November 2016


This month’s “DISPATCHES” begins with the upcoming release of the balance of our first batch of Japanese soldiers (plus one captured British officer) from the “Fall of Malaya, Singapore & Hong Kong” range.

Talking of that … a team from K&C Hong Kong (and yours truly) will be down in Singapore in the middle of November to meet up with K&C collectors there.  We’re also expecting some more to come down from Malaysia and one collector is even coming up from Australia!

We will be previewing upcoming items as well as displaying other more recent releases.  Look out for us at the Singapore Cricket Club on Saturday 19 November from 12noon – 3pm.

So before all of that … Here’s all of this


1. "BANZAI !"

Although the original meaning of “BANZAI !” translates to “Ten thousand Years of Long Life!” It is more usually associated with the shouts of Japanese soldiers going into the attack or cheering a successful victory.

Our recent 2016 releases of Japanese soldiers, sailors and airmen (and their aircraft) of WW2 certainly merits a “BANZAI !” or two from both K&C dealers and collectors around the world … Here are another batch


Japanese Officer

JN025 "Japanese Officer"

A standing senior officer consulting his map ... on his head the Japanese sun helmet and by his side his “Nambu” pistol and traditional Samurai-style sword.

Standing Officer w/ Sword Drawn

JN027 "Standing Officer w/ Sword Drawn"

This junior officer prepares to lead his men forward with a touch of cold steel. Many Japanese officers preferred to dispatch their enemies with their Samurai sword rather than use their side arm ...

Kneeling Rifleman W/ Grenade

JN033 "Kneeling Rifleman W/ Grenade"

Crouching down on one knee this infantryman holds his rifle in one hand and a Grenade in the other.

Standing Machine Gunner

JN034 "Standing Machine Gunner"

With his Type 99 Light Machine Gun resting over one shoulder this soldier awaits the next order to advance.

Standing w/ Rifle & Bayonet

JN035 "Standing w/ Rifle & Bayonet"

Another useful pose ... With bayonet fixed to his Arisaka rifle this infantryman can be used in a number of different scenarios ... either in action or on guard duty.

Moving Cautiously Forward

JN036 "Moving Cautiously Forward"

This Japanese soldier moves slowly forward, ever watchful and wary.

Captured British / Empire Soldier

JN039 "Captured British / Empire Soldier"

Unfortunate wounded soldiers falling into the hands of the all-conquering Japanese had plenty of reasons to feel uneasy.



A Christmas Carolis one of Charles Dickens most famous and best-loved works … Here are three of the principal characters …

Ebenezer Scrooge

WoD037 "Ebenezer Scrooge"

“Scrooge” is the central character of this short 1843 novella. At the beginning of the tale he is a mean-hearted miser ... During the story we see him almost miraculously reformed thanks to the intervention of the “Ghosts of Christmas” ...

The Ghost of Jacob Marley

WoD038 "The Ghost of Jacob Marley"

This is the first Ghost to appear to Scrooge on Christmas Eve. He is Scrooge’s old business partner and now is seen covered in chains and damned to wander the earth forevermore.

The Ghost of Christmas Present

WoD039 "The Ghost of Christmas Present"

According to Dickens this particular Ghost is a huge, jolly giant who wears a green fur lined robe and is seated amongst a veritable wealth of delicious food and drink.

He is healthy, happy and full of good cheer ... in one hand he holds aloft a flaming torch.



Our main “Christmas Release” this year are these two colouful and happy little vignettes.


The Snowman Family

XM016-02 "The Snowman Family"

A small collection of tartan-garbed snowmen made up of Mummy, Daddy and Baby ... complete with very Scottish accessories!


The Dickens Village Christmas Tree

XM016-03 "The Dickens Village Christmas Tree"

This is sure to be the focal point of any “World of Dickens” display especially at Christmas time.

Our all-new decorated tree (much larger than the previous one) stands proudly on a stone base surrounded by wrought-iron railings ... Perfect for any Dickens town or village square.



It’s a long way from the Victorian London of Charles Dickens to the blazing sun of North Africa but we’ll make the jump anyway…


Rommel's ADLER Command Vehicle

AK107 "Rommel's ADLER Command Vehicle"

During his time in North Africa, Field Marshal Erwin Rommel made use of several different vehicles to get around the battlefield – both German and captured British. Two of his personal favourites were a pair of SdKfz.250 half tracks especially adapted for his personal use, “GREIF” and “ADLER”.

Back in 2007 K&C produced a “Strictly Limited” version of the “GREIF” which swiftly sold out and ever since has been much sought after on the ‘secondary market’.

Now, we have produced a brand-new and much improved model of the other vehicle, the “ADLER”. Again this new model has a fully detailed interior and two complete figures, a driver and a radio operator.

Unlike the first Command Vehicle this new version also has a 2-colour camouflage scheme.

Rommel on Inspection

AK108 "Rommel on Inspection"

Erwin Rommel was one general who always liked to see for himself what was going on. His frequent inspection tours of front line troops both boosted morale and gave him direct access to what was actually happening on the battlefield.

Here for the first time, we see the “Desert Fox “ wearing shorts alongwith his normal uniform jacket.

Rommel's Aide de Camp

AK109 "Rommel's Aide de Camp"

Usually when Rommel went out on his inspection tours he would always take at least one ADC with him ... to carry maps, take notes and to handle any one of dozens of tasks that he would need as he moved from position to position.

The AK Medical Officer

AK110 "The AK Medical Officer"

Always indispensable to any Army at war. Our officer indicates something as he makes his report.



From one part of North Africa to another area … further East this time.



The Village Stable

SP083 "The Village Stable"

Since we retired our original “Desert Village” Stable we have wanted to make a replacement. And now you see it.

This new “Stable” is very different to the old one ... A stone and half-timbered construction it can be utilized in a wide variety of historical eras and locations ... from biblical times all the way up to the 1st and 2nd World Wars... the choice is yours.


The Shepherds

LOJ042 "The Shepherds"

Again, thanks to the suggestions and ideas of collectors we have re-issued this older set but with different colour combinations.

The Goat Herder

LOJ043 "The Goat Herder"

Another useful addition with a different colour combination.

In The Carpenter's Shop

LOJ044 "In The Carpenter's Shop"

One more variation of a very popular set of Joseph the Carpenter with the youthful Jesus in his carpentry workshop.



Monty Python never spoke truer words

From the heat and dust of biblical Israel to the cold snow and damp of winter in Northern Europe in late 1944 and early 1945.

For the first time, K&C are releasing a number of British infantry figures as they would have appeared in the last winter of WW2 in Europe.


British Officer w/ Sten Gun

BBB003 "British Officer w/ Sten Gun"

It’s often forgotten that British troops also took part in “The Battle of The Bulge” in December and January 1944/45.

This officer leads a patrol forward on the Northern side of the ‘Bulge’ where both British and American troops helped force the Germans back as they attempted to enlarge their bridgehead.

Advancing Infantryman

BBB004 "Advancing Infantryman"

With his Lee Enfield rifle at the “high port” position this soldier is well-wrapped-up against the winter weather. In addition to his woolen gloves and scarf he also wears the long, sleeveless leather jerkin, much favoured by British soldiers since WW1.

Walking Bren-Gunner

BBB005 "Walking Bren-Gunner"

Using the web strap to help support the weapon this Bren Gunner stays on the alert as he advances.

Again, he’s fully kitted-out with cold-weather gloves, scarf and jerkin.

Advancing Rifleman

BBB006 "Advancing Rifleman"


BBB007 "Stop!"

This sergeant, Sten Gun in hand, is moving ahead of the patrol and has clearly seen something as he hand-signals back to the other men to halt.

Advancing Corporal

BBB008 "Advancing Corporal"

Another useful junior NCO to have in a patrol.

Special Note : This 6-man patrol is just the first installment of more “Winter-Clad” British Infantry and a great new COMET tank due for release in December 2016.



As K&C dealers and collectors already know K&C and Treefrog Treasures jointly produced the very special “Shannon Set” in September.  We also announced that there would be additional sets of US Army nurses to follow …


U.S. Army Medics Jeep

DD293 "U.S. Army Medics Jeep"

A WW2 US Army Nurse behind the wheel of the ‘classic’ jeep. This particular jeep is clearly marked with red crosses and, additionally, carries a red cross flag.



On 20 July 1944, a group of senior Wehrmacht officers attempted to assassinate Adolf Hitler using a time bomb hidden in a brief case placed next to Hitler during a meeting at the Führer’s headquarters in East Prussia.

The bomb exploded, killing and wounding several top officers attending the meeting … It completely wrecked the room where the meeting was held … But amazingly, Hitler escaped with relatively minor injuries!

Just a few hours later he emerged, seemingly intact, to see the destruction for himself and visit those wounded in the blast.

One Hour After...

LAH201 "One Hour After..."

The Führer, clutching a badly bruised right arm walks together with Field Marshal Keitel, Luftwaffe Chief Hermann Goring and Head of the Reich Chancellery Martin Bormann on their way to see the wounded officers.

A handful of photos survive of this short walk which proved to Germany and the world that Hitler had, once again survived a deadly attack.

Our 4-figure set is based on one of the photos.



G.I. Chef

BBA045 "G.I. Chef"

Sitting by a cooker this GI prepare a hot meal for the rest of his platoon. He’s taking no chances though… he still carries his MI over his shoulder. Is that because of the Germans… or is he worried his buddies won’t like his cooking!!!

MP Checking Details

BBA072 "MP Checking Details"

This standing U.S. Military Policeman examines some documents

Advancing w/Rifle #1

BBG056 "Advancing w/Rifle #1"

Looking straight ahead, left leg forward, and ready for battle...

Shouting Officer

BBG058 "Shouting Officer"

This officer is urging his men to speed up and stay together... despite the terrible weather conditions.

Winter MG34 Gunner

BBG059 "Winter MG34 Gunner"

Carrying his MG34 machine gun over his shoulder plus an extra box of ammunition.

I hate this weather!

BBG060 "I hate this weather!"

Rifle slung over the shoulder and other hand thrust deep into his greatcoat pocket this soldier seems to say "I wish I was anywhere but here!"

Kneeling w/ Rifle

MG040(P) "Kneeling w/ Rifle"

One more airborne soldier with his trusty Lee Enfield…at the ready.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country