June 2022

Hi Guys and welcome once more to a relatively modest selection of new releases this month.

As I’ve reported before the current difficulties with developing as well as producing new products in China remains a major challenge to say the least.

I won’t bore you with all the details instead we’ll get right down to business and show you what will be available this month…


1. "Once Upon A Time In Egypt"

One of King & Country’s most popular releases of recent times has been the revitalization of our ‘Ancient Egypt’ series with the addition of the slightly more modern figures depicting the discovery of the Tomb of the boy pharaoh, TUTANKHAMUN by the Egyptologist, Howard Carter and his sponsor Lord Carnarvon in 1922.

As this year marks the centenary of that discovery and the ongoing interest in Tutankhamun and his ancient world K&C is pleased to present an unusual and unique display piece that was inspired by the story of the tomb’s discovery and perhaps a dash of the golden age of Hollywood…

_DSC0331 copy

_DSC0334 copy


Tutankhamun's Monument

AE087 "Tutankhamun's Monument"

This large, carved monument was based on the actual design of the heavy, solid gold ‘death mask’ placed over the head and shoulders of the mummy containing the remains of Tutankhamun in the central burial chamber of his tomb.

Measuring in height, 10 3/4” (27.4cm) and with a width of 7 1/8” (18cm) this highly detailed polystone sculpture incorporates a doorway at its base decorated with Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

Placed as the centre piece of any Egyptian collection it makes the perfect dramatic backdrop for many different historical periods in Egypt’s turbulent and exotic past.


2. "Forward The 83rd!”"

The American Civil War created many young officers who rose rapidly through the ranks to become major military leaders playing vitally important roles in some of the most important battles of that war.

One such young officer was Strong Vincent


Brigadier General Strong Vincent

CW139 "Brigadier General Strong Vincent"

Strong Vincent (1837-1863) was originally a lawyer who became famous as a senior U.S. Army officer who fought and died at the pivotal Battle of Gettysburg in 1863.

At the beginning of the Civil war in 1861, he joined the Union Army as a First Lieutenant. Within months he had been promoted to Lieut. Colonel of the 83rd Pennsylvania Infantry and led them through several battles.

By May 1863 he was promoted once more to command a brigade of the 1st Division, Ⅴ Corps of The Army of the Potomac.

During the Battle of Gettysburg later that same year Strong Vincent moved his entire brigade up to Little Round Top to thwart a major Confederate advance.

While directing some of his troops from atop a large boulder on the right flank of his defense line a rebel bullet found its mark and mortally wounded him. Carried from the field to a nearby farmhouse this brave, young officer lingered on for 5 more days.

The commander of the army, Gen. George Mead promoted Vincent to Brigadier General even as he lay on his death bed.

Brigadier General Strong Vincent has been memorialized by a statue on the 83rd Pennsylvania monument at Little Round Top on the Gettysburg battlefield.

Our King & Country figure is heavily influenced by the design of that statue.


3. "On The Streets of Old Hong Kong"

Although modern Hong Kong has a skyline that could rival that of New York it was not so long ago that the buildings that lined its roads and thoughfares were much more modest and decidedly less futuristic than today’s towering glass and steel skyscrapers.

A century or more ago the average dwelling was just 2 or 3 storeys high and often the ground floor was used as some kind of a shop or commercial enterprise. Upper floors were sold or rented out as private residences for families and individuals.

These ‘Shop / House’ designs followed a general style and became familiar not only in Hong Kong but throughout the Far East.

Even today many surviving examples can still be seen in Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and a few happily survive in Hong Kong itself, squeezed in between the high-rises!

HK302 Group (1)

The Pawn Shop

HK302 "The Pawn Shop"

From the mid-nineteenth century until the mid-twentieth century pawn shops could be found in most commercial districts in Hong Kong.

Pawnbroking itself however was not legalized until 1926 although authorities usually turned a ‘blind eye’ to most operators.

This new SOOHK building has the ground floor pawn shop protected by decorative and sturdy metal grills and bars while an entrance way leads upwards to the first floor dwelling and terrace.

On this upper area figures and decorative plants can also be placed.

Watching The World Go By #1 (Matt)

HK303M "Watching The World Go By #1 (Matt)"

A young Hong Kong lady leans over the balcony to call out to a friend in the street below... An ideal figure to add a little ‘human touch’ to this new building.

Watching The World Go By #1 (Gloss)

HK303G "Watching The World Go By #1 (Gloss)"

A young Hong Kong lady leans over the balcony to call out to a friend in the street below... An ideal figure to add a little ‘human touch’ to this new building.

Watching The World Go By #2 (Matt)

HK304M "Watching The World Go By #2 (Matt)"

An older Chinese gentleman, perhaps the owner of the Pawn Shop, observing the hustle and bustle of the street below.

Watching The World Go By #2 (Gloss)

HK304G "Watching The World Go By #2 (Gloss)"

An older Chinese gentleman, perhaps the owner of the Pawn Shop, observing the hustle and bustle of the street below.


4. "Fighting On Foot"

Here are the final four ‘Foot Dragoons’ of Napoleon’s ‘Dragons a’ Pied’ regiment as they join our previously – released figures to form a total of 17 dismounted dragoons plus 1 mounted Officer.


Foot Dragoon Loading His Musket

NA486 "Foot Dragoon Loading His Musket"

Holding his musket in his left hand as he reaches into his ammunition pouch for a fresh cartridge.

Foot Dragoon Standing Ready

NA493 "Foot Dragoon Standing Ready"

Preparing for battle...

Foot Dragoon Advancing Shoulder Arms

NA494 "Foot Dragoon Advancing Shoulder Arms"

Moving forward towards the enemy.

Foot Dragoon Running Port Arms

NA500 "Foot Dragoon Running Port Arms"


5. "Vietnam Heavy Metal"

Since 2018, when K&C launched this ‘Vietnam’ series, there has been constant and regular releases of new figures and fighting vehicles showing many different aspects of the conflict and the people and machines than took part.

These three new additions provide a little extra firepower to both sides of the war…


Viet Cong Heavy Machine Gun Set

VN134 "Viet Cong Heavy Machine Gun Set"

Last month we released the North Vietnamese Army version of the DShK 12.7mm Heavy Machine Gun in the anti aircraft role.

These same guns were also supplied to the Viet Cong to be used in the ground defense role. As such most of them were mounted on small, wheeled carriages that could be man-handled around the battlefield and pulled by one or two men (and women too).

Our gunner here is a young female volunteer.


VN140, 144_group

"Australian Army M113” (Two Zero Alpha)

VN140 ""Australian Army M113” (Two Zero Alpha)"

This is the second version of the Aussie M113 Armoured Personnel Carrier. Our first version ‘sold out’ much faster than even we anticipated and since then K&C has had many request from ‘down-under’ and elsewhere for a suitable replacement M113 for all those collectors who did not manage to get one first time around or wanted on additional example for their collection.

So, here is the first example, with the call sign ‘Two Zero Alpha’. As before this M113 carries the .50 calibre machine gun protected by an armoured shield and with 2 x crew figures including the driver wearing the American M1-style steel helmet.

"Australian Army M113” (Two Niner Juliet)

VN144 ""Australian Army M113” (Two Niner Juliet)"

This particular M113 bears the call sign, “Two Niner Juliet” and would belong to the Troop Sergeant. At this time an M113 Troop comprised 3 sections of 3 vehicles plus a headquarters section that contained 4 vehicles and would include both the Troop Leader, usually a captain, in “Two Zero Alpha” and his second-in-command. (a Lieutenant or 2nd Lieutenant) in “Two Zero Bravo”.

The last of the 4 x M113s would be “Two Niner Mike”... the Ambulance version of the Personnel Carrier.

“Two Niner Juliet” also has two original crew figures operating the vehicle.



Although this month’s releases are limited, the list of retirements is quite extensive. Take a closer look at what is available and see what might fill a few gaps in your own collection.

Wedding Guest Couple

AE036 "Wedding Guest Couple"

Mother & Son

AE042 "Mother & Son"

Visiting the market this mother and her young boy make their selection.

The Defender & The Lady

KX032 "The Defender & The Lady"

A US Cavalry officer, pistol drawn and sabre in hand, escorts one of the ladies of the garrison...Must be hostile injuns somewhere around..!

LAHSS Officer at Attention

LAH255 "LAHSS Officer at Attention"

This standing at attention, sword drawn, SS officer is wearing the white, parade dress accoutrements that clearly identify him as belonging to the Leibstandarte SS Adolf Hitler regiment.

Lieut. T.E. Lawrence

LOA014 "Lieut. T.E. Lawrence"

Later to become much more memorable as “Lawrence of Arabia”. This is how he first appeared as a lowly junior office attached to the British Army’s “Arab Bureau” and sent into the desert to liaise with Crown Prince Feisal who was leading the uprising against the Ottoman Turks.

Mounted Bodyguard

MK114 "Mounted Bodyguard"

Saladin may have been brave but he was not foolhardy! A troop of mounted bodyguards always rode with him…Here is one of them.

Fighting Flagbearer

MK117 "Fighting Flagbearer"

Another mounted Knight, William of Bordes, carrying his family’s banner.

The Ballista

MK131 "The Ballista"

This medium size weapon had been in use since Ancient Roman times and could prove deadly. Our rock-firing version is manned by one Crusader...backed up by others.

The Veteran, Teutonic Knight

MK159 "The Veteran, Teutonic Knight"

This standing Crusader Warrior Knight was inspired by an illustration by the late, great Angus McBride (1931-2007), one of the finest historical illustrators in the UK.

In a long and distinguished career his work featured in many fine Childrens’ magazines in Britain such as “Look and Learn” and “Finding Out”. To most toy soldier collectors he is best known as the illustrator behind dozens of Osprey’s “Men-at-Arms” series of uniform books.

Our K&C interpretation portrays a veteran knight of The Order of Brothers of the German House of Saint Mary in Jerusalem. Quite a mouthful ... They were more commonly called ... “The Teutonic Knights”.

Knight Standing Ready

MK167 "Knight Standing Ready"

This warrior may look casually-relaxed but he is also ready at a moment’s notice to cut his enemy down.

Great house, castles and noblemen have always had the requirement for additional professional roving Men-at-Arms. Travelling bands of mercenary soldiers would often be hired by nobles and great houses to provide extra protection and security.

As such they would be dressed in the colours and livery of their ‘master’ or household... as this fellow and his fighting comrades are.

Royal Mtd. Artillery Officer

NA339 "Royal Mtd. Artillery Officer"

Wearing a cocked hat and issuing orders.

Gunners Set A

NA340 "Gunners Set A"

A gunner using the “pointing lever” to position the gun alongside another gunner with the lantern rod.

Gunners Set B

NA341 "Gunners Set B"

While one gunner carries a barrel of gunpowder the other holds the “sponge rod”.

Royal Artillery Corporal w/Fuse Rod

NA343 "Royal Artillery Corporal w/Fuse Rod"

Sergeant w/ Pike

NA344 "Sergeant w/ Pike"

Issuing orders and pointing his men in the right direction.

Battery Sergeant Major

NA345 "Battery Sergeant Major"

The senior Non Commissioned Officer in charge of all other NCO’s and other ranks.

Ready, aye ready!

NA346 "Ready, aye ready!"

A kneeling to repel artilleryman together with a standing loading gunner ready to defend their guns.

Advance to the Front

NA347 "Advance to the Front"

With musket shouldered and marching to the front.

Four Lions Town Fountain (Sandstone)

SP072 "Four Lions Town Fountain (Sandstone)"

This handsome ‘sandstone’ ornamental structure is a prefect centerpiece for any European-style village or town square. Historically it can be used for displays for a wide range of different eras from Ancient Greece and Rome all the way up to the present day.

Dimensions: 11.5(L) x 11.5(W) x 8.8(H)cm

The Lion’s Head Wall Fountain (Sandstone)

SP073 "The Lion’s Head Wall Fountain (Sandstone)"

For more compact spaces and displays this smaller “sandstone” wall fountain adds an extra touch of realism.

Dimensions: 8.6(L) x 2.8(W) x 6.5(H)cm

Square Statue Plinth (Greystone)

SP074 "Square Statue Plinth (Greystone)"

The perfect location for one of our K&C bronze-coloured “statue” figures. Can also be used in a wide variety of historical periods and settings “Greystone”.

Dimensions: 5.7(L) x 5.7(W) x 5.4(H)cm

Large Equestrian Statue Plinth (Greystone)

SP075 "Large Equestrian Statue Plinth (Greystone)"

A multi useful traditional European “greystone” plinth perfect for our bronzed mounted statues. Two sides are undamaged… the other two show extensive “battle-scarring”.

Dimensions:11.5(L) x 5.3(W) x 10.6(H)cm

Square Statue Plinth (Sandstone)

SP078 "Square Statue Plinth (Sandstone)"

As SP074 but in “sandstone” finish.

Dimensions: 5.7(L) x 5.7(W) x 5.4(H)cm

Large Equestrian Statue Plinth (Sandstone)

SP079 "Large Equestrian Statue Plinth (Sandstone)"

As SP075 but in “sandstone”finish… also with two sides“battle-scarred”.

Dimensions:11.5(L) x 5.3(W) x 10.6(H)cm

Four Lions Town Fountain (Greystone)

SP080 "Four Lions Town Fountain (Greystone)"

As SP072 but in “Greystone”.

Dimensions: 11.5(L) x 11.5(W) x 8.8(H)cm

The Lion’s Head Wall Fountain (Greystone)

SP081 "The Lion’s Head Wall Fountain (Greystone)"

As SP073 but in “Greystone” finish.

Dimensions: 8.6(L) x 2.8(W) x 6.5(H)cm

The Mounted Kaiser

SP084 "The Mounted Kaiser"

An equestrian figure of Kaiser Wilhelm II of Germany.

Brown Shirt Hitler 1933

SP085 "Brown Shirt Hitler 1933 "

A standing bronze of "Der Fuhrer".

King Philip of France

SP086 "King Philip of France"

A magnificent equestrian bronze of Philip and his favorite horse.

The Medieval Trumpeter

SP087 "The Medieval Trumpeter "

A familiar statue figure on any European village or town square.

The Mounted Russian Officer

SP088 "The Mounted Russian Officer"

A Napoleonic Russian Officer that makes a fine statue ....

Mounted Napoleon

SP089 "Mounted Napoleon"

A great looking equestrian statue of Napoleon Bonaparte.!

General Lasalle

SP090 "General Lasalle"

One of Napoleon’s favorites and a very brave general... Lasalle points the way forward.

Marshal Stalin

SP091 "Marshal Stalin"

“Uncle Joe” in classic thoughtful pose ... Is he thinking, “Now, how many enemies can I liquidate today ...?

Australian Light Horse Bugler

SP092 "Australian Light Horse Bugler"

An exciting and dramatic pose ... perfect for a mini war memorial!

"Kneeling Firing", The Apaches

TRW095 ""Kneeling Firing", The Apaches"

As ammunition for their rifles and pistols was always in short supply each Apache rifleman had to make every shot count… They were accurate marksmen, far better than the average U.S. Cavalry trooper!

VC Kneeling firing AK47

VN021 "VC Kneeling firing AK47"

A male comrade of this little VC ‘sniper’prepares to fire off a burst from his AK47. The Soviet-designed AK47 has long been a favorite weapon (and symbol) of guerrilla groups worldwide... Easy to use, difficult to jam and able to withstand all kinds of weathers and conditions it is, quite simply, described by friends and foes alike, to be a superlative Assault Rifle!

Kneeling Firing RPG

VN022 "Kneeling Firing RPG"

The RPG-7 was a Russian-made grenade launcher that could be equally effective against armoured vehicles (tanks, APC’s and even low-flying helicopters) and bunkers.

"Hearts & Minds" #1

VN055 ""Hearts & Minds" #1"

Even in the midst of battle a Marine kneels down to bandage the leg of a young Vietnamese girl after she has been injured by a piece of shrapnel.

And that my friends and fellow collectors is that for another 30 days or so.

Let’s hope there is something for you here… If not… well there’s always another month on the horizon.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country