December 2022

Apologies once more for the relatively small number of releases this month.

As I have said before the current lockdowns and restrictions that have been imposed in China has played havoc with our release schedule and production of new and upcoming items.

It has now been three whole years since I was last able to meet up with our sculptors and factory partners in China on a face-to-face basis to discuss, design and produce all kinds of new items and figures.

At the same time it has been extremely difficult for the factories themselves to remain open and retain workers due to the difficulty of travelling in and around the part of China where our factories and workshops are located.

All in all, in the nearly 40 years of King & Country’s existence this past 3 years have been the most difficult and challenging.

So let’s take a closer look at the few items we have been able to complete this month…

Being Released In December

1. "Betrayal In Munich"

ON 30 SEPTEMBER 1938, British and French prime ministers, Neville Chamberlain and Edouard Daladier signed one of the most ignominious documents of the Twentieth Century… The Munich Pact.

Their two co-signees were the German dictator Adolf Hitler and his Italian axis partner, Benito Mussolini. What all four men had agreed to was the effective dismemberment of a fifth country, Czechoslovakia in order to avoid a possible European war… At least that was what the two democratic leaders believed they had agreed to.



In the spring of 1938, Adolf Hitler began openly supporting the demands of the majority German-speakers then living in the Sudetenland region of Czechoslovakia for union with Germany.

Hitler had recently, annexed Austria into Germany creating a ‘Greater German Reichand already had political designs on the neighbouring Czechs. The Czechoslovak Government meanwhile had hopes that Britain and France would come to their assistance in the event of German aggression.

Alas for them both the British and French leaders were determined to avert, at

almost any cost, the threat of another European war especially with memories still fresh from the terrible horrors and humungous cost that the previous 1914/18 conflict had inflicted on both nations just twenty years before.

Chamberlain in particular had made two trips to Germany earlier in September attempting to offer Hitler favourable terms while the German ‘fuhrer’ kept ‘upping his demands’.

On 22 September, Hitler suddenly announced his impatience was exhausted with the ongoing discussions and demanded the immediate cession of the Sudetenland and its 3,000,000 German-speaking population to the Reich. All its Czech residents were to be ordered to leave the region before the end of the month.

The next day, Czechoslovakia mobilized its armed forces. A war seemed imminent and France also began a partial mobilization on 24 September. Europe appeared poised on the edge of an abyss!

Incredibly no Czech representatives were invited to take part in these confidential meetings even though it was the fate of their country and people that was the matter under discussion.

Over two long, exhausting days a deal was eventually reached whereby the Czechs were forced to hand over to Hitler the Sudetenland and de facto control over the rest of their country as long as Germany promised to go no further.

On 30 September, Neville Chamberlain flew back to Britain. On his return he delivered his controversial ‘peace in our time’ speech to crowds of jubilant supporters in London. For the moment war had been averted.

Less that twelve months later however Britain and France would, once again, find themselves at war with Germany!

munich agreement


Munich 1938

LAH263 "Munich 1938"

This unique set is inspired by an actual photograph that was taken just before the ‘Munich Agreement’ was signed by the four main signatories… Neville Chamberlain, Edouard Daladier, Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

In front of them sits a large table on which is spread a miniature reproduction of a map of Czechoslovakia with the disputed German-speaking Sudetenland areas clearly marked in green.

Each K&C box comes with its own specially designed label and production is limited to just 300 sets.


2. "The Most Decorated Marine!"

Lewis Burwell Chesty’ Puller (1898-1971) was a United States Marine Corps officer who began his military career fighting guerillas in Haiti and Nicaragua during the 1920s.

After service in Central America he was posted to China and led a unit of ‘China Marines’ before sea duty on board the USS Augusta, a cruiser of the Asiatic Fleet.

In September 1941 he was given command of the 1st Btn., 7th Marines stationed in North Carolina.

After America’s entry into WW2, and promoted to Lieutenant Colonel, ‘Chesty’ Puller led his forces on Guadalcanal to eventual victory there and was awarded his third ‘Navy Cross’. His two previous crosses had been won during his earlier tours of duty in Central America.

He was to go on to lead Marines on the long protracted battle to capture Pelelieu, one of the bloodiest battles in Marine Corps history.

At the outbreak of the Korean War in 1950 Puller was given command of the 1st Marine Regiment and took part in the successful amphibious landing at Inchon as well as leading his marines during the epic fighting withdrawal that became known as the Battle of The Chosin Reservoir where he was once more awarded the Navy Cross, his fifth and the Distinguished Service Cross.

In January 1951 he was promoted to Brigadier General and appointed Deputy Divisional Commander of the 1st Marine Division.

After the Korean War ended ‘Chesty’ Puller commanded the 2nd Marine Division before finally retiring as a Lieutenant General.

His nickname was related to his personal appearance because of his barrel chest.

That and his aggressive stance were well-known throughout the Marine Corps and often commented on.



‘Chesty’ Puller won America’s ‘Distinguished Service Cross’ once as well as five ‘Navy Crosses’ (one of only two such persons so honoured). In addition he was awarded a ‘Silver Star’, a ‘Bronze Star’ and many other campaign and service medals for his long and valiant military commitment to his country and the United States Marine Corps.



 ‘ChestyXV’ is the current mascot of the USMC. He is a male English Bulldog and the fifteenth to bear the name ‘Chesty’ in fond remembrance and honour of Lieut. Gen Lewis B. Chesty’ Puller.

Lieut. Col' Lewis 'Chesty' Puller USMC

USMC059 "Lieut. Col' Lewis 'Chesty' Puller USMC"

Our latest WW2 U.S. Marine figure portrays the legendary ‘Chesty’ Puller as he would have appeared during the Pacific Campaign Leading his men, as usual, from the front and pointing the way.

Slung over his right shoulder is his M1 Carbine and in his left hand the ever-present pipe!



In 1965, soon after the first major American ground forces arrived in South Vietnam a number of huge underground tunnel complexes were discovered.

Designed and constructed by Viet Cong engineers these tunnels provided a safe haven for the VC to store weapons, ammunition and other valuable stores and supplies in complete safety far below ground-patrolling ARVN and U.S. troops.

At the same time entire VC infantry units could remain hidden in these tunnels totally invisible to any enemy observation aircraft and helicopters flying above. Even basic VC field hospitals and simple surgeries were established in some of the larger tunnel complexes.

While ARVN units were usually reluctant to explore and exploit a tunnel complex once it was uncovered the U.S. military did not take long to set up and train a very special breed of soldier with a very unique combination of military skills, physical characteristics and plentiful courage to take on the dangerous, often deadly task of going below ground as a ‘Tunnel Rat’.

VN156 Group

The Tunnel Rat Team Set

VN156 "The Tunnel Rat Team Set"

This three-man set shows the team about to go into action.

Still above ground the two standing ‘Grunts’ have just uncovered an entrance way to a typical underground complex.

The third and most important member of the team, the ‘Tunnel Rat’ himself, is crouching down, pistol in one hand, military flashlight in the other and peering into the open entrance he is about to enter. What lies beneath…?

Many tunnels were rigged with explosives and trip wires and other ‘booby-traps’. Not only that you would often encounter all kinds of snakes… rats… and bugs of every shape and size.

Those who took up this hazardous challenge were all volunteers and underwent some specialist training back in the ‘States before shipping out to Vietnam.

Most tunnel rats came from the U.S. Army’s own infantry and engineer units and had to have several, very unique qualities…

First and foremost… No fear of claustrophobia.

Second, the ability to crawl through narrow, confined spaces for prolonged periods of time, often in complete darkness.

Third, be able to avoid and ignore the probable presence of bugs, all types of snakes, rodents and other assorted vermin that usually occupies these environments.

And finally, Fourth… It was essential that a ‘tunnel rat’ be physically small and compact while still being strong, agile and able enough to perform difficult tasks in very small spaces.

A very tall order for a relatively short man!

This particular little group is, I believe, one of K&C’s more original ‘Vietnam’ sets yet…



Although in this edition of ‘DISPATCHES’ we have only released the all-new ‘Tunnel Rat Team’ set we do have some welcome variations to a few ‘sold-out’ figures that collectors have requested we keep in production…


Miss Papillon

VN165 "Miss Papillon"

The very attractive South Vietnamese Bar Girl that opens the Vietnam half of ‘Full Metal Jacket’ to the strains of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These boots were made for walking’.

The very attractive South Vietnamese Bar Girl that opens the Vietnam half of ‘Full Metal Jacket’ to the strains of Nancy Sinatra’s ‘These boots were made for walking’.


NVA kneeling firing AK47

VN166 "NVA kneeling firing AK47"

NVA kneeling firing RPG

VN167 "NVA kneeling firing RPG"

Female Viet Cong w/M16

VN168 "Female Viet Cong w/M16"

Female VC w/AK47

VN169 "Female VC w/AK47"



And that my friends is that, I wish there was more and there is certainly a lot in the pipeline but there you have it for the moment.

SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny

BBG110 "SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer Otto Skorzeny"

One of Hitler’s favourite soldiers... This Waffen SS officer made his reputation rescuing deposed Italian dictator Benito Mussolini from his hidden mountain imprisonment on Gran Sasso. Since then Skorzeny was promoted and given a number of undercover missions to perform before being put in charge of a small unit of English-speaking German soldiers who, dressed in US Army uniforms, and using captured U.S. Vehicles were to infiltrate Allied lines and create panic and confusion in advance of the German attack during the Battle of the Bulge.

Skorzeny himself never donned US Army uniform but was a well known and easily recognized figure in the Third Reich thanks to Propaganda Chief Goebbel’s publicity machine and won the Oak Leaves to his Knight’s Cross for his efforts, late in the war, trying to defend Frankfurt.

After the war he still led a colourful and exciting life ... escaping Allied internment ... advising foreign governments ... and even working with MOSSAD, the Israeli intelligence service !!!

He died in Spain in 1975 aged 67.

Our latest Skorzeny figure portrays him during the “Battle of the Bulge” wearing the reversible SS Winter / Autumn camouflage smock / jacket and grey trousers complete with SS “Feldschmutze” (field cap).

"The Champions' Dragon Boat" (Gloss)

HK209G ""The Champions' Dragon Boat" (Gloss)"

Available in matt and gloss our beautifully detailed and painted craft carries just six rowers, one drummer and one cox.

"The Champions' Dragon Boat" (Matt)

HK209M ""The Champions' Dragon Boat" (Matt)"

Available in matt and gloss our beautifully detailed and painted craft carries just six rowers, one drummer and one cox.

SS Officer At Attention

LAH189 "SS Officer At Attention"

The officer, with sword drawn, that accompanies LAH188.

Inspecting Germania

LAH193 "Inspecting Germania"

Of prime importance in Hitler’s dreams was his wish to build not only a new capital for Germany...He wanted to build a new city that would be the capital of all of German-dominated Europe! And he was going to call it “GERMANIA”.

Here, we see Hitler, together with his favourite architect Albert Speer overlooking a scale model of just part of their grandiose town-planning scheme for the bigger, better, bolder Berlin.

The Fuhrer, leaning over the model, uses a magnifying glass to examine all the fine detail to ensure nothing has been left out...

By his side stands the pensive (and proud) Speer happy to see his leader’s appreciation of his and his team’s work.

Up until almost the final days of the Fall of Berlin one of Hitler’s favourite past times was to visit and inspect the many architectural models of “Germania”, his great capital city that would never be built!

Jesus' Parents

LOJ008 "Jesus' Parents"

A concerned Mary and Joseph watch over the young boy during his discussion.

John The Baptist

LOJ025 "John The Baptist"

The man who baptized Jesus himself and a well-known figure of the time preaching the length and breadth of Israel. He foretold the coming of the Lord and met his fate at the hands of Herod’s daughter, Salome.

Sir William Carlisle of Allerdale

MK177 "Sir William Carlisle of Allerdale"

Sir William also known as ‘The Red Knight’ at the Battle of Bannockburn in 1314.

A native of Cumberland in the North West of England he had friends and enemies on both sides of the border between England and Scotland and was an avid jousting participant.

Sir John Ross of Galloway

MK178 "Sir John Ross of Galloway"

Sir William’s opponent, Sir John Ross of Galloway hails from the south west part of Scotland and was an early supporter of Robert the Bruce, King of Scots from 1306-1329.

Sir John’s heraldry includes both the ‘Lion Rampant’ and ‘The Ship’, much favoured by Scottish knights of that time.

NVA Flagbearer

VN029 "NVA Flagbearer"

Although an NVA regular this particular soldier is carrying the Viet Cong flag... VC and NVA regularly took part in joint operations against both ARVN and U.S. military units. This guy also carries an AK47 on his back.

Standing Firing V.C.

VN041 "Standing Firing V.C."

Both Marines take shelter as this female Viet Cong guerrilla fires off a fusillade of rounds from her AK47.

Carol Singers Set #1

WoD034 "Carol Singers Set #1"

A mother and father join together to spread a little Christmas Cheer by singing traditional old Christmas Carols.


WoD041 "The Town Crier, WORLD OF DICKENS"

Before newspapers became widely available the local “Town Crier” called out the latest news or public announcements.

Traditionally, their costume belonged more to the late 18th Century than the mid Victorian Era. They announced their presence with a hand-bell.

Miss Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady

WoD042 "Miss Eliza Doolittle, My Fair Lady"

London’s most famous fictional flower girl created by George Bernard Shaw in his play “Pygmalion” and immortalized by Audrey Hepburn in the 1964 musical film, “My Fair Lady”. Our little flower girl is a tribute to a great fictional character, a superb actress and a fantastic movie!

Battlefield Conference

WS355 "Battlefield Conference"

Three Panzer commanders gather together to discuss today’s plan-of-action. During the Battle of Normandy it was virtually impossible for any German vehicle to appear on the roads during daylight. As the morning dawn begins to break these three have already moved their tanks into position during the previous hours of darkness... Now, they prepare for their ambush of the approaching Allied armour.

In the meantime, have a wonderful Christmas and let’s hope for a better more productive New Year in 2023!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country