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Inspecting Germania

Inspecting Germania

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Of prime importance in Hitler’s dreams was his wish to build not only a new capital for Germany...He wanted to build a new city that would be the capital of all of German-dominated Europe! And he was going to call it “GERMANIA”. Here, we see Hitler, together with his favourite architect Albert Speer overlooking a scale model of just part of their grandiose town-planning scheme for the bigger, better, bolder Berlin. The Fuhrer, leaning over the model, uses a magnifying glass to examine all the fine detail to ensure nothing has been left out... By his side stands the pensive (and proud) Speer happy to see his leader’s appreciation of his and his team’s work. Up until almost the final days of the Fall of Berlin one of Hitler’s favourite past times was to visit and inspect the many architectural models of “Germania”, his great capital city that would never be built!

Notice: Set includes Model Germania, Hitler, Albert Speer

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