November 2017


NOVEMBER is upon us and, before, we know it, Christmas will be too!  As you are about to discover there are quite a few items in this month’s release schedule that will make excellent gifts for family and friends who love history…  As well perfect presents from yourself… to yourself.

So, without further ado let’s go ‘look-see’ what’s in store for November…


Why not begin with an old, long-time favourite… ‘NAPOLEONICS’.

For colour and spectacle ‘The Age of Napoleon’ is hard to beat and here you can see why… Continuing our catalogue of the Grenadiers of the ‘Old Guard’ at the time of Waterloo we have 2 x small Two-Figure Grenadier Sets

NA399, 400, 405, 410, 411

The 'Old Guard' At Rest

NA399 "The 'Old Guard' At Rest"

A standing Grenadier converses with his sitting, pipe-smoking comrade...


NA400 "Guardsmen-At-Ease"

It’s fair to say that looking at these 2 x casually-posed Grenadiers on ‘Guard Duty’ the enemy must be far-away and certainly nowhere in the close vicinity.

Mounted Aide-de-Camp

NA405 "Mounted Aide-de-Camp"

The Emperor employed dozens of these dashing young officers to convey his instructions and orders all over the battlefield and beyond.

They would also, on occasion, act as his personal ‘eyes and ears’ reporting on how well officers and regiments carried out the instructions and orders carried to them by these self-same ADC’s

And now for something a wee bit different…

The Hussar Hussie #1 Monique

NA410 "The Hussar Hussie #1 Monique"

From ancient times armies have always acquired female ‘camp followers’; women who accompanied their men into battle and fed them, tended their wounds, sometimes even carried their packs and equipment... as well as providing other ‘creature comforts.’

All for the sake of a little protection and safety in a distinctly violent and unsettled world.

In Napoleonic times the practice continued and even increased as Napoleon and his Armies traversed the continent and beyond.

Different regiments attracted different kinds of female companions. The Cavalry being among the smartest turned-out also tended to welcome some of the prettiest ladies...

Here, is one such young lady, Monique, who has attached herself to the 7th Hussars.

Hussar Hussie #2 Sophie

NA411 "Hussar Hussie #2 Sophie"

Yet another fetching young lass, ‘Sophie’ is much enamoured with the officers of the 3rd Hussars... As they no doubt are with her!


2. "THE U.S. ARMY AT WAR 1944/45"

Over the years King & Country has produced more World War Two American G.I.’s than all other toy soldiers companies combined!

We’ve had them fighting through Italy and France in 1943 and ’44…  We’ve had them storming the beaches of Normandy on June 6 and battling their way through the Norman ‘bocage’ after D.Day.

We’ve taken them to the ‘Bulge’ in the winter of 1944 and had them defend Bastogne against all odds when no one thought they had a chance.

Now, they’re taking the war into the very heart of the Third Reich with this latest batch of “Fighting GI’s”…

Decked-out in the Olive Green M1943 field jacket these newest ‘Dogfaces’ come in a range of useful battlefield poses reflecting the reality of street fighting in Nazi Germany in the closing months of WW2.

Here is the first group of 5 X GI’s to be released…

DD307, 08, 11, 13

Charging Rifleman

DD307 "Charging Rifleman "

As his buddies provide ‘covering fire’ this GI runs forward from one firing position to the next.

Snap Shooter

DD308 "Snap Shooter"

This next GI is warily moving forward holding his M1 Garand in the ‘ready’ position in case a sudden ‘target of opportunity’ presents itself. Very much a ‘hunting’ pose.

Machine Gun Team

DD311 "Machine Gun Team"

The .30 cal. machine gun was usually not part of the regular rifle platoon weapons list... They were attached to battalions and companies who would then supply them to platoons whenever or wherever it was deemed necessary.

Our 2-man team would provide a volume of suppressing fire that would allow the riflemen to position themselves best for an attack on the enemy.

Turning BAR Gunner

DD313 "Turning BAR Gunner"

The standard U.S. Army Squad Light Machine Gun was the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (the B.A.R.). It used a twenty-round box magazine and performed in a similar squad support role as the British Bren.

Our BAR Gunner appears to be looking around a corner to get a better view of the enemy.


SPECIAL NOTE: Additional ‘Fighting GI’s’ will be released in December…

DD Dec Preview



This nickname was given in particular by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel to the ‘Diggers’ of the 9th Australian Division (plus one brigade of the 7th) as well as other British, Polish and Indian units defending the besieged Libyan port city of Tobruk.

The siege began in April 1941 and lasted until almost December of that same year.


The mainly Australian garrison was extremely adept at utilizing captured enemy equipment and would go out of their way, after every enemy assault, to go forward into the battlefield at night to recover as much as they could that might be reusable.

At the same time the Tobruk defenders dug an extensive network of tunnels and shelters to supplement their trenches… and used them frequently when under heavy bombardment.

Lord Haw-Haw’, the British traitor and German propagandist took up Rommel’s description dismissing the garrison as ‘the miserable desert rats of Tobruk’…

The defenders thereafter adopted the title with pride!!!


The original idea for these sets came from a pair of Australian collectors attending the K&C Evening organized by Peter Nathan of Elite Military Miniatures in Sydney earlier this year.  As soon as I heard the idea, I loved it and so, here it is!


Trench & Riflemen

EA124 "Trench & Riflemen"

Two Australian ’Diggers’ watch over their sand-bagged trench .303 Lee Enfield rifles at the ready.

Trench & Bren Gun Team

EA125 "Trench & Bren Gun Team"

As one Aussie scans the horizon for any sign of enemy activity his mate ‘mans’ the trusty Bren Light Machine Gun.

Trench & ‘BOYS’ Anti-Tank Rifle

EA126 "Trench & ‘BOYS’ Anti-Tank Rifle"

One more Australian infantryman together with his ‘BOYS Anti Tank Rifle’ takes aim at an approaching enemy vehicle.

Although adequate against light tanks and armoured cars in the early part of the war the ‘BOYS’ was ineffective against heavier armour. It was phased out by mid war... but still in use at the time of Tobruk.

Defense Under Fire

EA127 "Defense Under Fire"

Three lying-prone Aussies taking cover from enemy artillery and mortar fire.

Kneeling Rifleman

EA128 "Kneeling Rifleman"

One more very useful Australian infantryman with his .303 Lee Enfield.



For many years now, K&C has produced a special ‘Christmas-Themed’ release.  Among our most popular and requested have been our WW2 Christmas GI sets…

Well here’s one more to add to the collection…

XM017-01, 02

GI Santa On A Motorbike

XM017-02 "GI Santa On A Motorbike"

Someone, somewhere is dreaming of a White Christmas and this GI has decided to brighten up the drab wartime Yule Tide with a visit to a local orphanage!

Using typical ‘GI ingenuity’ this soldier has found an old Santa / St. Nick costume, ‘borrowed’ a military motorcycle and side car and loaded it up with whatever toys and gifts he and his fellow GI’S could find. They’ve even donated a whole case of a popular, well-known American drink that these kids have never tasted before.

This will be one wartime Christmas they will never forget!



From war-torn Europe to the “Streets of Old Hong Kong”… All in one mighty leap!

The Mid-Day Meal (Gloss)

HK269G "The Mid-Day Meal (Gloss)"

Two hard-working ‘Coolies’ (labourers) enjoy a well-earned rest from their labours and tuck into some simple but nourishing soup and vegetables.

The Mid-Day Meal (Matt)

HK269M "The Mid-Day Meal (Matt)"

Two hard-working ‘Coolies’ (labourers) enjoy a well-earned rest from their labours and tuck into some simple but nourishing soup and vegetables.



Although Robin Hood & His Merrie Men may rule the green-leafed glades of Sherwood Forest the dastardly Sherrif of Nottingham and his not-so-merry-men hold considerable sway elsewhere in the Country and Castle that dominates the town of Nottingham itself.

Two more fighting swordsmen and three additional Men-At-Arm’s prepare to join the Sherrif in searching and seeking out the elusive Robin as well as gathering in the taxes for the wicked and equally cruel Prince John…


Fighting With Sword Up

RH034 "Fighting With Sword Up"

The Double-Handed Grip

RH035 "The Double-Handed Grip"

Kneeling Sherrif’s Archer

RH036 "Kneeling Sherrif’s Archer"

Sherrif’s Halberdier

RH037 "Sherrif’s Halberdier"

Standing Sherrif’s Archer

RH038 "Standing Sherrif’s Archer"



There’s not a lot to say about the PzKpfw VI, better known as “The Tiger”, that has not been said before… It is, quite simply, the most famous German tank of World War Two… Perhaps, the most famous tank ever and certainly the most popular and the most collected!!!

Given its ‘TIGER’ nickname by its designer Ferdinand Porsche it has been called ‘The most outstanding tank design of its time.’  That it most definitely was BUT it also had some mighty faults… It was over-engineered… it required considerably greater resources of materials and manpower to manufacture it and… its fuel consumption was staggering (at a time when German fuel production was actually dramatically decreasing).

Its heavy armour and mighty ’88 gun were indeed impressive… and did terrify its enemies both on the Eastern and Western Fronts… But its manufacturing cost and its requirement for specially-trained crews meant that it never had the full impact on the Allies that it might have had. Just 1,347 Tigers were actually built between August 1942 and August 1944. After that time production of the Tiger I was phased out in favour of the Tiger II, better known as the ‘King Tiger’.

That all being said its fighting reputation among its opponents spread far and wide and led, in some cases, to almost panic whenever it appeared on the battlefield.

By far the most famous commander and promoter of the ‘Tiger’ legend was a young Waffen SS officer called… Michael Wittmann.

By the winter of 1943, Michael Wittmann had already acquired plenty of battlefield experience with the relatively new Pz. Kpfw. VI “TIGER”.

During the Battle of KURSK in early July, 1943 the young platoon leader had destroyed dozens of Soviet tanks, self-propelled guns and even artillery pieces…  He also survived a collision with a burning Red Army tank!

By the Fall and Winter of 1943 he continued to add numerous ‘Kills’ to his tally and was recognized for his achievements by the ‘Top Brass’ with awards and presentations.

One particular ‘presentation’ was special that was when Wittmann and his crew were to meet Jochen Peiper, another noted and popular Waffen SS officer.

For Josef Goebel’s Propaganda Ministry this was a major event to be recorded for posterity… Two Nazi Heroes for the price of one!

These new releases capture the moment…




Although the Tiger’s ‘Winter Whitewash’ is beginning to wear-off the tank stands in all its glory...

As a ‘Command Tank’, the model sports 3 x Radio Antennas, and 2 x top turret hatches that open and close allowing collectors, if they wish, to place figures in the ‘open’ position or have everything ‘bolted down’ for battle.

The main gun also elevates and depresses as required. Interestingly, although the tank itself has a battle-worn appearance the ‘kill’ markings on the 88mm gun are brand-new. This was because, for propaganda purposes, it made for a better picture to ‘show the folks back home’ just how successful Michael Wittmann and his crew had been.

In reality, tank commanders would not have wished to draw even more enemy attention to themselves, their crew and vehicle with such an ostentatious and obvious display.



This SIX-FIGURE set portrays the moment when Jochen Peiper, also in black tank uniform, greets the junior officer Michael Wittmann and his crew.

As you see Peiper gives the almost-casual half ‘Heil Hitler’ salute while the younger Wittmann gives the full, extended right arm salute in reply. Wittmann’s Crew stand-at-attention waiting to be introduced.



This combined SET brings together the “WINTER TIGER” and the FULL Six-Figure parade set at a very attractive and affordable combined package price.



As always, as the new comes in… Some of the not-so-new have to go out – Such is the way of the Toy Soldier World.

See what’s here that you may have missed!

Flower Stall Set (Matt)

HK224M "Flower Stall Set (Matt)"

Winter here in Hong Kong is a favorite time to buy all kinds of colourful blooms for the home. Here a local florist tends to her flowers and shrubs.

Captain & Waiter (Matt)

HK132M "Captain & Waiter (Matt)"

Wine Shop Customers (Matt)

HK133M "Wine Shop Customers (Matt)"

Two customers seated at a table enjoying a delicious hot pot and a cup or two of rice wine.

AK Machine Gunner

AK081 "AK Machine Gunner"

Difficult but not impossible… this gunner fires his magazine- fed MG34 from the hip.

Standing at Attention Set

WH-S01 "Standing at Attention Set"

This little 2-man set gives you two great Wehrmacht figures at a “special” price.

On the March Set

WH-S02 "On the March Set"

A 3-man marching Wehrmacht set to follow your marching officer (WH015). If you think 3 look good...try making it 33! Now that will really impress your friends. A “special value” package again!

And that, as I like to say, is that for another 30 or so days.  We hope you find more than a few things you like… There’s plenty to choose from.

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country