October 2020

And so, we arrive at October, normally of course I would have been writing this just before flying off to Chicago and taking part in the Annual Show.

Well we all know what happened to that however I’m happy to say that although some things in life go astray ‘DISPATCHES’ just goes rolling along and so, without further ado here’s what you can expect this month of October…



You could say that ‘A’ stands for ‘Ancient Egypt’ and that’s always a good place to start… Especially, with this very attractive group of minimally-clad dancers, musicians and performers.


The New Kingdom Dance Troupe

AE082 "The New Kingdom Dance Troupe"

Three energetic and talented young ladies only too happy to enjoy Egypt’s fine and warm weather with the barest of bare essential covering.

The Court Musicians

AE083 "The Court Musicians "

These two ladies are providing additional musical accompaniment for the Dancing Troupe and are also very pleasing to the eye.

The Snake Charmer

AE084 "The Snake Charmer"

Snakes, especially Cobras, were revered and highly-prized in Ancient Egypt. Their images and representations can be found in and on many surviving monuments the length and breadth of the Land of The Nile.

Court performers would also include these beautiful but highly poisonous creatures in their performances... Here is one such example.

The Original Temple Dancers

AE023 "The Original Temple Dancers"

A second opportunity to obtain two of K&C’s most popular ‘Ancient Egyptians’. Back by popular demand after we revitalized and relaunched this series in 2019... at that year’s Chicago Show.



From the desert sands of Ancient Egypt to the cold, Atlantic waters of Cape Trafalgar off the southwest coast of Spain in the year 1805.

Admiral Lord Nelson

NA456 "Admiral Lord Nelson"

A revised and upgraded paint version of Britain’s greatest naval hero... Admiral Horatio Nelson, 1st Viscount Nelson and the doomed victor of Trafalgar where the Royal Navy decisively defeated the combined French and Spanish Fleets of 33 ships-of-the-line compared to Nelson’s 27.

Nelson is wearing the dress uniform of a Vice Admiral complete with his many medals and decorations. This, alas, was to be his undoing...

In the midst of the battle a sharpshooter on the French 74-gun ‘Redoutable’ fired onto the deck of ‘HMS Victory,’ Nelson’s flagship. His musket ball found its mark and the Admiral sank to his knees. The ball had entered his left shoulder, passed through his spine and lodged in the muscles of his back. Nelson died three hours later.

Since that time the admiral has had a treasured place in British history... Monuments, ships, naval shore establishments and many British pubs have been named in his memory.

This is our little tribute...


Italian Grenadiers of the Guard

In 1804, when Napoleon Bonaparte proclaimed himself ‘Emperor’ of the French Empire, the Italian Republic was similarly transformed, becoming the ‘Kingdom of Italy’ with Napoleon as its monarch.

For some time Italy had been a client state of France with its capital in Milan. This ‘new’ kingdom now ruled over most of northern Italy.

Its army was organized along French military lines and included regular line infantry, light infantry, dragoons and light horse. It soon grew to add on chasseurs, elite mounted gendarmes and… Royal Grenadiers of the Guard.

Many of the regiments wore green coats instead of French ‘blue’ however their general style and cut was copied from the French military fashion of the period.

Here are our first ‘Grenadiers of The Guard’ on parade… somewhere in northern Italy.


Marching Officer w/Sabre

NA457 "Marching Officer w/Sabre"

Officers of the Regiment had uniform jackets in green with white facings on the chest. They would wear riding boots instead of the long dark grey leggings of the majority of the rank and file Grenadiers.

Subaltern w/Regimental Colour

NA458 "Subaltern w/Regimental Colour"

The regiment’s colour and eagle were usually carried by a junior officer and based on French models but again with Italian ‘green’ replacing French ‘blue’.

This particular officer has chosen to wear the same leggings as his men.

Marching Grenadier

NA460 "Marching Grenadier"

Musket and bayonet held on the right side of the body this Grenadier marches forward.

Marching Drummer

NA461 "Marching Drummer"

An essential member of any parade note the ‘red’ uniform facings on the chest and cuffs.

Grenadier Officer Saluting

NA462 "Grenadier Officer Saluting"

Sabre held to the front this officer comes to the ‘salute’.

Grenadier Presenting Arm

NA463 "Grenadier Presenting Arm"

The ‘classic’ parade pose... One looks good, ten look even better!

Grenadier on Guard Duty

NA464 "Grenadier on Guard Duty"

This figure also works particularly well with K&C’s Napoleonic Guard Box (NA316)



It’s a long, long way from colourful Italy in the early 19th Century to war-torn Vietnam in the late 1960’s but it’s a jump we’re happy to make…


The Viet Cong Mortar Set

VN088 "The Viet Cong Mortar Set"

An essential part of any modern army’s offensive inventory is the mortar. During the Vietnam War the Viet Cong made much use of captured U.S. made weapons and ammunition. One of the most important was the M29 Mortar, an American-produced 81mm mortar that came into use near the end of the Korean War in 1952.

The M29 was lighter and easier to transport than its WW2 predecessors and, importantly, had greater range. The mortar’s maximum rate of fire was 30 rounds for the first minute followed by 4-12 rounds per additional minute. Its range was just over 5,100 yards and it was normally ‘crewed’ by up to five soldiers but could be operated by as few as two as seen here. Our Viet Cong team comprises a female loader and her male ‘gunner’.

Look out for TWO more ‘Mortar Sets’ in the coming months… A 3-man Australian set and a 2-man USMC set.

VN089 Group (4)

The 106mm Recoilless Rifle Set

VN089 "The 106mm Recoilless Rifle Set"

One of our first ‘Vietnam’ fighting vehicle sets was the Six-Barrelled M50 ‘ONTOS’ self-propelled, light armoured, tracked, anti tank vehicle.

Since its retirement K&C has received multiple requests for the single tubed 106mm recoilless rifle and here it is on its unique tripod gun mounting together with a US Marine gunner operating the weapon.

The perfect addition for any ‘street-fighting’ scene during the TET Offensive of 1968 in Hue or any other urban environment the Marines fought in.

K&C also has a number of 106mm Loaders VN016 readily available to make your set look even better PLUS VN014The Marine NCO w/Binos’ spotting for the gun crew.



Four more dynamic figures and sets that help tell the story of the desperate struggle on the banks and bluffs above The Little Big Horn River on that fateful day in June 1876…


Bloody Lance

TRW175 "Bloody Lance"

This bold Cheyenne Dog Soldier stretches down from his war pony to spear one of Custer’s men as they fight for their lives...

Alternatively he can be used in our buffalo hunt scenes as he lances a fleeing animal...

Fighting To The End

TRW176 "Fighting To The End"

As his wounded horse writhes in pain this dismounted corporal, cavalry pistol in hand prepares to meet his end.

Holding on to his Horse

TRW177 "Holding on to his Horse"

Another of Custer’s men attempts to control his panicking horse as the animal desperately tries to escape the murderous mayhem all around.

Eagle's Wing

TRW178 "Eagle's Wing"

A Sioux bowman strings another arrow to fire at the hated ‘Longknives’!



A ‘Second Edition’ of a great set.

The Street Toy Seller (Matt)

HK300M "The Street Toy Seller (Matt)"

Back in the day when all toys were hand-made this skilled craftsman tempts a young boy with one of his latest creations.

As the boy’s AMAH (faithful servant), tries to pull away the young lad another boy takes a closer look at the Toy Maker’s offerings.

A great little set...

The Street Toy Seller (Gloss)

HK300G "The Street Toy Seller (Gloss)"

Back in the day when all toys were hand-made this skilled craftsman tempts a young boy with one of his latest creations.

As the boy’s AMAH (faithful servant), tries to pull away the young lad another boy takes a closer look at the Toy Maker’s offerings.

A great little set...



From a street in Hong Kong to a very different street in Dickens ‘Olde London’


The Young Carol Singers

XM020 "The Young Carol Singers"

A young boy and his even younger sister come together to sing their favourite Christmas carols accompanied by a little snowman.

A perfect Yuletide Gift!



This month’s retirement list contains a lot of great K&C ‘Classics’ check ‘em out and make your list… You won’t regret it!

Baker Set

AE041 "Baker Set"

A young baker tends his oven as he prepares to offer a selection of bread to his customers.

The Water Carrier

AE043 "The Water Carrier"

A classic pose for an everyday occurrence and… a useful figure in any Middle Eastern scenario.

Fruit Seller Set

AE044 "Fruit Seller Set"

Surrounded by baskets of fresh fruit this woman offers a sample of her produce to a regular customer.

Officer w/ Pistol

AL041 "Officer w/ Pistol"

Standing Firing

AL042 "Standing Firing"

A dismounted trooper takes careful aim.

Standing Loading w/ Rifle & Bayonet

AL043 "Standing Loading w/ Rifle & Bayonet"

This en pied" figure is cocking his rifle and putting another round up-the-spout."

Lying Firing w/ Rifle & Bayonet

AL044 "Lying Firing w/ Rifle & Bayonet"

Radio Operator

DD171 "Radio Operator"

A radio operator should, whenever possible, stay closeby his officer.

General Omar Bradley

DD295 "General Omar Bradley"

This is the third “Bradley” figure K&C has produced and, I believe, the best one yet! Standing, hands on hips, General Bradley is dressed as he was on the morning of June 6, 1944 at the time of the Invasion of Normandy. As commander of the US First Army he won the respect and admiration of his soldiers as well as the nickname ... “The GI’s General” He had a long and distinguished military career eventually becoming Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and General of the Army. He died in 1981.

Tommy on Guard

FOB076 "Tommy on Guard"

This Tom" (Standard British infantryman) on guard duty… outside a barracks or next to a downed Messerschmitt."

Marching Tommy

FOB081 "Marching Tommy"

When the British Expeditionary Force were evacuated from France in June 1940 many of its men came back with only their rifles and field kit. Here, our regular “Tommy” has arrived back at his regimental depot and is undergoing some basic “square-bashing” i.e. foot and rifle drill.

Marching Poilus

FOB114 "Marching Poilus"

As one “Poilu” mops his brow the other doggedly marches on in this little 2-man set of French infantrymen.

Marching Machine Gunner

FOB115 "Marching Machine Gunner"

Carrying his FM24/29 Light Machine Gun another Poilu looks out for the enemy.

This robust and reliable weapon was partly derived from the M1918 Browning Automatic Rifle (BAR) and served the French Army for more than 50 years!

It was the standard squad-level automatic weapon and saw plenty of action in WW2 as well as postwar in Indo China and Algeria.

Marching Medic

FOB116 "Marching Medic"

All armies need medics and stretcher bearers and the French army was no exception...Here our “Poilu Medic” shoulders the folded stretcher as well.

Hotchkiss Machine Gun Crew Set

FOB117 "Hotchkiss Machine Gun Crew Set"

Originally developed for use in the First World War, this tripod-mounted gun was a sturdy and reliable source of firepower during the early stages of WW2.

As one of our gunners observes the enemy through his binos the other prepares to open fire.

Walking Wounded

FOB119 "Walking Wounded "

A British “Tommy” helps his wounded mate along the road towards the beaches of Dunkirk...and hopefully home to dear old “Blighty”.

Sling Arms

FOB120 "Sling Arms"

A typical British “Tommy” making his way towards the beach.

Rifle at Trail

FOB121 "Rifle at Trail"

Another British “Tommy” moving back towards the beaches of Dunkirk and, hopefully, ‘Blighty’.

Marching Officer

FOB122 "Marching Officer"

Swagger stick in hand the officer leads his men back to the beach.

Truck Passengers

FOB124 "Truck Passengers"

Two other “Toms” take the weight off their feet and have a moment’s rest. They’re been on the road for days now and deserve a break!

Both figures and the separate boxes they sit on fit perfectly into K&C’s own Morris CS8 truck (FOB091) or, as you see here, can sit next to a road or a building.


FOB125 "Knackered!"

The urban definition of that particularly English word “Knackered” means “completely worn-out” or “physically exhausted”.

It is in most common usage in Britain, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland and New Founland.

Our British “Tommy” here is sitting down by the roadway or perhaps in the back of the truck...but the description is still appropriate.

Corporal w/ Rifle & Bayonet

FOB126 "Corporal w/ Rifle & Bayonet"

Non-commissioned officers (NCO’s) are the ‘backbone’ of any army and this British corporal is no exception… Rifle shouldered (with fixed bayonet) this corporal sets an example to his men.


FOB127 "Dog-Tired"

Two of the French soldiers moving back.

Friends helping Friends

FOB128 "Friends helping Friends"

As one French soldier carries his wounded buddy another carries their rifles. 3 figure set.

Down… but not quite out

FOB129 "Down… but not quite out"

Another single French “Poilu” trudges onward.

KM Kettle Drummer

LAH162 "KM Kettle Drummer"

Napoleonic 7th Hussar At Ease (KnC Xclusive)

NA350X "Napoleonic 7th Hussar At Ease (KnC Xclusive)"

This standing 7th Hussar with shako in hand awaits orders for his next assignment.

*Only available direct from King & Country.

Napoleonic 7th Hussar With Sabre Drawn (KnC Xclusive)

NA351X "Napoleonic 7th Hussar With Sabre Drawn (KnC Xclusive)"

Another 7th Hussar going about his duties.

*Only available direct from King & Country.

Napoleonic 7th Hussar Guidon Bearer

NA352 "Napoleonic 7th Hussar Guidon Bearer"

A mounted subaltern carrying the Regimental Guidon.

Napoleonic 7th Hussar with Standing Horse

NA353 "Napoleonic 7th Hussar with Standing Horse"

One of the mounted escort party for the guidon .... Usually two Hussars made up the escort.

The Card Game

RAF063 "The Card Game"

Seated in their rattan chairs these two pilots, one a Flight Sergeant, the other a Flying Officer enjoy a game of cards to help pass the time in a rare moment of relaxation.

La Cremerie

SP056 "La Cremerie"

A typical 1940's style family-owned and operated little shop selling all kinds dairy products such as cream, butter, milk and, of course, a wide variety of excellent French cheeses!

Despite some minor battle damage the store is still "open for business".

And that’s that for another month. As usual I hope there’s something for you… If not, well there’s always November!

Best wishes and... Happy Collecting!

Andy C. Neilson
Co-founder & Creative Director
King & Country