June 2015

Can’t quite believe we are already almost half way through the year…and it’s still only June!!!

Well, whether I believe it or not time waits for no man and so without further ado…Let’s lock ‘n’ load…

Here’s the “skinny” on this month’s releases



Just imagine, for a minute, Adolf Hitler did not die in his bunker amid the ruins of Berlin in 1945.

What if…he had been captured alive by the Russians. What would he have looked like..?

That was the unique little scenario we conjured up when we decided to make a special complimentary gift figure for all those K&C collectors attending our “Saturday Night Symposium” at the very recent 9th Texas Toy Soldier Show.

In the past when K&C has produced a small, specialized ‘run’ of figures like this some have ended up on ebay or elsewhere with very high prices attached!  This year we wanted to be able to offer other dealers and collectors who cannot attend the event the opportunity to purchase the “Show Figure” at a regular price. So, we’ve made a few extras which will be available on a “first come-first served” basis.

Hitler Lives!

LAH195 "Hitler Lives!"

The now defeated Führer stands bruised, battered and dishevelled amidst the ruins of his “Thousand-Year Reich”.



With the story of King Arthur, his Knights and that very famous “Round Table” it’s exceedingly hard to separate mystery, myth and legend from the few known facts that are available.

So, K&C has carefully picked through all of this information and selected what we think is a fair and balanced representation of one of the most famous stories in British history.  Collectors can decide for themselves whether we’ve succeeded in capturing the spirit and essence of these legendary figures from the Age of Chivalry…

This release comprises the first three knights and King Arthur himself…the magnificent table and the King’s chair as well as a set of 11 individual chairs that surround the table.


King Arthur

MK137 "King Arthur"

Arthur was a legendary British leader of the late 5th and early 6th Centuries whose exploits are recorded in several medieval histories and romances. In more recent times his story and legend has been moved up several hundred years and his appearance (and that of his Knights) is portrayed as much more typical of the 12th and 13th Centuries.

Even in the 21st Century Arthur’s legend burns brightly thanks to theatre...film...television and books of all descriptions.

Our King Arthur stands proudly...sword in one hand pointing to the centre, his crowned helmet in his other hand and a fierce but fair expression on his bearded face.

Sir Galahad

MK138 "Sir Galahad"

One account has him as the son of Sir Lancelot...another has him as the younger brother of the same Knight. Suffice to say he was one of the bravest of the Round Table and was one of the three Knights specially selected to undertake the “Quest for the Holy Grail”.


MK139 "Mordred"

The “Black Sheep” or should that be “Black Knight” of the Round Table...Said to be the illegitimate son of Arthur and a traitor in his midst. He was later to declare open rebellion against his father and would be killed at the Battle of Camlann where Arthur himself was also fatally injured.

Sir Lancelot

MK140 "Sir Lancelot"

One of the most famous of the Knights and a great friend to the King...Alas however his love affair with Arthur’s Queen Guinevere ultimately brought about the end of the Kingdom and the destruction of the Round Table!

The Round Table & The King’s Chair

MK143 "The Round Table & The King’s Chair"

A superb reconstruction in miniature of the “Winchester Round Table” which can still be seen hanging in Winchester Great Hall in England. This magnificent design bears the names of various Knights of Arthur’s court and was probably painted for a tournament in the time of Henry VIII (1491-1547). The original wooden table itself has been dated much earlier to the reign of Edward I (1239-1307) who was a great enthusiast of the Arthurian legends.

Accompanying the Round Table is the King’s Chair, a wooden construction on which the King...and only the King...could sit.

The Knights’ Chair Set

MK144 "The Knights’ Chair Set"

A set of 11 identical chair/stools that are positioned behind each knight as he stands at the table.

Other Round Table characters will be released at regular intervals.



As usual we like to take you on a little journey with each “DISPATCHES” and this one is no exception…

From the lush green vales and valleys of medieval England to the bomb-shattered ruins of Berlin in April and May 1945…in one fell swoop.


Raising the Red Flag

RA064 "Raising the Red Flag"

A Soviet soldier has climbed atop one of the architectural features of the Reichstag high above the rubble-covered streets of the German capital.

His machine-pistol slung across his back he is handed up a red banner which he unfurls over the defeated city.

This small set includes our soldier hero...the Red Flag...and, of course, the famous Reichstag plinth seen in many photos of the event.

Death to Fascists!

RA065 "Death to Fascists!"

Down below in the streets of the city small pockets of German resistance are still being “flushed-out” even as the red flag flies overhead. Here one Russian soldier leans over a dead enemy and takes a “potato-masher” stick grenade out of the German’s belt...Let’s hope it’s not booby-trapped.

Red Army Officer

RA066 "Red Army Officer"

While most of the street fighting has died down this officer is taking no chances...He puts a fresh magazine into his pistol.

Pointing Russki

RA067 "Pointing Russki"

Clad in his “poncho” cape this Russian indicates an enemy position.

Red Army Rescue

RA068 "Red Army Rescue"

Under fire this Soldier carries a badly wounded comrade out of danger.

Dead Russians

RA069 "Dead Russians"

Two of the fallen who have made the ultimate sacrifice for “Mother Russia”

Victory At Last

RA070 "Victory At Last"

These two figures are again based on the same series of photographs that inspired RA064 “Raising The Red Flag” and go well with that set or...on their own.



From Berlin in its darkest hour in May 1945 to…another dark hour sometime in 1942/43 when British Commandos took part in raids up and down the Nazi occupied coastline of Western Europe…usually at night.


Advancing Tommy Gunner

DD256 "Advancing Tommy Gunner"

This corporal carrying the Thompson stealthily moves forward stalking an enemy sentry perhaps.

Crouching Officer w/ Pistol

DD257 "Crouching Officer w/ Pistol"

A junior subaltern, pistol in hand, observes an enemy position.

Dueling Pistols

DD258 "Dueling Pistols"

Another great little fighting duo...A commando shoots the enemy soldier while grappling his opponent’s pistol into the air.

Major "Mad Jack" Churchill

DD259 "Major "Mad Jack" Churchill"

Jack Churchill (1906-1996) was no relation to the more famous Winston but shared the same spirit and thirst for danger and excitement.

Originally commissioned into the British Army in 1926 he left the Army 10 years later before rejoining at the outbreak of war in 1939. After the Fall of France in 1940 he joined the newly-formed “Commandos” and rose, by 1942 to be second-in-command of No.3 Commando...A brave and energetic officer he was also a certified military eccentric...playing the bagpipes...using a bow and arrow in combat...and carrying a basket hilted Scottish broadsword into battle!!!

He finished the war as a Lieutenant Colonel and was awarded 2 x Distinguished Service Orders. He finally retired from the army in 1959.

Here we show him carrying his “Tommy Gun” in one hand...and his famous Scottish Broadsword in the other.


DD260 "Sssh...!"

A single commando warns his mates to keep quiet as an enemy sentry approaches...


DD262 "WarDaddy"

Here’s another Sherman tank commander that might prove useful...


Oddball Sherman

DD261 "Oddball Sherman"

As many K&C collectors’ already know we love movies...especially WAR MOVIES! So when we came to do our “GANG OF HEROES” mini-series we knew we had to do this particular Sherman.

Well, here it is...Loudspeaker and all with our crazy but cool tank commander in the turret and a couple of his guys popping their heads out of the armoured hull...where are they going...who knows..? But there better be a whole big bundle of gold bullion at the end of it!



From France and Germany in 1944 and ’45 let’s jump back across the English Channel and back 300 years…to around 1645 with our latest “Pike & Musket” release.


English Civil War Cannon

PnM036 "English Civil War Cannon"

An alternative version to the Parliamentary cannon released a few months back.

Royalist Gunners Set A

PnM037 "Royalist Gunners Set A"

Royalist Gunners Set B

PnM038 "Royalist Gunners Set B"



The K&C “Magic Carpet” is certainly putting in some extra mileage this month…With a hop, skip and a jump we’re now in San Antonio and that famous siege of the Alamo.


Jim Bowie

RTA083 "Jim Bowie"

The famous inventor of the knife and one of the Alamo’s most famous defenders was actually on his sick bed when the final battle took place...Even though weak Bowie puts on a brave face as he shoots one of his Mexican attackers...His famous knife lies at his side on the bed.

Mexican Casualty

RTA084 "Mexican Casualty"

Bowie’s bullet finds its mark.

Mexican Bayoneteer

RTA085 "Mexican Bayoneteer"

This soldier rushes forward to impale the stricken Bowie and avenge his comrade’s death.



Many years ago K&C produced a little set of German Army engineers that proved very popular and are much sought-after on the secondary market.  So, we surmised maybe it’s about time we did some more…Here they are…


Standing Engineer

WH024 "Standing Engineer"

Shovel in one hand and dressed in the off-white “fatigue duties” trousers this soldier is awaiting orders.

Engineer w/Pickaxe

WH025 "Engineer w/Pickaxe"

This soldier with sleeves rolled up is ready for work.

Engineer w/Land Mines

WH026 "Engineer w/Land Mines"

Among all their other duties engineers were responsible for “sowing” mine fields.

Engineer w/ Wheel Barrow

WH027 "Engineer w/ Wheel Barrow"

Moving soil from Point A...to Point B.

Engineer w/ Drill

WH028 "Engineer w/ Drill"

One more soldier hard at work breaking up concrete.

Kneeling Engineer

WH029 "Kneeling Engineer"

This soldier using protective gloves is affixing barbed wire to a Mine Field “Warning” sign.

Beach Obstacles

WH030 "Beach Obstacles"

These beach obstacles, sometimes known as “Czech Hedgehogs”, were scattered in their thousands all along the beaches and bays of occupied Europe. Using old steel railway lines they were welded together and could rip the bottom out of any landing craft unfortunate enough to run over them at high tide. This set contains 3 pieces.



I’m not quite sure how this one sneaked in to this month’s “DISPATCHES’ but here it is anyway…

Daimler Mk.2 Armoured Car

EA093 "Daimler Mk.2 Armoured Car"

The Daimler Armoured Car was one of the most successful British armoured car designs of the Second World War. Originally designed for ‘scouting and liaison work’ it proved its use time and time again in all kinds of hostile environments and situations from the early 1940’s well into the late 1950’s.

Armed with a 2 pounder main gun and a 7.92mm Besa machine gun the Daimler saw plenty of action from North Africa to Northern Europe between 1941 and 1945.

Our model is in typical 8th Army desert colours and in the markings of the famous 7th Armoured Division “The Desert Rats” and comes with a vehicle commander figure.

A European Theatre of Operations Daimler will be released later in the year.





A roll or two of barbed wire always looks good on any miniature battlefield.



The second of our tinplate trucks is now rolling off the production line.

TP002 Group

The Opel ‘BLITZ’ Truck

TP002 "The Opel ‘BLITZ’ Truck"

A very familiar sight in any German vehicle convoy during WW2. Between 1939 and 1945 many thousands of these trucks served all of the German Armed Forces. The 3-ton version was the most numerous. Although K&C produced a polystone and metal model some years back this was our first all-metal “BLITZ”. Painted in traditional fieldgrey the open back allows for soldiers or supplies to be put into the vehicles.



As new product arrives some of our older items must head for the “happy hunting grounds”...Here they are:

Gen. Robt. E. Lee

CW083 "Gen. Robt. E. Lee"

The South’s military “supremo” and a legendary figure in the history of the Civil War. Although we have produced him before I believe this is our best “Lee” yet!

General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson

CW084 "General Thomas ‘Stonewall’ Jackson"

Lee’s right hand man and his confidant. His death was a mighty blow for the Confederacy. Here he stands, deep in thought.

Gen. J.E.B. Stuart

CW085 "Gen. J.E.B. Stuart"

Lee’s flamboyant and bold cavalry leader…and his “eyes and ears”.

Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett

CW086 "Maj. Gen. George E. Pickett"

One of Lee’s most colourful and brave generals…He led the bloody but ultimately futile assault at the Battle of Gettysburg that bears his name…”Pickett’s Charge”.

President Abraham Lincoln

CW087 "President Abraham Lincoln"

“Honest Abe” in a typical Lincoln pose…one hand behind his back the other holding his coat lapel. A towering figure, even without his stove-pipe hat, Lincoln held the Union together through its worst times and helped lead it to victory…eventually.

Grant At The Table

CW088 "Grant At The Table"

General U.S. Grant closely studies a map to better plan his next move.

General George Meade

CW090 "General George Meade"

One of Lincoln’s key commanders…He led the Union forces that defeated Lee at Gettsburg.

Brig. General George A. Custer

CW091 "Brig. General George A. Custer"

Promoted to Brigadier General just 3 days before the Gettysburg battle, Custer was a highly effective although rash and impetuous cavalry leader throughout the Civil War…he paid for his faults 13 years later at the Little Big Horn.

Colonel Chamberlain

CW092 "Colonel Chamberlain"

The commander of the 20th Maine Volunteers and a soldier who went on to have distinguished war record… and a fine political career!

Sergeant Flagbearer

CW093 "Sergeant Flagbearer"

This bearded sergeant proudly holds the Regimental Standard.

Standing Ready

CW094 "Standing Ready"

Kneeling Firing

CW095 "Kneeling Firing"

Biting the Cartridge

CW096 "Biting the Cartridge"

Running w/ Rifle & Bayonet

CW097 "Running w/ Rifle & Bayonet"

Advancing & Firing

CW098 "Advancing & Firing"

Colonel William C. Oates

CW099 "Colonel William C. Oates"

The officer who led the 15th Alabama on their assault on the 20th Maine’s position on Little Round Top at the Battle of Gettysburg on July 2nd 1863.

15th Alabama Flagbearer

CW100 "15th Alabama Flagbearer"

Robt .E. Lee & His Generals

CW101 "Robt .E. Lee & His Generals"

The combined set of Lee and 3 of his generals together with a map table…in a specially designed box.

Abraham Lincoln & His Generals

CW102 "Abraham Lincoln & His Generals"

The president together with Generals Grant, Meade and Custer…all in one special box.

Kneeling Firing Confederate

CW103 "Kneeling Firing Confederate"

In Der Fuhrer’s Face

DD172 "In Der Fuhrer’s Face"

Answering the call of nature onto der Fuhrer's portrait... maybe not in good taste" for a few but enjoyed by the many... And I'm sure it happened on many an occasion!"

The Renault FT-17 Tank

FW146 "The Renault FT-17 Tank"

A superb little model of a superb little French tank with a terrific camouflage pattern.

Mounted Bessieres

NA239 "Mounted Bessieres"

A one-time commander of the Horse Grenadiers... this richly decorated officer was one of Napoleon's most trusted and respected generals.

Mounted Cuirassier General

NA240 "Mounted Cuirassier General"

Another fine addition to the Emperor's staff.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country