May 2020

In these weird and, perhaps, not-so-wonderful times we are all living through it’s important to remember those things that bring us enjoyment and simple pleasure… Like… Toy Soldiers for instance!

So, in spite of all the ‘Gloom ‘n’ Doom’ on our TV’s and the Internet here’s a little ray of 1:30 scale, all-metal, hand-painted sunshine… Enjoy!


1. "Cheers... Ancient Egyptian Style"

Just a couple of small add-ons for our AE series that bring an extra little dose of joy and cause for celebration on the banks of the Nile…

AE080, 081_group

The Female Brewer

AE080 "The Female Brewer"

Building Pyramids and other great monuments for the Pharaohs was thirsty work and the workers needed something more than just plain water to slake their thirst... Here a young woman is hard at work making a large jar of locally brewed beer for the toiling workers. As you can see it’s hard work toiling away under a blazing hot sun... hence the maiden’s minimal use of clothing!

The Princess, the Maid & The Baby

AE081 "The Princess, the Maid & The Baby"

While walking down to the Nile to enjoy a morning swim this young princess of the Royal House and her Maid discover a wicker basket among the bulrushes... Inside, a young baby.

Alas, in those days, it was not uncommon for poor slaves and peasants to abandon extra children or unwanted babes into the Nile in the hopes that they would find a welcome or a refuge with wealthier Nile dwellers elsewhere.

The biblical story of Moses being found in a basket by the Nile is probably the most famous example.



One of K&C’s, biggest and most popular ‘Australians at War’ series is the charge of the Australian Light Horse at the Battle of Beersheba in 1917 in what was then Palestine during the First World War.

The last couple of years has seen K&C put more emphasis on ‘Aussies in Vietnam’ however we’ve not forgotten about this dynamic range of mounted horsemen and we feel it’s time to add a few more…

AL106, 107, 108_group

ALH Trooper Mounting Up (Black Horse Version)

AL106 "ALH Trooper Mounting Up (Black Horse Version)"

A Light Horse trooper grasps the saddle with both hands as he prepares to hoist himself onto the back of his horse.

ALH Officer Turning-in-the Saddle

AL107 "ALH Officer Turning-in-the Saddle"

This great-looking mounted officer figure comes with the ‘turning-head’ feature which was first introduced with our ‘John Ford Cavalry’ range of horsemen.

ALH Trooper Mounting Up (Brown Horse Version)

AL108 "ALH Trooper Mounting Up (Brown Horse Version)"

The same figure as AL106 but with a different colour horse to add a little variety.



The ROYAL MARINES are the UK’s Commando Force and the Royal Navy’s own amphibious troops. Founded in 1664 they are one of the world’s oldest and most elite fighting forces and optimise Britain’s global military rapid response with the unique ability to handle a wide spectrum of threats and security challenges.

Since their foundation the ‘Royals’ have seen action in every corner of the world throughout the centuries, from the ‘Seven Years War’ all the way up to the more recent conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

During that time thy have formed close military ties with other allied Marine forces, particularly the United States Marine Corps and the Dutch Korps Mariners.


The Royal Marines have a long and proud history with many unique traditions. Their latin motto, ‘Per Mare Per Terram’ translates as ‘By Sea and By Land’.

This aptly describes their capability to fight as well on land or at sea as the situation demands.

The Royal Marine cap badge shows a British Lion atop a royal crown sitting above a globe of the world surrounded by a laurel wreath.

Their distinctive dark blue ‘parade dress’, as shown on our new figures, is usually worn with the ‘Wolseley’ pattern pith helmet.

All of these new K&C marines are carrying the older L1A1 Self Loading Rifles with fixed bayonets which remained in British military service from the late 1950’s up until the early 1980’s.

Before I became K&C’s Co-founder and creative director, I was proud to serve as a Royal Marine Commando from 1972-1977, hence my choice of rifle.

Shown in this issue of ‘DISPATCHES’ is the first batch of ‘Bootnecks’ (the military nickname for a Royal Marine) on parade. More are in the pipeline in the coming months time.


Royal Marine Officer w/Sword

CE041 "Royal Marine Officer w/Sword"

This marching officer wears the open neck uniform jacket with collar and tie along with ‘Sam Brown’ belt and accoutrements.

Royal Marine Officer w/Queen's Colour

CE042 "Royal Marine Officer w/Queen's Colour"

This officer carries the ‘Union Jack’ with the Corps battle honour ‘Gibraltar’ sitting above the Queen’s crown and the Royal Marine crest and motto.

Royal Marine Sergeant

CE045 "Royal Marine Sergeant"

Marching Marine Sergeant with red sash and carrying the SLR with fixed bayonet.

Royal Marine Marching

CE046 "Royal Marine Marching"

Regular Marine in ‘dress blues’ and carrying his SLR with fixed bayonet.

Royal Marine Officer w/40 Commando Colour

CE059 "Royal Marine Officer w/40 Commando Colour"

The Royal Marines have three elite battalion-sized units which together form the 3rd Commando Brigade. Our K&C officer carries the standard of 40 Commando, the other two are 42 and 45 Commando.

Complete Commando Colour Party

CE-S01 "Complete Commando Colour Party"

This attractively-priced set includes 1 x RM Officer w/Sword, 2 x RM Officer w/ Flags, 1 x RM Sergeant and 2 x Royal Marines as escort to the Colours.

Coldstream Guards Officer w/ Regimental Flag

CE056 "Coldstream Guards Officer w/ Regimental Flag"

A magnificent figure of a Coldstream Officer carrying the maroon Regimental Standard festooned with ‘Battle Honours’.


4. "Onto the Streets of Old Hong Kong"


The Fruit Seller Set (Gloss)

HK293G "The Fruit Seller Set (Gloss)"

A fresh and colourful alternative version of an old SOHK favourite... Complete with ‘Hakka’ lady fruit merchant.

The Fruit Seller Set (Matt)

HK293M "The Fruit Seller Set (Matt)"

A fresh and colourful alternative version of an old SOHK favourite... Complete with ‘Hakka’ lady fruit merchant.


5. "Israeli Recon Paras In Action"

While we await the arrival of the Israeli ‘Centurion’ here’s a little advance party of Israeli paratroopers leading the way.


The Recon Team

IDF032 "The Recon Team"

A three-man group of IDF paratroopers cautiously move forward while ‘scouting’ out the enemy. The Team Leader carries the recently introduced AR15 Carbine while the other two Paras carry the standard Israeli version of the FN 7.62 Self Loading Rifle.

A great (and useful) little 3-man set ready for action... anywhere... any time!


6. "The Real West"

From battles in the Middle East during 1967 and ’73 to a single battle in Eastern Montana in June 1876…


"Morning Star"

TRW163 ""Morning Star""

One additional mounted Sioux warrior taking part in the most momentous battle of the ‘Indian Wars’ in the years that followed the end of the Civil War.

Another dynamic and colourful addition to this ‘Battle of the little Bighorn’ series.


7. "The Big Bang"

American artillery played a vital role in the U.S. effort in South East Asia…. especially in defense of ‘firebases’ the length and breadth of South Vietnam. Among the most utilized artillery pieces that operated in the conflict was the venerable, WW2 era, 105mm Howitzer. Here is K&C’s second version, the first was the recently-released ‘ANZAC 105set.

VN, SP112_group_1

The USMC Artillery 105mm Howitzer & Crew Set

VN075 "The USMC Artillery 105mm Howitzer & Crew Set"

That’s quite a mouthful... but then it’s also quite a set too. The K&C ‘105’ comes with 4 x USMC Gunners to serve and operate the gun.

The 105mm M10A1 Howitzer was an artillery piece that began as the standard U.S. field howitzer of WW2. It also saw extensive battlefield service in Korea and Vietnam with both the U.S. Army and the USMC as well as with other Allied nations’ armies.

Our USMC version has 4 x Marines serving the gun and will also have future extra ‘add-on’ sets to complete the gun in action.

Extra USMC Artillery Personnel

VN077 "Extra USMC Artillery Personnel"

Two more ‘Grunts’ to help complete the scene... One marine carries more shells forward while a kneeling Marine radio operator relays coordinates and instructions from H.Q. for more ‘fire-missions’.

Special Note: The special ‘half-moon’ sandbag revetment will be available in June plus a set of extra ammo as well as discarded empty shell cases is also ‘in the works’.


8. "To The Streets of Olde London"

Although Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s most famous detective creation was Mr. Sherlock Holmes several other sleuths also appeared in his novels to occasionally assist (and sometimes hamper) the great detective in his work and criminal deliberations.

Among the most famous were…

WoD066 Group (1)

Inspectors Lestrade & Bradstreet of Scotland Yard

WoD066 "Inspectors Lestrade & Bradstreet of Scotland Yard"

In fiction Lestrade appears in no less than 13 of the Sherlock Holmes tales and is described as ‘one of Scotland Yard’s finest detectives’. That being said he is often portrayed as solid, reliable but lacking the almost superhuman knowledge and imagination of Holmes himself. However, he’s always useful as a ‘good man to have around’ in a difficult or violent situation.

Lestrad’s contemporary and fellow Scotland Yard detective is ‘Inspector Bradstreet’, who worked out of Bow Street Police Station and was member of the Metropolitan Police’s ‘B’ Division.

Physically, he is a contrast to the slim, slightly built Lestrade – Bradstreet is big and well-built and often wears a tweed suit which might indicate a more rural upbringing and early life.

Both fictional detectives have also appeared in several films and television series about Mr. Holmes & Dr. Watson’s many adventures.


And that, my friends, is the story so far as May is concerned.  However, there’s also this interesting little list of ‘retirements’ and ‘end-of-the-run remainders’ that definitely needs looking into…


Sitting Mechanic

AF027 "Sitting Mechanic"

This groundcrew figure perches neatly onto any of K&C’s World War Two fighter planes….Please note the trestle platform is not included.

Persian Standard Bearer

AG017 "Persian Standard Bearer"

This fierce looking warrior wears typical layered armour of the period and a gold-embossed helmet.

Persian Archer Firing

AG020 "Persian Archer Firing"

Skippy the Mascot & His Handler

AL092 "Skippy the Mascot & His Handler"

From time immemorial soldiers and armies have had animal mascots... In Egypt and Palestine, during the First World War, the Australian Light Horse had a kangaroo called “Skippy” as one of their divisional mascots.

Here, we see him with his personal “handler” having a polite conversation...

Marching Guardsman w/Rifle

CE010 "Marching Guardsman w/Rifle"

Our Guardsman steps smartly forward carrying his M1 Garand rifle with fixed bayonet.

Valentine MK III

DD189 "Valentine MK III"

This third and final version of the K&C “Valentine” tank is in the markings of the British 11th. Armored Division.

Formed in 1941, the division was kept in the U.K. for home defense but eventually landed on Juno Beach on D.DAY + 7. Thereafter it took part in the liberation of France before capturing the Belgian port city of Antwerp. From Belgium it moved into Holland. In March 1945 it crossed the Rhine and captured the German city of Lubeck before uncovering the horror of the Nazi concentration camp of Bergen-Belsen.

Our 11th.Armoured “Valentine” belongs to the 3/5 Royal Tank Regiment and appears as it would have in the months leading up to D.Day.

A half-body tank commander figure is included.

M3A3 “Stuart” Light Tank

DD223 "M3A3 “Stuart” Light Tank"

Named after the famous Confederate Cavalry leader our little “Stuart” is in the markings of the 5th Royal Tank Regiment and belongs to the 22nd Armoured Brigade of the famous British 7th. Armoured Division (The Desert Rats). Apart from its small 37mm main gun it is equipped with 2 x .30 caliber machine guns and a half-body tank commander.

"US M20 Armoured Car"

DD225 ""US M20 Armoured Car""

Fast, agile and always ready these speedy, lightly-armed vehicles were often the eyes and ears of battlefield commanders throughout the European Theatre of Operations.

This "summer" version of the M20 comes with a standing vehicle commander plus a partial body M20 driver.

Blitz Police Constable

FOB075 "Blitz Police Constable"

Holding a sign in one hand warning the public this constable prevents curious onlookers from getting too near the bomb-site.

Private Frazer

FOB130 "Private Frazer"

Walmington-on-Sea’s favourite pessimist, “We’re All Doomed!” is the war cry of this defiant but gloomy Scottish member of the local Home Guard.

Private Godfrey

FOB133 "Private Godfrey"

The Home Guard platoon’s resident medical orderly and the unit’s oldest veteran… A gentle soul who frequently needs to be ‘excused’…

WW1 Military Policemen

FW198 "WW1 Military Policemen"

A pair of “Red Caps” (on account of their red service cap covers) directing traffic and on the lookout for deserters, malingerers and others trying to evade their duties.

German Officer w/Field Telephone

FW210 "German Officer w/Field Telephone"

German Grenadier

FW211 "German Grenadier"

German 77mm Field Gun Set

FW217 "German 77mm Field Gun Set"

Two lone gunners remain to operate this artillery piece as the enemy approaches.


End of the Run Remainder



Thanks once more for your continued support and enthusiasm and let us know your thoughts, ideas and suggestions going forward. They are always welcome!

In the meantime… stay safe, stay healthy and enjoy your collections.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country