December 2019

December means ‘Christmas’ and I hope there’s more than a few items that are featured in this month’s ‘Yuletide Dispatches’ that find their way to under your Christmas tree on December 25!


1. "Ardennes Armour II"

Back in September we released our latest ‘Winter Wehrmacht Infantry’ to commemorate the upcoming 75th Anniversary of ‘The Battle of the Bulge’, Hitler’s last great offensive in the West.

At that time we promised that we would be releasing an exciting new version of K&C’s ‘Jagdpanzer IV’ in winter camouflage… just in time to take part in that fateful attack through the Ardennes…


Winter Jagdpanzer IV

BBG119 "Winter Jagdpanzer IV"

The Jagdpanzer IV otherwise known as the Sd. Kfz.162, was a German tank destroyer based on the highly successful Panzer IV chassis.

Originally intended as a replacement for the Sturmgeschutz III it eventually fought alongside the earlier-produced Stugs and never actually replaced it in the Wehrmacht’s arsenal.

This fighting vehicle began production in December 1943 and continued being produced until the final days of The Third Reich in May 1945. Approx. 2,000 were manufactured.

Our K&C model mounts the 7.5cm Pak 42 main gun and comes with a vehicle commander in the open hatch.

Just over 250 of these Jagdpanzers IV’s were deployed in the German attack in the Ardennes which began on December 16, 1944... and that’s how many we have made!



As many K&C collectors know I love a good ‘war film’ and “A Bridge Too Far” has been a huge source of inspiration for the ‘ARNHEM ‘44” collection ever since the series was originated in 1994/95.

I was also fortunate back then to visit Arnhem itself and be given a guided tour of some of the ‘Drop Zones’ and ‘Glider Landing Grounds’ by Mr. Wybo Boersma of the Airborne Museum located in the original Hartenstein Hotel in Oosterbeek.  Afterwards we walked the same route Col. John Frost’s 2 Para took to reach the famous bridge (now renamed ‘John frost Bridge’).

Over the following years King & Country released an amazing range of British 1st Airborne figures and vehicles… Here are the remaining releases of this the 75th Anniversary year


“The Bren Gun Section” (set of 3)

MG080 "“The Bren Gun Section” (set of 3)"

Three lying prone British paratroopers... In the centre lies the ‘Bren Gunner’ flanked on either side by another Para with the Lee Enfield rifle and one more with the Sten Gun. Perfect for any collector making a defensive position.

"Going Into The Attack" (set of 2)

MG081 ""Going Into The Attack" (set of 2)"

Moving forward the Para with the Sten prepares to throw a grenade at the enemy while his mate carries the Lee Enfield rifle.

The Arnhem Vickers Set

MG082 "The Arnhem Vickers Set"

Each Parachute Battalion had a heavy weapons troop of eight 3-inch mortars and four Vickers Machine Guns... Here sits one of the British paratroopers behind his Vickers.


3. "BERLIN ‘38” & “NUREMBURG “34"

There’s no denying that the Nazi Party enjoyed making a spectacle of itself in their mass parades and rallies throughout the 1930’s. Nowhere was this more evident than in the northern Bavarian city of Nuremburg which became the heart of Nazi rule after Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933.

Every September from 1933 onwards (until 1938) the ‘party faithful’ would journey to this historic German city to take part in the many parades and rallies, listen to the speeches or just watch the spectacle before them.

Among the most obvious and sinister participants were the black-clad men of the SS (the Schutz Staffel).


All on display here are our upcoming 10-figure LAH Fife & Drum Corps & a brand-new LAH Trumpeter due for release of January 2020.

“The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Standard Set” (set of 3)

LAH242 "“The Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler Standard Set” (set of 3)"

Each SS regiment had its own unique standard. The ‘LAH’, Hitler’s own bodyguard regiment, had theirs. Here 2 x sabre-carrying officers flank the standard bearer. All new-sculpts.


LAH244 "SS-Brigadefuhrer"

Standing at attention a senior LAH officer with sword drawn and held downwards (new sculpt).

The Nuremburg Display Stand

LAH082 "The Nuremburg Display Stand"

Long-retired but much requested this impressive display piece can accommodate a whole ‘gang’ of Nazi ‘deplorables’ or... a whole bunch of victorious GI’s... Collectors can choose for themselves.


The Street Poster Column

LAH258 "The Street Poster Column"

A third version of this propaganda piece showing 2 different posters.



Holding their own against the German onslaught in the Ardennes in December 1944 are there 3 x Three-Man Sets of fighting GI’s…

BBA088, 89, 90_group

Winter Rifle Section

BBA088 "Winter Rifle Section"

This 3-man section is carrying probably the finest infantry rifle of WW2... The M1 ‘Garand’, the .30-06 calibre, semi automatic weapon that was the standard US Army service rifle of WW2.

This weapon was so good that it also saw service in Korea (1950-53) and even limited service during the early part of the Vietnam War with the South Vietnamese Army.

When the rest of the WW2 participants were using bolt-action rifles the GI’s had the advantage of being able to fire off an eight round clip in quick succession without having to move their hands on the rifle and disrupt their firing position and point-of-aim.

The M1 ‘Garand’ was also designed for simple assembly and disassembly and could be ‘field-stripped’ in just a few seconds.

Strong, sturdy and reliable it was the GI’s best friend in all weathers and conditions.

Winter Machine Gun Group

BBA089 "Winter Machine Gun Group"

The M1919 Browning .30 calibre machine gun was widely used in WW2 and was the main company support weapon for GI’s in combat.

The gun required at least 2 men to operate and carry it, one to fire the gun, the other to ‘feed’ the gun. One or two ammunition carriers would also join the team.

Our K&C set shows the machine gun in action joined by a squad NCO shouting instructions and carrying a ‘Tommy-Gun’.

Winter Bazooka Team

BBA090 "Winter Bazooka Team"

The ‘Bazooka’ is the common name for a man-portable, recoilless anti tank rocket launcher weapon. Developed and widely used by the US Army in WW2, the ‘Bazooka’ was among the first generation of rocket-propelled anti tank projectiles used in infantry combat.

Our ‘Bazooka’ GI is protected by two of his buddies, one carrying the B.A.R., the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle the squad support weapon throughout WW2 and beyond.

The other GI is aiming his always reliable M1 ‘Garand’.

All of these nine GI ‘winter warriors’ make great additions to our pre released M36 ‘Jackson’ tank destroyer in ‘winter’ camo.



Following the success of the special “Mussolini Rescue” set… We’re bringing out 4 x additional German airborne soldiers to help protect ‘Il Duce’.


Fallschirmjager Squad Leader

LW069 "Fallschirmjager Squad Leader"

This well-armed staff sergeant carries his MP040 Schmeisser machine pistol as well as a P38 side arm and a pair of ‘potato masher’ handgrenades.

FJ MG42 Machine Gunner

LW070 "FJ MG42 Machine Gunner"

The MG42 was the principle German machine gun during the latter half of WW2.

Our paratrooper carries the gun with the bipod folded in one hand and an ammo box of 7.92 x 57mm Mauser belted ammunition in the other.

Most gunners also carried the P38 pistol for personal protection.

FJ Field Radio Operator

LW071 "FJ Field Radio Operator"

Good communications on the battlefield is vitally important. This paratrooper, while still on the move, listens in to some instructions. He is also armed with the Karabiner 98k rifle.

FJ Rifleman

LW072 "FJ Rifleman"

A new-sculpt of an old favourite... Standing Fallschirmjager also with the Kar98k rifle.


6. "... And so to Vietnam"

One of K&C’s most dramatic ‘action’ series and a firm favourite not just in the U.S. but all over the globe…

The Walking Wounded Trio

VN068 "The Walking Wounded Trio"

Many of the figures in the Vietnam Series have been directly influenced by actual combat photography taken under fire in some of the most dangerous situations.

This dramatic three-figure set was inspired by one such photo taken in the midst of the Battle of Hue in February 1968 during the TET Offensive.

Two Marines support a seriously wounded ‘Grunt’ as they make their way back to a First Aid station.


7. "Streets of Old Hong Kong"

Recently alas, some of our streets here in Hong Kong have been a little less than peaceful… Here however are a few reminders of a more sedate time in Hong Kong’s past…

HK090, 92, 94_group

Chinese Lady Rickshaw Passenger (Gloss)

HK290G "Chinese Lady Rickshaw Passenger (Gloss)"

A young attractive Hong Kong lady makes her way through the ‘Streets of Old Hong Kong’.

Chinese Lady Rickshaw Passenger (Matt)

HK290M "Chinese Lady Rickshaw Passenger (Matt)"

A young attractive Hong Kong lady makes her way through the ‘Streets of Old Hong Kong’.

Enjoying A Cup of Tea (Gloss)

HK292G "Enjoying A Cup of Tea (Gloss)"

A simple pleasure at any time.

Enjoying A Cup of Tea (Matt)

HK292M "Enjoying A Cup of Tea (Matt)"

A simple pleasure at any time.

“The Running Rickshaw” 2nd Version (Gloss)

HK294G "“The Running Rickshaw” 2nd Version (Gloss)"

An alternative, version of our hard-working ‘Rickshaw Coolie’ and his Rickshaw.

“The Running Rickshaw” 2nd Version (Matt)

HK294M "“The Running Rickshaw” 2nd Version (Matt)"

An alternative, version of our hard-working ‘Rickshaw Coolie’ and his Rickshaw.



The Village Stable

SP083 "The Village Stable"

Since we retired our original “Desert Village” Stable we have wanted to make a replacement. And now you see it.

This new “Stable” is very different to the old one ... A stone and half-timbered construction it can be utilized in a wide variety of historical eras and locations ... from biblical times all the way up to the 1st and 2nd World Wars... the choice is yours.

The Dickens Village Christmas Tree

XM016-03 "The Dickens Village Christmas Tree"

This is sure to be the focal point of any “World of Dickens” display especially at Christmas time.

Our all-new decorated tree (much larger than the previous one) stands proudly on a stone base surrounded by wrought-iron railings ... Perfect for any Dickens town or village square.

And that, as I usually say, is that for one more month. Let’s hope there’s something for you in among our offerings.

However, I’m off to visit K&C collectors and dealers in Italy… France and the UK early this month so I hope to meet up with some of you in Milan, Paris and at the London December Show. Be sure to stop by and say hello and… see a few surprises!

In the meantime, have yourselves a Merry Little Christmas.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country