June 2021

Welcome to the June Edition of ‘DISPATCHES’ and another batch of figure and vehicle releases that cover a fairly decent spread of some of King & Country’s most popular series and subjects.

And so, without further ado let’s get on with the show… and tell!


1. "First Stop Vietnam!"

K&C’s ‘Vietnam’ range of figures and fighting vehicles which began back in 2018 has been a ‘bulls-eye’ hit with many collectors, not just in the U.S. and Australia but all over the world.

There are, I believe, many reasons for this, first and foremost is the ‘Documentary Realism’ of the figures themselves… The vast majority of the poses of the figures… military and civilian have been directly inspired by actual photos taken during the war by some of the finest and bravest combat photographers of the conflict.

At the same time the ‘painting style’ of particularly the military figures seems to more accurately reflect the reality of combat in a hot and humid South East Asian environment whether it be the streets and buildings of Hue and Saigon or the hills, plains and paddy fields of the Vietnamese countryside.

Supporting our troops and civilians are our fighting vehicles which contain not only the ubiquitous and iconic M113 Armoured Personnel Carriers but also the lesser known M42 ‘Duster’ and even the humble M274 ‘Mule’. Add to that such unusual and unique vehicles that range from the mighty Australian Army ‘CENTURION’ main battle tank to the nifty and colorful little ‘Vespa’ motor scooters complete with a trio of very attractive young South Vietnamese beauties and you have a unique and original collection that captures many different aspects of a very complex conflict.

Here are some great new additions…


"On Patrol"

VN110 ""On Patrol""

Two more USMC ‘Grunts’ that can be utilized in either an urban or rural setting. Both Marines are carrying the classic M14 rifle in preference to the more common M16.

Although heavier and longer than the M16 many Marine riflemen preferred the ‘stopping power’ of the harder hitting 7.62mm round that the M14 fired.

In addition, the early ‘teething problems’ of the M16 meant that a lot of Marines did not value or trust the new weapon as compared to its ‘tried and tested’ M14 predecessor.

The LT and his Radioman

VN111 "The LT and his Radioman"

‘Grunts’ in the field and sometimes out of it would address their Lieutenants as ‘LT’, the shortened abbreviation of the rank. Here, the ‘LT’ is using his radioman’s handset while studying his map and receiving instructions from a superior officer.

While the LT is carrying a newly-acquired M16 over his shoulder his ‘radioman’ standing next to him rests on his preferred M14... a great and very useful little 2-man set.

VN118, 125_group

The Patrol / General Service Land Rover

VN118 "The Patrol / General Service Land Rover"

At last, the long-awaited, second K&C Australian Army, short-wheel base Land Rover. This particular version has had its side doors and rear hatch removed to allow fast loading and even faster ‘debussing’ in the event of an ambush or other emergency.

Minus the roof canvas the vehicle can easily accommodate additional figures to back up the driver or put in extra supplies and ammunition.

The model also comes with its Army driver and his individual L1A1 Self Loading Rifle.

Aussie Land Rover Crews Set

VN125 "Aussie Land Rover Crews Set"

The perfect additions to VN118 are these three sitting Royal Australian Regiment infantrymen. All three ‘Diggers’ carry L1A1 SLR’s and are in suitable seated positions can be placed at various points in the vehicle and also on top of other Australian fighting vehicles such as the Centurion and the M113.



Following on from the success of our recent re-release of mounted Confederate Cavalry many collectors (and quite a few K&C Dealers) requested that we take a ‘second-look’ at our dismounted ‘Federal Cavalry’ and consider ‘converting’ them into their Confederate opponents.

And so, we took some unpainted castings and painted them up as ‘Johnny Rebs’. In addition we selected one of the most popular of the original Confederate Cavalry three-man sets, and gave them a ‘makeover’ too.

I reckon these 8 revised and upgraded dismounted cavalrymen make a welcome bunch of reinforcements for any American Civil War buff who never had the originals… or wants to add a few more.


Carried Off

CW113 "Carried Off "

Two of his men carry off the battlefield their wounded officer to safety.

Corporal Loading Carbine

CW114 "Corporal Loading Carbine"

This Kneeling NCO (non commissioned officer) reaches back into his cartridge pouch for another round.

Trooper Cocking Carbine

CW115 "Trooper Cocking Carbine"

Thumb cocking back the hammer of his carbine this trooper readies his weapon to fire.

Kneeling Trooper Firing Carbine

CW116 "Kneeling Trooper Firing Carbine"

Ready... Aim... Fire!

Standing Trooper Firing Carbine

CW117 "Standing Trooper Firing Carbine"

Sergeant Firing Pistol

CW118 "Sergeant Firing Pistol"

Using his forearm to steady his aim the sergeant fires his Navy Colt at the enemy.



Prior to the outbreak of WW1 virtually every military power in Europe held massive army maneuvers each Spring and Summer to practise their land forces abilities in the event of an outbreak of hostilities with any of their neighboring countries.

No nation exercised their soldiers and generals as eagerly or as expertly as Imperial Germany.

Under the eye of Kaiser Wilhelm the German Army and its generals placed great emphasis on their ability to move huge bodies of troops rapidly and efficiently around the battlefield in order to outflank and outmaneuver any opponent.

Within the Army itself it was widely acknowledged that the Prussian Line Infantry regiments were among the best trained and led and would be in the forefront of any advance if training maneuvers ever changed to… actual war!

The troops shown here are in the traditional pre war summer uniforms of dark blue tunics with white canvas cotton trousers and the traditional black ‘pickelhaub’ helmets and jack boots. The riflemen are armed with the Mauser Model ’98 rifle.

FW243, 244, 245, 246, 249

Prussian Line Infantryman Standing Firing

FW243 "Prussian Line Infantryman Standing Firing"

P.L .I. Kneeling Firing

FW244 "P.L .I. Kneeling Firing"

P.L.I. Firing Prone

FW245 "P.L.I. Firing Prone"

P.L.I. Kneeling Ready

FW246 "P.L.I. Kneeling Ready"

P.L.I. Maxim Machine Gunner

FW249 "P.L.I. Maxim Machine Gunner"



By December 1941, the Imperial Japanese Army had 51 Divisions ready for, or already in action. 27 of these formations were stationed and fighting in China while 13 stood defending the Mongolian border due to concerns about a possible attack by the Soviets in that region.

The remainder of the army meanwhile was preparing for a massive surprise assault to the south against the British in Malaya, Singapore and Hong Kong and the Americans in the Philippines. The Dutch East Indies was also added to the list.

These latest individual Japanese soldiers can be used in a number of ways… to protect military installations and airfields, to guard prisoners or… just to be ready to go into action, you make the decision.

2021 May 7

Japanese Officer w/Binos

JN069 "Japanese Officer w/Binos"

Sheathed ‘Samurai’ sword in one hand, binoculars in the other, this officer observes the enemy.


March 21 2021 JN (2)

March 21 2021 JN (1)

Japanese Sergeant w/Sword

JN070 "Japanese Sergeant w/Sword"

The Imperial Japanese Army were firm believers in the military shock value of the power of ‘cold steel’ in combat whether by the ‘Samurai’ sword or the more modern fixed bayonet.

Standing I.J.A. Machine Gunner

JN071 "Standing I.J.A. Machine Gunner"

I.J.A. Soldier on Guard Duty

JN072 "I.J.A. Soldier on Guard Duty"

Standing at attention with his ‘Arisaka’ rifle and fixed bayonet by his side.

I.J.A. Soldier Standing at Ease

JN073 "I.J.A. Soldier Standing at Ease"

Another Japanese soldier with rifle and bayonet... slightly more relaxed.


SPECIAL NOTE: The vehicle shown in our pictures here is the ‘Type 94’ truck due for release later this year.


Well yes actually… Although nobody likes him and many loathe him he is the single biggest individual seller of all time! That can’t be denied alas and of all the many figures of ‘Der Fuhrer’ K&C has produced, the brown-shirted version is by far the most requested.

Adolf Hitler

LAH262 "Adolf Hitler"

The world’s least favourite house painter in a very familiar pose.



So, that’s June for you but before we go here are the retirements… Some you might have expected a few others less so but all have to go… Pick out what you like pass on the rest or see what July will bring!

“Airstrip Leathernecks”

AF035 "“Airstrip Leathernecks”"

Two battle-worn “Mud-Marines” on guard duty to protect these precious F4U’s on their island airstrip.

One carries the trusty “Garand“ M1… the other the Winchester Model 1912 shotgun… better known as the “Trench Gun”.


DD279 "FURY"

From our experience of over 30 years there is only one WW2 tank that comes close to rivalling the popularity of the German “TIGER” tank and that is...the American “SHERMAN”.

Here is the latest addition to our K&C Sherman “stable”...An M4A3E8 “Easy-Eight” aptly-named “FURY”.

We’ve based our model on the one that appeared in the recent movie of the same name that starred Brad Pitt as the tank Commander.

As you can see this model is both “battle-worn” and full of character. Its tracks and wheels covered in mud there’s plenty of crew gear and supplies stowed all over the hull and turret as well as extra logs attached to the sides...just like real life...and the movie.

Armed with the 76mm main gun our model comes with additional .30 cal. and .50 cal machine guns on top of the turret and a vehicle crewman in the open turret hatch.

This vehicle also looks great with our previously released “Wardaddy” figure (DD262) standing alongside.

Carabinieri Motorcycle Set

IF028 "Carabinieri Motorcycle Set"

This Italian military policeman provides the mobile element to our previously released Carabinieri figures.

Flagbearer Sergeant

IF031 "Flagbearer Sergeant"

Our bearded Eritrean NCO with the 8th Battalion standard carries both rifle and pistol.

Standing at ease

LAH236 "Standing at ease"

A young teenage recruit to the Bund Deutscher Madel, the girls’ wing of the Hitler Youth. She is wearing the standard BDM uniform of white blouse, black neckerchief and below-the-knee dark skirt. Most girls wore white ankle socks and their own black or brown shoes.

"Winter-help" BDM Girl

LAH237 ""Winter-help" BDM Girl"

Every year after the Nazis came to power they organized a ‘WINTERHILFSWERK’ a winter relief programme that was financed by charitable public donations. Its aim was to provide food, clothing and coal to other less fortunate Germans during the inclement months.

BDM Girls and Hitler Youth boys led the way in gathering money from the general public all over the Reich. K&C’s smart young BDM girl is doing just that with her collecting tin held out before her.

BDM Standard Bearer

LAH238 "BDM Standard Bearer"

This older BDM girl is carrying the large red and white, swastika emblazoned emblem of the entire Hitlerjugend movement.

Of interest she is also wearing the short, mid brown jacket that was worn in cooler weather by the BDM. A black beret completes here uniform.

BDM Pennant Carrier

LAH239 "BDM Pennant Carrier"

The BDM like the rest of the Hitlerjugend (Hitler Youth) was organized at both a local and national level into troops and districts... Similar to pre-Nazi Boy and Girl Scout groups.

Each local ‘troop’ might be anywhere from 30-100 members and had their own individual BDM pennant, a medium-sized triangular flag design in black complete with the HJ diamond and the group/troop number in white.

Our marching BDM girl carries the pennant over her right shoulder.

Marching BDM Girl w/Backpack (Brunette)

LAH240 "Marching BDM Girl w/Backpack (Brunette)"

Much emphasis was placed in the BDM with outdoor sports and activities... Hiking was particularly popular and during the summer and autumn months troops of young BDM girls would hike out of their towns and cities into the countryside to help local farmers gather their harvests or just for the pure fresh air and exercise.

This ‘240’ girl is a brunette.

Marching BDM Girl w/Backpack (Blonde)

LAH241 "Marching BDM Girl w/Backpack (Blonde)"

As above... but a blonde this time!

Napoleonic Guard Box

NA316 "Napoleonic Guard Box"

A handsome companion piece to NA314 provides useful shelter both from the pouring rain and the scorching sun.

Firing Musketeer

PnM009 "Firing Musketeer"

The majority of muskets used in the Civil War were “matchlocks”. Our “Musketeer” uses his forked “rest” to steady his weapon. Extra ammunition was carried in a cross belt “bandoleer” which usually had 12 or more small wooden containers each with enough powder for a single round.

Trooper w/Pistol

PnM013X "Trooper w/Pistol"

This dismounted trooper carries both sword and pistol. He wears the distinctive “lobster-pot” helmet with the protective steel face visor raised. Under his armoured cuirass he wears the heavy buff leather long jacket.

English Civil War Cannon

PnM014 "English Civil War Cannon"

Artillery really began to make its presence felt on the battlefield at this time...and this is one of the heavier pieces.

This particular gun can be used by either Parliamentary or Royalist forces.

Parliamentary Gunners Set A

PnM015 "Parliamentary Gunners Set A"

2 x Artillery men to “man” your gun.

Parliamentary Gunners Set B

PnM016 "Parliamentary Gunners Set B"

Another 2 x Gunners at work.

Parliamentary Gun Commander

PnM017 "Parliamentary Gun Commander"

Sword in hand and bellowing out orders!

Parliamentary Artillery Officer

PnM018 "Parliamentary Artillery Officer"

A fine figure of a trained Artillery Officer observing through his telescope ”The fall of shot”.

Intelligence Officer

RAF059 "Intelligence Officer"

This non-flying RAF officer is taking down notes on the latest aerial encounter between one of these “Brylcreem Boys” and the dreaded “Hun”.

Mexican Casualty

RTA084 "Mexican Casualty"

Bowie’s bullet finds its mark.

Mexican Bayoneteer

RTA085 "Mexican Bayoneteer"

This soldier rushes forward to impale the stricken Bowie and avenge his comrade’s death.

The Coffee Cart

WoD047 "The Coffee Cart"

In Victorian London coffee was almost, but not quite, as popular as Tea!

Here, a Street Coffee Merchant brews up some fresh coffee for his customers. Look out for lots of great detail in this charming little set... Figure of the coffee Merchant is included.

The Coffee Couple

WoD048 "The Coffee Couple"

A gentleman and his lady enjoy their morning cup.

The Extra Cup

WoD049 "The Extra Cup"

Customers were usually allowed a ‘second’ cup free of charge at these streetside coffee carts.

Smoking General

WS277 "Smoking General"

This senior officer listens as one of his subordinates briefs him on the current battlefield situation.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country