May 2017


Welcome to one, I believe, of the most diverse and exciting “DISPATCHES” of recent years.

The selection of ‘subject matter’ and historic events and eras covered is truly broad and inclusive. So, without further ado… Let’s get rolling!



For some time now many collectors (and a few dealers) especially ‘down-under’ in Australia have requested additional, single Turkish Field Guns… So for dioramas and displays here they are…

AL088, 089_group

Turkish 70mm Field Gun

AL088 "Turkish 70mm Field Gun"

This Krupp-manufactured artillery piece was supplied by the Germans to their Turkish allies who employed it as mobile artillery during the Gallipoli Campaign in 1915.

It was also much in evidence throughout the Ottoman Empire and several guns were captured by the Australian Light Horse after their epic charge at Beersheba in 1917.

Broken & Abandoned

AL089 "Broken & Abandoned"

A second Turkish 77mm Gun is also available... This one has had one of its wooden wheels shattered by a ‘near miss’ while its crew has fled.

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GA019 “Turkish Casualties”

Three unfortunate “Johnny Turks” who will not fight again!

GA027Defending the Line

Out of ammo this particular “Johnny Turk” uses his rifle butt to ward off one of the Aussies.

GA026Turkish Grenadier

A Turkish rifleman about to throw his German-made grenade at the enemy.

GA024The Deadly Shovel

A fighting 2-man set.

GA023Fighting Fists

A Turkish soldier struggles for his life as this enraged Australian uses his bare hands to win the fight.

Note:  All of the above work well with the ‘empty’ 77mm guns.


2. "GRUB’S UP!!!"

“An army marches on its stomach!” As Napoleon once said… It also drives on its stomach too... Especially since the advent of mechanised warfare.

DD301, 302_group

British Dismounted AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) Crew Set #1

DD301 "British Dismounted AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) Crew Set #1"

Two “tankies” get down from their vehicle and take a lunch break... As one bloke ‘peels the spuds’ the other tucks into a mess tin full of something or other...

British Dismounted AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) Crew Set #2

DD302 "British Dismounted AFV (Armoured Fighting Vehicle) Crew Set #2"

Two more “tankies” about to enjoy their grub. The kneeling trooper is heating up his ‘grub’ over a little portable cooking stove. The standing ‘Tankie’ drinks a ‘cuppa char’ (tea) while waiting.

Uniform Note:  All four crewmen are wearing the standard British Armoured Corps “Pixie” suit/overalls used by the British Army up until the late 1960’s!!!


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BBB001The British Comet Tank

The best British tank of WW2 and armed with a powerful 77m High  Velocity main gun in a low-profile turret.

Comets” appeared in late 1944 and fought their way over the Rhine and into Germany until the eventual surrender in May 1945.  They continued in service until the late 1950’s and also saw action in Korea.

It was the successor to the “Cromwell” and the forerunner of the “Centurion”.

DD304Daimler MK. II Armoured Car”

DD223M3A3 Stuart Light Tank

DD189Valentine MK. III Tank

DD163Dingo Armoured Car

DD136Dismounted British Tank Crewmen



General Douglas MacArthur was one of America’s most famous and controversial military leaders of WW2.

Already a 5-star General he had been Chief of Staff of the U.S. Army in the 1930’s before being appointed ‘Field Marshal’ of the Philippine Army in 1937 upon his official retirement from the U.S. Army.

MacArthur was recalled to duty as Commander of all U.S. Army Forces in the Far East following Japan’s attack on Pearl Harbor on 7 December 1941.  Following the successful Japanese invasion of the Philippines he was extradited to Australia in March 1942 vowing “I shall return” to the Philippine people.

In Australia he was appointed Supreme Commander Allied Forces, Southwest Pacific Area and led the fightback campaign of ‘Island Hopping’ which eventually led to Japan’s ultimate defeat in August 1945.  He oversaw the occupation of Japan from 1945 until 1951.

He also led the UN forces during the initial part of the Korean War (1950-53) before being removed from command for disobeying President Harry S. Truman.

By nature autocratic… he inspired great respect and admiration as well as great dislike and loathing by all who knew and worked with him.

An Australian WW2 General once said of MacArthur, “You will hear the best and worst of him… and both are true!”

General Douglas MacArthur

FOB157 "General Douglas MacArthur"

Standing in a typical “MacArthurian” pose the General wears his distinctive gold encrusted peak cap and holds his corncob pipe. A US Army Air Corps A2 Leather jerkin is worn over his tropical Khakis.


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DD300  “Master Sergeant Joe Gunn.

DD295  “General Omar Bradley

DD294  “Texas Toy Soldier Show IKE

DD291  “D.Day IKE

DD284Eisenhower wearing IKE


Among the most innocent and blameless people caught in the horrors of war are the women and children.

FoB135, 156 group

The Nun & The Toddler

FOB135 "The Nun & The Toddler"

A very traditional French or Belgian Nun carries a young child in her arms... “Where are the child’s parents...?” Perhaps, only God knows... but for the moment the child is in the safe hands of the Sister.

Little Brother and Big Sister

FOB156 "Little Brother and Big Sister"

These two small ‘Orphans of War’ can hardly comprehend what is going on all around them ... Hopefully they will find a safe refuge.

Where have all the flowers gone...?

FOB-S01 "Where have all the flowers gone...?"

The Nun now has three young children to look after... A special ‘Combined Set’ at a special price.

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Particularly well with any of the following :

Civilian figures.

FOB101 One Old Man & His Dog

FOB099  “Refugee Mother & Son

FOB089  “Oskar Schindler & Itzak Stern

FOB068  “Old Man & Wheel Barrow



Morris CS9 Armoured Car

FOB151 "Morris CS9 Armoured Car"

An alternative camouflage scheme to FOB118... Goes very well with our K&C long-retired Vickers MK VI tank.

Perfect for any “Dunkirk” or “Fall of France 1940” scenario.

Our model is in the markings of the 12th Royal Lancers during the Battle of France in 1940 and comes with a vehicle commander figure.

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ALL British and French soldiers and vehicles of May, June 1940 can be seen and found under the K&C’s “Fields of Battle” series.



Another of the major ‘personalities” of the “Three Kingdoms” period…

General Zhao Yun

IC073 "General Zhao Yun"

Zhao Yun was a military leader who lived and fought in the late “Eastern Han Dynasty” and early ‘Three Kingdoms’ era. His life and exploits have been portrayed in books, TV series and movies... In the great Chinese historical novel, "Romance of the Three Kingdoms" he was praised as one on the ‘Five Tiger Generals’.

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IC072  “General Sun Qnan

IC071  “The Mighty Zhang Fei”

IC045  “Lord Guan Yu

IC044  “Liu Bei

IC043  “General Cao Cao

IC037  “Zhuge Liang

IC036  “Zhou Yu


7. "The SIX-DAY WAR"

June 1967 saw a war erupt in the Middle East that still has a far-reaching influence on the world we live in today.

Since Israel’s founding in 1948 it has been surrounded by a sea of Arab and Muslim hostility.  During its relatively short existence the Jewish state has had to fight a number of wars and countless counter-insurgency operations with many of its neighbors in the area and terrorist groups determined to wipe it off the face of the map.

The SIX-Day War, sometimes known as the June War, the 1967 Arab-Israeli War or even the Third Arab-Israeli War was fought between June 5 and 10, 1967 by Israel against Egypt, Jordan and Syria.

After heightening tensions between primarily Egypt (whose military forces were already mobilizing) in the first half of 1967 and increasing hostility from Syria in particular, the Israelis decided to act.

Outnumbered in men, tanks, artillery and aircraft Israel decided to ‘strike first’ and launched a series of early morning raids on Egyptian airfields (their most numerous opponent with the biggest and most modern Arab airforce).

On June 5, 1967 almost the entire fleet of Israeli fighter / bomber aircraft flew under the radar towards Egypt’s military airfields and virtually wiped out their entire airforce… on the ground.

Simultaneously, Israeli armour poured into the Sinai and sowed death and destruction on the Egyptian Ground Forces there… Destroying hundreds of tanks, capturing thousands of prisoners and driving the whole Egyptian Army back in disarray.

After destroying the Egyptian Air Force the Israelis now did the same to the air arms of Syria and Jordan.

At the same time elite Israeli paratroopers and tanks fought their way into the divided city of Jerusalem fighting a series of hard-fought battles against Jordanian defenders.

Meanwhile other Israeli soldiers and armour were attacking the Syrians on the Golan Heights on the northern Israel / Syrian border.

This dramatic new postwar military series of figures and fighting vehicles will tell, in miniature, just why Israel had to do what it did and how with a relatively small regular and part-time army it fought and defeated some of its most numerous, best equipped and belligerent neighbors.


General Moshe Dayan

IDF001 "General Moshe Dayan"

Moshe Dayan (1915-1981) was Defense Minister of Israel during the SIX-DAY WAR. As a former soldier with many years of practical experience he was the right man in the right place at the right time in June 1967.

Our K&C figure shows the one-eyed general on a tour of inspection just after the capture of Old Jerusalem on 7 June ’67. He wears simple, olive drab fatigues, his pistol belt and an old British Paratrooper helmet as he makes his way forward.

M51 'Super Sherman' Israeli Tank

IDF002 "M51 'Super Sherman' Israeli Tank"

Sometimes nicknamed the “Isherman” the M51 was a much modified version of the classic WW2 American M4 Sherman. It served the Israeli Defense Forces from the mid 1950’s up until the early 1980’s... a remarkable military achievement!

Israel received almost 300 of these models from France in the mid 1950’s... Sometime in the early 1960’s these M51’s were ‘upgunned’ with a powerful 105mm main gun and were also reengined with the ‘Cummins Diesel Engine’.

M51’s and their Sherman stablemates the M50 saw combat over a wide area of battle during the short SIX-DAY WAR. They fought in the Sinai... helped retake Jerusalem and the West Bank and helped capture the Golan Heights.

Our K&C model mounts the big 105mm main gun together with the secondary armament of a hull-mounted .30 cal. machine gun and a turret-mounted .50 cal. heavy machine gun.

Two Israeli tankers come with the vehicle and the tank also ‘sports’ a broad, black-bordered white aircraft recognition stripe on top of the turret and over the rear engine compartment. And now for the infantry support... A squad of elite Israeli paratroopers in action...

Israeli Machine Gunner

IDF003 "Israeli Machine Gunner"

At this time, 1967, Israeli Forces were equipped with a number of weapons including the FN FAL series of Assault Rifles and Light Machine Guns.

Using a 7.62mm round Israel order 2 x different versions... One standard rifle for the regular infantryman and the heavy-barrel version complete with bipod as a squad support machine gun.

Our advancing Para Machine Gunner carries his weapon with the bipod folded underneath.

Officer w/ UZI

IDF004 "Officer w/ UZI"

Our fast-moving Para officer is carrying the world-famous ‘UZI’ submachine gun. Israeli designed and built the UZI was used as a personal defense weapon by officers, artillery and armour troops as well as elite light infantry assault forces.

The UZI has also been a great military export success... delivered in large quantities to over 90 countries. From the 1960’s up through the 1980’s the UZI was THE most popular submachine gun for military, law enforcement and security forces around the world.

Para Rifleman Advancing

IDF005 "Para Rifleman Advancing"

One of K&C’s original Israeli Defence Force paratroopers going into action.

Radio Operator

IDF006 "Radio Operator"

Our crouching Radio Operator is also carrying an UZI as he listens in to all radio traffic on his American-made field radio AN/PRC25 commonly referred to as the “Prick 25”!

Israeli Female Soldier

IDF007 "Israeli Female Soldier"

The Israeli Defense Forces are one of the few international militaries that have a mandatory military requirement for women. Since the country's foundation women have played a vital role in Israel's Armed Forces. Generally speaking Israeli female soldiers operated in the support role during the '67 war however many were fully trained to use and carry the UZI especially in or near combat and rear areas where terrorists might operate.

Para Kneeling Ready

IDF008 "Para Kneeling Ready"

This Israeli Para is scanning nearby rooftops for snipers or any other hostile activity.

Lying Prone Para

IDF009 "Lying Prone Para"

Adopting the horizontal firing position this ‘trooper' covers his buddies as they move forward towards another area.


All our Israeli Paras are wearing the locally-designed and made olive drab combat uniforms.  Some photos show Paras wearing a mix of French-made “Lizard” pattern combat suits but these were beginning to be phased out at this time.

The fighting order worn by Israeli troops in ’67 still shows a ‘mix’ of American, British, French and Israeli items.  Para helmets too were a combination of American and British steel helmets usually covered with netting.



Purchase ALL SIX IDF Paratroopers AND Gen. Moshe Dayan and we will provide you the Israeli Female Soldier with our compliments!



Purchase ALL of the above IDF-S01 set AND our M51 “Isherman’ Tank and we will make it even better value for you!!!



In the mid 17th Century even a minor battlefield injury could prove fatal!

Standards of hygiene and professional medical skills and knowledge were to put it mildly… few and far between.

Surgery was often performed by barbers of all people!!!

The Surgeon & The Patient

PnM063 "The Surgeon & The Patient"

A wounded officer is attended to by, what we hope, is a qualified doctor...? With no kind of anaestetic the probing and the pain has to be endured. One side of the battlefield that is rarely seen...

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PnM072 The Witchfinder General

PnM054  “The Preacher

Providing some spiritual comfort.

PnM048  “The Bread & Beer Seller

Providing some other kind of comfort.



On a slightly lighter note… Let us return to a pleasanter, more green time, when all you had to worry about was making a safe journey through Sherwood Forest.


The Travelling Wine Merchant

RH026 "The Travelling Wine Merchant"

A fiery Merchant together with his horse and cart have met one of Robin’s Merrie Men as they traverse the forest.

As almost everyone knows Robin & His Merrie Men like to invite forest travelers to their encampment for a friendly meal... Providing of course they are happy to part with a share of their goods!

A great little set!

Happy Jack

RH027 "Happy Jack"

One of Robin’s trusty band extending a friendly welcome and the hand of friendship to the irate Merchant.

Mutch the Miller's Son

RH028 "Mutch the Miller's Son"

Another of Robin’s Merrie Band of Outlaws... He’s on his way back to the forest encampment with a hefty bag of flour... Just in time for the feast!



The modern state of Israel came out of the ashes and horror of The Holocaust and the terrible crimes committed by the Nazis… against the Jewish people… But how did the National Socialists and their gang of misfits and malcontents actually manage to take over one of the most cultured and civilized countries at the very heart of Europe…? DEUTSCHLAND ’33 will explore the almost impossible rise of the Nazis to power and their stranglehold over Germany.

LAH_213, 214_group_2

Oktoberfest Fraulein

LAH213 "Oktoberfest Fraulein"

Munich’s bierkellers saw the birth of the National Socialist movement and all that came with it... One of the bierkeller serving wenches.

Oktoberfest Prost!

LAH214 "Oktoberfest Prost!"

Another of Munich’s frauleins with a handful of full beersteins.

Bavarian Nazi

LAH215 "Bavarian Nazi "

Wearing traditional lederhosen this local raises his beer in greeting.

Veteran Mountain Guide

LAH216 "Veteran Mountain Guide"

The Nazis in Bavaria gathered about them a wide range of country and mountain folk who already had very right-wing views even before the NSDAP came on the scene!

Brownshirt SA Standard Bearer

LAH217 "Brownshirt SA Standard Bearer"

Even in conservative, right wring Bavaria the Nazis had their violent opponents... hence the wooden baton held in the left hand of this Standard Bearer.


LAH223 "SA MANN Brand"

"SA MANN Brand" was a German film made around the time Hitler became Chancellor of Germany. It was released in June 1933. This brownshirt is on the street promoting it.

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LAH210   “Taking Power”

LAH209   “Lederhosen Heini”

LAH208   “Adolf in Lederhosen”

LAH196   “Tall Poster Column”

LAH191   “Vote For Hitler!” #2

LAH190   “Vote For Hitler!” #1

LAH183   “SA Chief Ernst Rohm”

LAH137   “Drunk & Disorderly”



Death in Berlin

WH072 "Death in Berlin"

A lone dead German Soldier lies in front of a stone Berlin city marker... The end of the 1,000 year Reich... In just 12 years!



A short list…

The AS42 Sahariana

BBG098 "The AS42 Sahariana"

A small batch of these Desert Recon vehicles were dispatched to Russia and served with the German 2nd Fallschirmjager Division on the Eastern Front... Hence the MG42 machine gun sitting alongside the Italian flak gun ... The vehicle also is painted in typical German camouflage of the period and has a light “frosting” of snow.

Brown Shirt Hitler 1933

LAH156 "Brown Shirt Hitler 1933"

Throughout the period of the late 1920's and into the first half of the 1930's Hitler most often appeared in public this simple version of the SA brown-shirt uniform. The pose is also typical...

“Vote for Hitler!” #2

LAH191 "“Vote for Hitler!” #2"

A second Stormtrooper stands with his poster of “Der Fuhrer” looking menacing.

And that is that almost… On 27 & 28 May, Memorial Day Weekend  I will be in San Antonio for THE TEXAS TOY SOLDIER SHOW and hope to see some of you guys there. It’s always a terrific weekend and I am really looking forward to it.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
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