February 2015

This February might be short on days but it’s long on releases and there is heaps of variety for collectors of all kinds of K&C series and ranges…

So without further ado – let’s get going…

1. "Better Late Than Never..."

As most of you know because of some other releases “muscling” into the launch schedule our “Battle of the Bulge” GI’s are a wee bit later than usual this year. Well, finally they are on the truck and heading for Hong Kong and will be immediately “shipped” or I should say “flown” out of here and onto dealers and collectors around the world. So just to recap here’s what available:

BBA074-077_GROUP (2)

Radio Operator Set

BBA074 "Radio Operator Set"

Two full-body GI’s huddle behind their snow-frosted, sand-bagged emplacement. As one GI aims his M1 carbine the other is using the radio handset.

Bar Gunner Set

BBA075 "Bar Gunner Set"

Two “half-body” GI’s, one firing his B.A.R. (Browning Automatic Rifle) the other holding onto his helmet come under enemy fire as they shelter in their foxhole.

Supporting Fire

BBA076 "Supporting Fire"

Another two “half-body” GI’s provide additional fire power with their M1 Garand rifle and M1 carbine from their foxhole.

Observing The Battle

BBA077 "Observing The Battle"

As one “half-body” GI watches the enemy through his binos, the other GI waits ready with his rifle.


2. "Our latest Crusader/Medieval Tents are also on the same truck so will arrive at the same time in Hong Kong...ready for dispatch."

MK141-142_group (2)

The German Tent

MK141 "The German Tent"

With the Germanic-style eagle at the top and the simple black and white colours this little tented structure belongs to a Knight from north of the Rhine.

The English Tent

MK142 "The English Tent"

A simple red on white crusader cross and the colours signify the presence of an English Knight.



When we launched our new set of “Desert Wall” Sections a few months back some of our collectors suggested that we do a “conversion” and repaint these to represent walls that could be used in a European-style display/diorama with some of our existing buildings.

We thought it was a great idea and so we had a little set painted-up and liked the results. So, here they are…

SP066_group (2)

European Walls Set

SP066 "European Walls Set"

Five very useful wall sections that can be added to any of our European facades and buildings to enlarge a scene and/or create a courtyard or farmyard display.


4. "MUD & BLOOD"

It’s back to the trenches of the Western Front with a pair of “double” releases to add to our First World War soldiers…

Les Deux Heros

FW185 "Les Deux Heros "

Based on a famous painting by WW1 French War Artist Georges Scott a “Poilu” carries his wounded officer to safety.

Back from the Front

FW187 "Back from the Front "

A wounded “Tommy” and his equally injured German prisoner make their painful way towards a Casualty Clearing Station.



Over the last couple of years there has been a lot of renewed interest among collectors and manufacturers in the war on the Eastern Front. K&C is one company that has been regularly releasing Red Army Soldiers and fighting vehicles to meet that interest and demand…Here’s the latest…


Russian Tanker with Map

RA028 "Russian Tanker with Map"

Dressed in black overalls and wearing the distinctive padded, armoured vehicle helmet this officer is studying his map.

Winter Tanker with PPSH

RA029 "Winter Tanker with PPSH"

Wearing a warm sheepskin coat and carrying his machine pistol this tanker is taking the opportunity of a halt to stretch his legs.

The SU-76M Self Propelled Gun

RA057 "The SU-76M Self Propelled Gun"

The SU-76 was a Soviet designed Self-Propelled Gun used during and after WW2. Its simple construction made it the second-most produced Russian armoured vehicle after the T34.

Red Army crews liked it for its reliability and ease-of-use and nick-named it the “Golozhopiy Ferdinand” (the bare-arsed Ferdinand).

Our model includes one gunner who can fit inside the rear fighting compartment.

SU-76M Crew

RA058 "SU-76M Crew"

Two additional crew members for the SU-76...One more gunner holding a shell and a seated vehicle commander observing the enemy through his binos...Perfect add-ons!

AVAILABILITY: Early February


Back in 2013 on a visit to China we discovered a small workshop making all kinds of all-metal, tinplate vehicles and other models…One of the models we saw was a little tram almost identical to the ones that still run on the streets of Hong Kong. And so, we gave them a design of an old turn-of-the-century Hong Kong tram and asked them to make a few samples…This they did and we sold them immediately. We produced some more and they also quickly sold out.

Among their other models were some Chinese Army trucks and cars. Why not, we suggested to the workshop, try a few other military models and gave them the famous WW2 GMC “Deuce and a Half”. Well, now we’ve got the first small batch of them and I think they’re great!

In fairness these models will not be for every collector…they lack some of the detail of our mixed media fighting vehicles – No glass in the windows for instance. BUT they’re tough, sturdy and have a unique and original style all of their own that I truly believe works well with our other models and figures. We only have a limited number so if you’re interested…grab ‘em while you can!


GMC CCKW 353 Truck

TP001 "GMC CCKW 353 Truck"

This all-metal model can accommodate seated figures in the rear of the vehicle and has a towing hook that can pull trailers, water wagons and even artillery.



Collectors of our “Imperial Collection” featuring the Emperor’s own bodyguard have been requesting another of the famous Regiments of the Royal Household Brigade…The red-coated men of “The Dragon Regiment”. Assigned to protect the Emperor at all times and all places. Consisting of about 1500 men the Regiment included skilled swordsmen and spearmen as well as archers, musketeers and a small group of cavalry.

Standing Guard w/Spear

IC064 "Standing Guard w/Spear"

Marching Guard w/Spear

IC065 "Marching Guard w/Spear"

Marching Flagbearer

IC066 "Marching Flagbearer"

Mounted Officer

IC067 "Mounted Officer"

Kneeling Officer Reporting

IC068 "Kneeling Officer Reporting"

Mounted Lancer

IC069 "Mounted Lancer"

Standing Guard Reporting

IC070 "Standing Guard Reporting"



From the Far East to the Far West and the lush hills and valleys of Eastern Montana in June 1876 and the battle on the grassy slopes above the Little Big Horn river…

Crow Scout "Curly"

TRW072(P) "Crow Scout "Curly""

“Curly” (1856-1926) was a Crow Scout during the Sioux Wars...Although he did not fight in the battle, he watched it develop and was the first to report Custer’s disastrous encounter with the Sioux and Cheyenne.

Here, we show him, wearing a corporal’s uniform jacket and carrying an army carbine.

War Shield

TRW073(P) "War Shield"

A mounted Arapaho ally of the Sioux and Cheyenne at the battle he gallops forward eager to come to grips with the hated “Long Knives”.

Black Hawk

TRW074(P) "Black Hawk"

This Northern Cheyenne was well-known for his accuracy with a bow and arrow and was reputed to have killed Tom Custer, the General’s younger brother.

Dead Trooper...Dead Horse

TRW075 "Dead Trooper...Dead Horse"

Both rider and mount have met their fatal end on the banks of the Little Big Horn...

Shocked and Stunned

TRW076 "Shocked and Stunned"

A wounded cavalry trooper sits down in shock as blood pours from his wounds.


9. "NORMANDY ‘44"

Along the length and breadth of the entire French coastline the Germans waited (and expected) an Allied Invasion…But where…and when?

To help bolster their defences in France and elsewhere in occupied Europe the Germans made full use of captured weaponry…guns, artillery and vehicles.

K&C present three of these additions…

WS298, 319

FT-17 Normandy Pillbox

WS296 "FT-17 Normandy Pillbox"

The Germans used a wide range of pillboxes and bunkers all along France’s Channel and Atlantic coast among them a small 3 man bunker surmounted by the turret of an obsolete FT-17 tank. Their only change...replace the original French gun with an MG34 machine gun.

Renault FT-17 #122

WS298 "Renault FT-17 #122"

After the fall of France almost 2,000 FT-17’s fell into German hands many were scrapped...some were decapitated and converted into pillbox/bunkers...a few hundred were repainted and utilized on “internal security” duties complete with German Panzer Crews mostly in France and the Balkans.

Just 150 of #122 are being produced.

Renault FT-17 #121

WS319 "Renault FT-17 #121"

Same as WS298 but with alternative number for collectors who require more than one of these great little vehicles!

Just 150 of #121 are being produced.


10. "Remember The Alamo!"

With a toy soldier store in San Antonio right next to the Alamo we are unlikely to ever forget it!!!

Back in 2013 when we completed the installation of the 70 square foot diorama of the Battle of the Alamo for the “Briscoe Museum of Western Art” they requested us to design and produce a small range of “Alamo” related figures that could be sold through their gift store and also at King’s X.

The target audience was young people, general tourists and other visitors rather than dedicated toy soldier enthusiasts.

We experimented with resin, plastic and metal and eventually decided that metal was ultimately the best to use and paint.

We also decided that to keep the price point relatively modest they could not be painted with the same detail as other K&C figures. However the carving style and size would be similar.

We also wanted to combine these figures into small, boxed sets of 2 and 3 figures that could all tell at least a part of the Alamo story. Here are the first 4 sets…


The Fighting Mexicans

RTA093 "The Fighting Mexicans"

3 x different Mexican Infantrymen in action poses.

The Davy Crockett Set

RTA094 "The Davy Crockett Set"

Out of ammunition, the famous Frontiersman swings the butt of his rifle and knocks down two of the enemy infantry...their discarded muskets are included.

The Duellists

RTA095 "The Duellists"

The Alamo’s commander, Colonel William C. Travis died on the perimeter wall of the little mission...Some say he was shot others that he fought with his sabre against a Mexican Officer before being bayonetted himself.

"The Riflemen"

RTA096 ""The Riflemen""

Two of the defenders making every shot count in the doomed battle...


Among other sets in preparation are:

General Santa Anna, The Death of Jim Bowie, Mexican Artillery and more Mexican Infantry and Alamo Defenders!

AVAILABILITY: Late February/Early March

SPECIAL NOTE:  All of these special “Alamo” sets are available to ALL K&C dealers and collectors. They are not an “exclusive”.


"Take Some!"

BBG040 ""Take Some!""

An SS Panzergrenadier offers to share some of his captured U.S. C Rations" with a Volksturm rifleman"

Prisoner & Escort

BBG041 "Prisoner & Escort"

A hapless GI forlornly trudges into captivity followed closely by his German captor

Singapore Surrender

FOB079 "Singapore Surrender"

Three senior British officers, two with flags, advance towards the Japanese lines.

General Yamashita & Staff Officer Sugita

FOB080 "General Yamashita & Staff Officer Sugita"

“The Tiger of Malaya” and one of his most trusted Staff Officers on their way to demand the surrender of their British opponents in Singapore, February 1942.

Man Holding Lucky Sign (Gloss)

HK130G "Man Holding Lucky Sign (Gloss)"

The customers of the sign writer.

Man Holding Lucky Sign (Matt)

HK130M "Man Holding Lucky Sign (Matt)"

The customers of the sign writer.

The Hunting Set

IC035 "The Hunting Set"

Here two members of the Emperor's Bodyguard Regiment are out hunting in the Palace's own Royal Hunting Grounds. As one guardsman holds aloft his rabbit victim the mounted guardsman is after bigger game… a local deer. All these pieces make a colourful addition to this popular collection.

The Treasure Seeker

MK091 "The Treasure Seeker"

A Hospitaller Man-at-Arms with a banded chest full of captured gold and silver.

Seizing the Colours

NA216 "Seizing the Colours"

A great little vignette of a French Cuirassier capturing the Regimental Flag from a wounded officer while a guardsman wheels around to attack the Cuirassier (or his horse).

Lend-Lease Russian Jeep

RA030 "Lend-Lease Russian Jeep"

As soon as Hitler attacked the Soviet Union both Britain (and later America) provided, Free-of-Charge, huge quantities of weapons, trucks and tanks to the Russians. Among the most valued were the Willys and Ford-built Jeeps which arrived by the hundreds and were immediately put into action. Here is one such example complete with Red Army driver.

Alamo Chapel Facade

RTA014 "Alamo Chapel Facade"

One of the most famous frontages in American history and a Texas icon. The front of the little church, bullet-pocked and aged by time. Perfect for a display shelf last stand"."

Corner Fountain

SP057 "Corner Fountain"

This little corner piece fits neatly into any corner space created by joining two of our facades or buildings at right angles.



Here’s to a great Chinese New Year (The Year of the Goat) and health, wealth and happiness in 2015. All the very best.


P.S.  Look out for both King & Country and Kings X at next month’s annual “WESTCOASTER” Show at the Irvine Marriott Hotel in Irvine California from 5-8 March. It’s a great event with room trading before the main show of Sunday 8 March in the Hotel’s Ballroom.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country