August 2020

Welcome to this month’s ‘DISPATCHES’ and how time flies when you’re enjoying yourself… That being said let’s get down to the nitty-gritty without further ado…


1. "Age of Napoleon"

The Return of the ‘Iron Duke’, Sir Arthur Wellesley, better known as The Duke of Wellington is rightly claimed to be one of Britain’s foremost and most successful generals and certainly its best known commander during the Napoleonic Wars.

In recent years we have produced a mounted Wellington figure but never a standing figure of the great soldier. Well that’s now been remedied… and here he is with two collecting options…

NA455 (1)

The Wellington Command Set

NA455 "The Wellington Command Set"

This special 4-figure set shows the Duke himself dressed as he is portrayed in portrait paintings and on the big screen in the uniform style he wore at Waterloo.

Alongside him are three of his most famous subordinate commanders...

Lord Uxbridge, his cavalry commander, is dressed in Hussar uniform. It was Uxbridge, who during the battle had his right leg shot off by a French cannon ball and remarked to the Duke, “By God, sir, I’ve lost my leg!”

Wellington calmly replied, “By God, sir, so you have!”

Despite his leg being amputated, without antiseptic or anaesthetics, Uxbridge went on to enjoy a long and relatively happy life, dying in 1854.

Sir Thomas Picton, this senior officer wearing civilian attire, was alas not quite so lucky at Waterloo... While Wellington admired Picton’s courage and military capability he was less than happy with this soldier’s manners... “A rough, foul-mouthed devil as ever lived” was the Duke’s assessment.

Appointed to command the British 5th Infantry Division at Waterloo he was killed by a musket ball to the head while leading his troops in defence of La Haye Sainte farmhouse.

Sir Alexander Gordon was one of the Duke’s most able and trusted Aide de Camps. He joined Wellington during the Peninsular War and saw plenty of active service with him before joining him again during The Hundred Days Campaign leading up to Waterloo.

It was there that he was severely wounded leading a battalion of Brunswickers attempting to hold back a French advance.

Wellington himself, rarely a man to show emotion, wept at the news of his friend’s death.

The Duke of Wellington

NA469 "The Duke of Wellington"

For those collectors who may only want the standing solo figure of the great man himself... Here he is in all his glory...



Since K&C launched our latest interpretation of the ‘Vietnam War’ in miniature back in 2018 the series of figures and fighting vehicles has grown and expanded far beyond what we originally planned or expected.

We began with the story of the Battle of Hue during the TET Offensive of 1968 and the men who fought in it – The U.S. Marines and their opponents in the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong guerrilas.

Then we introduced our Aussie ‘Diggers’ and the first Vietnamese Peasants.

Now, we’re presenting our first set of Special Forces… Men drawn from the Australian and New Zealand Special Air Service Regiments that themselves inherited the proud traditions and heritage of their ‘parent’ regiment the British Special Air Service.

Although small in numbers compared to the more numerous American Special Forces units, the ANZAC SAS troops operating behind enemy lines in South Vietnam made a huge contribution out of all proportion to their actual fighting strength.

Also appearing in these ‘DISPATCHES’ are our 3 x ‘Vietnamese Vespa Girls’… These young ladies make a colourful exception to all that military olive drab usually associated with our VIETNAM soldiers and vehicles. The little ‘Vespa’ motor scooters first appeared on South Vietnam’s roads in the late 1950’s and by the mid ‘60’s were everywhere…

They were relatively cheap to buy, easy to maintain and got plenty of miles to the gallon. Also women found them particularly attractive in a wide range of pretty colours to suit their fashions.

There was even a Vespa Assembly Plant just outside Saigon where the little vehicles were put together from all the constituent parts shipped in from Italy.


ANZAC Special Forces Set #1

VN081 "ANZAC Special Forces Set #1"

Two ANZAC SAS troopers watching and waiting for the enemy. As you can see, like all Special Forces at that time in Vietnam, the men could select whatever camouflage uniforms suited them best and were the most comfortable.

That was the same with the weapons they carried... personal choice and mission suitability was the order-of-the-day when selecting personal weapons.

Our pointing ‘Team Leader’ is wearing a set of the U.S. made ERDL camouflage combat uniform first developed by the U.S. in 1967 with limited supplies being issued to Special Forces units in 1968.

ANZAC initiative ensured that anyone who wanted a set could obtain one!

The Team Leader’s weapon is a heavily modified standard L1A1 Self Loading Rifle with a forward pistol grip, a shortened barrel and fitted with a 30 round box magazine from the 7.62mm Bren Gun.

His weapon is also camouflaged as is his face. All kinds of additional ammo pouches and extra water canteens are added onto his webbing and back pack.

The second figure is also carrying a modified SLR with the longer Bren magazine attached. This SAS trooper is wearing a locally-purchased ‘Tiger Stripe’ uniform originally designed for South Vietnamese paratroopers and particularly suitable for jungle conditions.

ANZAC Special Forces Set #2

VN096 "ANZAC Special Forces Set #2"

This second 2-man set has a kneeling trooper armed with an M16 fitted with the M203 Grenade Launcher. He’s also wearing the locally-made ‘Tiger Stripes’ and has the special webbing pouches that carry extra M203 rounds.

The other SAS trooper, wearing the ERDL camouflage is carrying the British-made Sterling sub machine gun with the 30 round curved magazine. Both the Australian and New Zealand Armies tested out this weapon but only the Kiwis purchased it... So, chances are this particular SAS Trooper is a ‘Kiwi’.

Combined Value Added Set

VN-S02 "Combined Value Added Set"

When you order both of these 2-man ANZAC Special Forces sets at the same time you also make a special saving of US$13.00. Every little bit counts these days!


VN083, 106, 107

The Pale Green Vespa Girl

VN083 "The Pale Green Vespa Girl"

At first K&C was only going to produce one pretty young Vietnamese girl on her Vespa motor scooter.

Once we saw how good looking the combination was we decided to give her a little company...

The Golden Yellow Vespa Girl

VN106 "The Golden Yellow Vespa Girl"

Wearing the traditional long white ‘Ao Dai’ tunic this young female student is on her way to college on her bright yellow Vespa.

The Baby Blue Vespa Girl

VN107 "The Baby Blue Vespa Girl"

Another attractive young Vietnamese girl makes her way through Saigon’s bustling streets.


3. "BANZAI!"

From one jungle war in the 1960’s to another in the 1940’s… Our latest Imperial Japanese Army releases…


Type 92 ‘Jyu Sokosha’ Tankette

JN059 "Type 92 ‘Jyu Sokosha’ Tankette"

This was Imperial Japan’s first indigenous tankette originally designed for the cavalry it was used for both scouting and infantry support.

Armed with both a heavy and light machine guns these little tankettes, manned by 3 men, saw plenty of action in Manchuria and China before being used against the British in Malaya and the Americans in the Philippines.

Our K&C model is camouflaged in the standard Japanese camouflage of the early war years and comes with a vehicle commander.

Japanese Command Group

JN060 "Japanese Command Group"

This three-officer set comprises a pointing general... Masaharu Homma, he commanded the forces that invaded the Philippines in 1941... and was hung for war crimes afterwards.

Accompanying him are two other Japanese officers... an Aide de Camp carrying a mapcase and one of his Regimental Commanders.


Charging Bugler

JN065 "Charging Bugler"

Advancing rapidly to the front this soldier carries his rifle and fixed bayonet in one hand and blows his bugle with the other.


4. "Per Mare Per Terram"

By Sea and By Land

Welcome back to our ceremonial Royal Marines on Parade circa the mid 1970’s… my own time in the Corps. Some colourful and very smart additions.


Royal Marine Bugler

CE043 "Royal Marine Bugler"

Standing at attention and playing the bugle. During the first half of the Twentieth Century when the Royal Navy still ruled most of the waves most British capital ships... Battleships, Cruisers and Aircraft Carriers carried a full complement of Royal Marines. Buglers on these ships would make bugle calls for ‘change of watches’... ‘stand down’... ‘action stations’ and others throughout the day and sometimes into the night.

This particular bugler is in his dress blues and is more likely to be in harbour or on a ceremonial visit to a foreign port... or simply on parade.

Royal Marine Drum Major

CE044 "Royal Marine Drum Major"

Whenever a Royal Marines Band appears all eyes are on the imposing figure of the ‘Drum Major’ who leads the Band and the Corps of Drums on parade.

Resplendent in his dress blue tunic with five rows of gold lace frogging; a senior NCO’s scarlet sash over his right shoulder; a wide gold laced Drum Major’s cross belt embroidered with the badge and distinctions of the Royal Marines over his left and white gauntlet gloves together with his white ‘Wolseley’ helmet he makes a memorable sight.

Our Drum Major also carries, in addition to his silver topped staff, an infantry-pattern sword.

Drum Majors, are responsible for all ceremonial, administration and discipline matters within the bands and are normally selected from the Buglers / Drummers branch.

Royal Marine Sergeant Presenting Arms

CE047 "Royal Marine Sergeant Presenting Arms"

Feet placed together, left heel into right instep at 45°angle with SLR and fixed bayonet held firmly to the front and centre.

Royal Marine Present Arms

CE048 "Royal Marine Present Arms"

As above but this time just a Marine not a senior NCO.

Royal Marine Drummer / Bugler

CE049 "Royal Marine Drummer / Bugler"

All drummers are also taught the bugle, and are trained by the ‘Bugle Major’.

On parade the drummer / buglers lead the band immediately behind the Drum Major on active duty all RM bandsmen act as stretcher bearers.

The Royal Marine Drum & Bugle Corps

CE063 "The Royal Marine Drum & Bugle Corps"

This handsome 7 x figure set comprises 1 x Drum Major, 3 x Drummer / Buglers and 3 x Buglers.

This is just a ‘starter set’, collectors can add extra Drummers and Buglers to make a more impressive and spectacular display.

Comes in a Special Display Box.


5. "The Sword & The Crescent"

We now return to the Holy Land at the time of the Crusades with new colorful renditions of long-retired Saracen ‘classics’…


Saladin the Mighty

MK203 "Saladin the Mighty"

Saladin (1137-1193) was a Sunni Moslim of Kurdish ancestry who at the height of his military power ruled Egypt, Syria, Upper Mesopotamia, the Hejaz, Yemen and other parts of North Africa.

He defeated the Crusaders at the Battle of Hattin in 1187 and afterwards controlled virtually all of Palestine including the holy city of Jerusalem.

Before his death in 1193 he had given away all of his fortune and lived a modest, pious life despite his many victories, triumphs and popularity.

Here he is mounted on one of his beautiful Arab stallions.

Saladin’s Personal Standard Bearer

MK204 "Saladin’s Personal Standard Bearer"

Saladin’s own small standard carried by one of his small retinue of personal bodyguards.

The Army of Islam Standard Bearer

MK205 "The Army of Islam Standard Bearer"

This large green and white banner carries a quotation from the Koran surrounded by a delicate and intricate mix of Middle Eastern Islamic designs and motifs.

Together with the mounted warrior it makes a striking centerpiece of any Saracen collection!



As per usual… as many new items come in some older ones have to go out… Also keep your eyes peeled for a great new bunch of ‘End-of-the Run-Remainders’.

Walking Winter GI

BBA068 "Walking Winter GI"

This corporal has seen some hard-fighting and is helping to escort the German prisoners through the American front-line positions.

Winter Escort w/ Rifle

BBA069 "Winter Escort w/ Rifle"

Another GI, well wrapped up, with rifle at the ready.

M1A1 57mm Anti-tank Gun

BBA083 "M1A1 57mm Anti-tank Gun"

Two GI’s man this British-designed, US manufactured anti-tank piece. As one GI crouches ready with another armour-piercing round, his buddy sights the gun on an approaching German vehicle.

The set also includes 2 x additional ammo boxes.

US Trailer

DD162 "US Trailer"

And… another version of the jeep trailer, this one with a brand-new load of supplies for the troops. By the way this little trailer can be towed behind other K&C American vehicles.

Dingo Commander

DD164 "Dingo Commander"

Also available is a seated Guards officer looking for the enemy with his binos. This officer can also be utilized in other British armoured vehicles.

Israeli Female Soldier

IDF007 "Israeli Female Soldier"

The Israeli Defense Forces are one of the few international militaries that have a mandatory military requirement for women. Since the country's foundation women have played a vital role in Israel's Armed Forces. Generally speaking Israeli female soldiers operated in the support role during the '67 war however many were fully trained to use and carry the UZI especially in or near combat and rear areas where terrorists might operate.

Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler on inspection

LAH219 "Reichsfuhrer SS Himmler on inspection"

Accompanying Hitler is the Head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler, looking over his troops and clutching his ceremonial SS Dagger.

Clapper-Board Boy

LAH227 "Clapper-Board Boy"

Another eager young volunteer from the Hitlerjugend this time assists the Riefenstahl film crew.

Standing Fallschirmjager

LW067 "Standing Fallschirmjager"

Wearing the tropical FJ uniform and carrying the revolutionary FG42 assault rifle this German paratrooper waits for further orders.

Giving The Signal

LW068 "Giving The Signal"

A standing Fallschirmjager NCO (non commissioned officer) blows his whistle to bring together all his men now that their mission is complete.

The Jousting Barrier

MK125 "The Jousting Barrier"

Usually made of wood and decorated with six different shields (3 on each side) this barrier avoided collisions of both horse and rider.

Royal Marine Drummer

NA270 "Royal Marine Drummer"

The Trumpeter

NA312X "The Trumpeter"

A handsome and highly detailed figure of a 7th Hussar trumpeter...Only available direct from King & Country.

Royal Artillery Drummer

NA342 "Royal Artillery Drummer"

This colourful figure wears the ‘red coat’ of a ‘Royal’ regiment where drummers wore the facing colours of their regiment, in this case, the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

Roman Legioness

RnB009X "Roman Legioness"

Something a little different from large, hairy barbarian chieftains!!!

This foxy little ‘Legioness’ probably would never have marched with the Legionnaries themselves but would have been a welcome distraction in any Roman fort or campsite!

Standing Firing

TRW124 "Standing Firing "

Running Marine

USMC029 "Running Marine"

A running Marine sprints for cover as the bullets fly around him.

Wounded Marine

USMC032 "Wounded Marine"

Not every Marine makes it safely into cover successfully...! This guy has taken a shot in the leg but he still holds onto his M1 Garand...

NVA Lying Firing AK47

VN020 "NVA Lying Firing AK47"

Adopting the prone position and firing off several rounds from the 30-round magazine.

NVA Casualty

VN025 "NVA Casualty"

“Squad Leader”

WS233 "“Squad Leader”"

MP40 in one hand this NCO gestures to his men to follow him.

Shouting NCO

WS240 "Shouting NCO"

This lying prone officer is taking his place in the front line aiming carefully at the approaching enemy.

Checking Paper

WS250 "Checking Paper"

Always a useful figure for any roadside display or diorama…a standing Military Policeman checks a soldiers identity papers and movement orders.

Spoils of War

WS324 "Spoils of War"

A young piglet is carried off by a Wehrmacht soldier ... Alas for the pig it is not destined to become a pet!

And that my friends is August for you… a fairly, and I hope, eclectic presentation. Stay well and stay strong!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country