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Col. "Jimmy" Doolittle


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CF027 Col. “Jimmy” DOOLITTLE was a major American aviation pioneer long before WW2. He is most famous for leading the legendary “DOOLITTLE R AID” on Tokyo on April 18, 1942. Just a few weeks after Pearl Harbour “Jimmy” Doolittle, then a Lt.Colonel, was given the order to attack Japan by air.Doolittle’s plan was to fly a force of B.25 “Mitcbell” bombers off a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier to bomb Tokyo and several other Japanese cities. This they did before setting course for mainland China. Although most of the American crews were rescued by Chinese villagers several unlucky flyers were captured and later executed by the Japanese. For leading the successful and daring raid Doolittle was awarded t he “Medal of Honour” by President Roosevelt. Afterwards “Jimmy” Doolittle was promoted to Major General and commanded the U.S. 12th. Air Force and later t he 8th. Air Force. Post war he held many distinguished posts. He died aged 96 in 1993. Our K&C Club figure shows him dressed as he was at the time of the “DOOLITTLE RAID” in April 1942.