning M1919 ‘cousin’.

Although seeing limited action in WW1 the gun came into wide use in WW2 particularly in the ‘fixed defense’ role and as a battalion and regimental support weapon.

Kneeling Marine w/ Pistol

USMC046 "Kneeling Marine w/ Pistol"

There must be a good reason this Marine has taken out his M1911 single action, semi-automatic .45 caliber pistol.

Designed by John Browning, the M1911 was adopted by the US Military in 1911... It went on to provide long and service well into the late 1980’s before being replaced by the Italian Beretta 92F.

Even after more than 70 years the M1911’s reputation for ‘stopping power’... reliability and sturdiness remains undiminished.



As the new items appear some older ones, alas, have to disappear…

Sten Gun with Silencer

DD234 "Sten Gun with Silencer"

Commandos used all kinds of weaponry... One of the most useful was the Sten Gun equipped with a "silencer".

Major "Mad Jack" Churchill

DD259 "Major "Mad Jack" Churchill"

Jack Churchill (1906-1996) was no relation to the more famous Winston but shared the same spirit and thirst for danger and excitement.

Originally commissioned into the British Army in 1926 he left the Army 10 years later before rejoining at the outbreak of war in 1939. After the Fall of France in 1940 he joined the newly-formed “Commandos” and rose, by 1942 to be second-in-command of No.3 Commando...A brave and energetic officer he was also a certified military eccentric...playing the bagpipes...using a bow and arrow in combat...and carrying a basket hilted Scottish broadsword into battle!!!

He finished the war as a Lieutenant Colonel and was awarded 2 x Distinguished Service Orders. He finally retired from the army in 1959.

Here we show him carrying his “Tommy Gun” in one hand...and his famous Scottish Broadsword in the other.

Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (82nd)

DD263-1 "Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (82nd)"

Fully loaded, with all his gear attached this “Tommy-Gun” toting 82nd. Trooper is ready to mount up.

Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (101st)

DD263-2 "Standing Ready w/Tommy Gun (101st)"

As above but with the 101st shoulder patch.

Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine (82nd)

DD264-1 "Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine (82nd)"

Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine (101st)

DD264-2 "Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Carbine (101st)"

Walking Paras Set (82nd)

DD265-1 "Walking Paras Set (82nd)"

Three 82nd. Airborne troopers humping all their gear and weapons move towards their C47...Destination: Normandy!

Walking Paras Set (101st)

DD265-2 "Walking Paras Set (101st)"

As above but with 101st shoulder patch.

Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (82nd)

DD266-1 "Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (82nd)"

Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (101st)

DD266-2 "Kneeling and Sitting Paratroopers (101st)"

"Final Check" (82nd)

DD268-1 ""Final Check" (82nd)"

One 82nd trooper checks the main parachute harness of his buddy.

"Final Check" (101st)

DD268-2 ""Final Check" (101st)"

As above but with 101st shoulder patch.

Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (82nd.)

DD270-1 "Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (82nd.)"

Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (101st)

DD270-2 "Standing Paratrooper w/M1 Rifle (101st)"

The Sarge

DD273 "The Sarge"

Hollywood, both the movies and television, have always loved WW2 and when it comes to portraying the American GI there has been no shortage of great actors ready to represent them on the big screen and the little one too...Among those portrayals there is usually the rough, tough and occasionally gruff sergeant who is firm but fair with the men under his command...Think of Sgt. Horvath in “Saving Pvt. Ryan” or Sgt. Chip Saunders in “COMBAT” and you get the idea.

Here is our little tribute to the fictional “non-coms” as well as all the real ones!

“Tommy Gun” resting on the hip and watching out for his men “The Sarge” is ready for combat!

U.S. Army Medics Jeep

DD293 "U.S. Army Medics Jeep"

A WW2 US Army Nurse behind the wheel of the ‘classic’ jeep. This particular jeep is clearly marked with red crosses and, additionally, carries a red cross flag.

The US Army Medical Tent

DD299 "The US Army Medical Tent"

Where there are wars and battles you’re going to need medical services ... even in miniature actions.

This latest version of the typical WW2 US Army Square Tent carries large red crosses denoting either a Mobile Army Surgical Hospital or a First Aid Tent.

Whichever you choose it’s the perfect backdrop for any of K & C’s many military medic sets (figures and vehicles).

Panther Ausf. G

WS272 "Panther Ausf. G"

The "Ausf.G" version was reckoned, by most Panther crews, to be the best of all and the new K&C "Ausf.G." is certainly the best we have manufactured!

Our model represents a late-war, battle-weary, two-colour camouflaged "G" and comes with a tank Commander and plenty of space for either extra supplies or a number of tank riders.

And that, my friends is that for another 30 days or so…

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country