November 2021

WELCOME ONE & ALL to November’s ‘DISPATCHES’… Can’t quite believe that it’s that time of the year already and we’re almost within spitting distance of Christmas… Well, if we’re that close to Christmas then it must be time for ‘Santa’ surely…


1. "Santa finds a friend..."

Over the years K&C has produced a fair number of different ‘Santas’ in all kinds of different situations here is the latest little variation…


Santa & His Polar Bear

XM021 "Santa & His Polar Bear"

As Santa lives at the North Pole it seems natural that he should have some kind of a ‘pet’ to keep him company during those long winter nights. So, what better animal to have around as a ‘pet’ than a Polar Bear.

After all, he could have chosen one of his reindeers but didn’t like to pick ‘favourites’ among all his sled-pullers.

And so ‘Snowball’ the Polar Bear seemed the logical choice... plus he was house-trained and had an aversion to reindeer meat.

Here they are about to go off and deliver some presents to lots of little boys and girls who have been specially good this past year!


2. "Onto the Beach... And into the Woods"

Here is the third and ‘final’ batch of British D.Day Infantrymen for 2021. Fear not however, additional figures and fighting vehicle releases are already in development for 2022.

As before each of these figures is available with a choice of either sand (Beach) base or grass (Inland) base as the collector chooses.

In addition three of the upcoming infantry ‘Tommies’ have NO BASE and so can be used in either types of battle scenes.

Infantry ‘Tommies’ for Sand (Beach) Base Setting

DD355-359 (sand base)

Infantry ‘Tommies’ for Grass (Inland) Base Setting

DD355-359 (grass base)

Running Bren Gun Team (w/ Sand base)

DD355(B) "Running Bren Gun Team (w/ Sand base)"

Crouching to avoid enemy fire as they run forward this two-man team are looking to find some cover before they set up and begin opening fire on the enemy. As in previous releases of this range these men belong to the same South Lancashire Regt.

Running Bren Gun Team (w/ Grass base)

DD355(G) "Running Bren Gun Team (w/ Grass base)"

As above but with the ‘grass-covered’ bases suitable for inland fighting.

Casualties Set

DD356 "Casualties Set"

As one infantryman slumps to the ground after just being hit by a bullet or piece of shrapnel his mate writhes with pain as he clutches his blood-shattered leg.

Both figures have no base and can be incorporated into both ‘beach’ and ‘inland’ scenarios.

Soldier Being Shot! (w/ Sand base)

DD357(B) "Soldier Being Shot! (w/ Sand base)"

A well-placed enemy rifle shot catches this advancing infantryman in the right shoulder.

Soldier Being Shot! (w/ Grass base)

DD357(G) "Soldier Being Shot! (w/ Grass base)"

As above but with that ‘grass’ base.

The Sniper

DD358 "The Sniper"

Attached to each British infantry unit would be a number of snipers using the standard No. 4 .303 rifle but with the special No. 32 Telescopic Sight.

Our bloke has adopted the lying prone firing position. As you can see, no base is necessary.

Kneeling Firing (w/ Sand base)

DD359(B) "Kneeling Firing (w/ Sand base)"

A little classic figure in a classic firing pose on the ‘sand’ base.

Kneeling Firing (w/ Grass base)

DD359(G) "Kneeling Firing (w/ Grass base)"

As above but somewhere ‘inland’.



War is usually about one group of soldiers killing another group of soldiers who are often complete strangers to each other. It makes a pleasant change therefore to introduce some figures that portray the kinder, more gentler side of human behavior…

LOJ049, 50, 54_group

The Good Samaritan

LOJ049 "The Good Samaritan"

This little 2-figure set is based on one of the most famous parables told by Jesus... A travellers is waylaid by robbers who beat him and steal everything from him including most of his clothes. As he lies severely injured by the side of the road several people pass by but refuse to help the victim until a stranger, not even a countryman of the traveller, stops to help and rescue him.

The point of the story is that people should not limit their love and compassion for others to only those they know... but provide help and understanding even to those they do not know.

This set shows the kneeling good Samaritan supporting the unfortunate traveller and offering him a drink of water and aid.

The Donkey Boy Set

LOJ050 "The Donkey Boy Set"

As a companion piece to LOJ049 or as a ‘stand-alone’ set on its own... A young boy stands holding the head reins of a donkey. It might even be the good Samaritan’s own animal.

Suffer the Little Children

LOJ054 "Suffer the Little Children"

Jesus, in his travels the length and breadth of Judea always made time to talk to children... Here he meets with a young boy and his sister.



Three additional variations of three of K&C’s most popular crusader sets.

The White Swabian Knight

MK211 "The White Swabian Knight"

Battle axe in hand and about to sally forth to meet the enemy.

The Red Swabian Knight

MK212 "The Red Swabian Knight"

A mounted knight charging forward, lance held to the front


The Templar & The Lazarene

MK213 "The Templar & The Lazarene"

A dismounted Templar Knight carries a wounded Knight of St. Lazarus to safety.



The Ford Motor Company opened its first sales office in Weimar Germany in 1925 during the aftermath of WW1. Six year later it built its first factory and assembly plant near Cologne. By the time the Nazis came to power in 1933 the factory was already producing several different kinds of vehicles, mainly American designs, adapted to suit the European market.

It was not until just before the outbreak of WW2 in 1939 that the company was tasked with designing and manufacturing a medium size truck for the Germany Army. By that point the company itself was operating virtually independently of its American parent.

The result of their efforts was the Fordwerke V3000 which, after the Opel ‘Blitz’ was the most produced medium truck of the Wehrmacht.

WH099 Group (3)

WH099 Group (2)

The Fordwerke V3000 Truck

WH099 "The Fordwerke V3000 Truck"

This all-new King & Country model comes with a seated army driver and 2 x removable bench seats which, when fitted, can seat at least 8 infantrymen. When the benches are removed the open space can also accommodate all kinds of cargo, ammunition, supplies and even a 20mm flak gun and crew.

Sitting Panzer Grenadiers

WH100 "Sitting Panzer Grenadiers"

A set of 4 x seated Panzer Grenadier Infantry, 3 with rifles and 1 x NCO with an MP40 submachine pistol.

WS357_group 01

WS357_group 02

Tank Commanders Set

WS357 "Tank Commanders Set"

A set 4 x half body tank commander figures suitable for a wide range of K&C German armoured fighting vehicles.



It has been a long tradition in the British Army that senior members of the Royal Family are given honorary titles connected to many of the Army’s most famous regiments… Especially those regiments belonging to the Household Brigade whose first duty has always been to protect and defend the sovereign.

CE073, 74_group_02

HRH Prince Philip, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards

CE073 "HRH Prince Philip, Colonel of the Grenadier Guards"

The Grenadier Guards have a very special relationship with the Royal Family going back over 350 years. Until 2017 the late Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh was the regiment’s Honorary Colonel since 1975... an amazing term of duty of some 42 years!

Our K&C figure of the Prince is based on an actual photo taken in 2003 at Windsor Castle. The Prince stands at ease, one arm behind his back watching a parade march past.

HM King Edward VIII, Colonel-In-Chief of the Welsh Guards

CE074 "HM King Edward VIII, Colonel-In-Chief of the Welsh Guards"

This standing figure of the King who was never crowned. He abdicated in 1936 and is in the ceremonial, full dress uniform of the Welsh Guards, the Guards regiment he was most fond of.

After abdication he became the Duke of Windsor but would never wear this splendid uniform again.



As oft times before a fair number of very interesting items that I hope might find a place or two in any K&C collector’s collection…

The Breadmaker

AE045 "The Breadmaker"

Another woman, perhaps the baker's wife prepares the dough ready for the oven.

Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps

FW177 "Queen Alexandra’s Nursing Corps"

Here, a British Army nurse dispenses medicine.

The TAI PAN's House

HK256 "The TAI PAN's House"

This traditional walled and gated entrance can still be seen in some of Hong Kong’s outlying islands and remoter parts of the New Territories. There are also many fine examples in China itself and other parts of South East Asia where there are large Chinese communities.

A great centre piece and an excellent backdrop for all kinds of scenes.

A Knight of the Accarigi Family

MK104 "A Knight of the Accarigi Family"

This famous Tuscan family had red and gold as their colours together with the “fleur de lys” as their emblem.

Francesco di Sienna

MK105 "Francesco di Sienna"

Another crusader knight from Tuscany…armed with a mace.

A Teutonic Knight

MK106 "A Teutonic Knight"

A Knight of Saxony

MK107 "A Knight of Saxony"

Charging forward lance and pennant to the fore!

Farewell My Lady

MK108 "Farewell My Lady"

A kneeling knight takes his leave from his wife as he departs on his long and arduous journey to the Holy Land.

The Legate

ROM001 "The Legate"

A “Legatus” (anglicized as Legate) was a General of the Roman Army equivalent to a modern general officer. Being of Senatorial rank, his immediate superior was a Proconsul (provincial governor). The Legate outranked all Military Tribunes and was usually appointed by the Emperor himself.

The rank carried great prestige and was much sought after by Rome’s noblest families.

In provinces with only one Legion the Legate might also be the provincial governor.

In the field the Legate could be distinguished by his elaborate helmet and body armour.

Our K&C Legate is mounted on a black arab stallion and carries his own purple crested helmet.

The Pale Green Vespa Girl

VN083 "The Pale Green Vespa Girl"

At first K&C was only going to produce one pretty young Vietnamese girl on her Vespa motor scooter.

Once we saw how good looking the combination was we decided to give her a little company...

The Golden Yellow Vespa Girl

VN106 "The Golden Yellow Vespa Girl"

Wearing the traditional long white ‘Ao Dai’ tunic this young female student is on her way to college on her bright yellow Vespa.

The Baby Blue Vespa Girl

VN107 "The Baby Blue Vespa Girl"

Another attractive young Vietnamese girl makes her way through Saigon’s bustling streets.

Kneeling Panzerschrek Grenadier

WH075 "Kneeling Panzerschrek Grenadier"

The Germans were pioneers of these rocket-propelled, anti tank grenades and many an Allied vehicle fell victim to their accuracy and lethality.

Standing Ready w/Panzerfaust

WH076 "Standing Ready w/Panzerfaust"

A young Panzer Grenadier cautiously looks around a corner for a likely target... In his hands, the small but deadly ‘Panzerfaust’ anti tank rocket launcher.

Machine Gun Team

WH077 "Machine Gun Team"

This 2-man set has the excellent MG42 machine gun lined up and ready to decimate any approaching enemy.

This belt-fed machine gun was so well-designed and manufactured that a direct derivation of it is still in use with the German Bundeswehr (Army) today!

Standing Ready Panzer Grenadier

WH078 "Standing Ready Panzer Grenadier"

A very useful ‘back-up’ figure to support and cover WH076.

Kneeling Panzer Grenadier with Schmeisser

WH079 "Kneeling Panzer Grenadier with Schmeisser"

Another German favourite... the soldier with the MP40 machine pistol.

Standing Firing Panzer Grenadier

WH080 "Standing Firing Panzer Grenadier"

This Panzer Grenadier is armed with the standard German rifle of WW2... The Mauser K98, a bolt-action rifle firing the 7.92mm cartridge.

First issued in 1935 it saw continuous action until the end of the war in 1945.

The Sniper Team (2 figures)

WH082 "The Sniper Team (2 figures)"

Our sniper here is firing the “Gewehr 43” a semi automatic rifle that owes some of its development to the earlier Soviet ‘Tokarev SVT-40’.

It fired the same 7.92mm round as the K98 and had a 10-round box magazine.

Kneeling alongside our sniper is his ‘Spotter’ observing the enemy and selecting targets.

And that my friends and fellow collectors is the story so far… Look out however, in a couple of weeks time, for a great new 36 page, full-colour ‘Christmas’ Edition of ‘COLLECTOR’ with, I hope, more than a few great figures and fighting vehicles to look forward to for this Festive Season and into 2022.

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Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
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