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Lieut.Jack Grayburn V.C.

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John “Jack” Grayburn was a 26 years old platoon commander with 2 Para during the Battle of Arnhem. His citation of his posthumous Victoria Cross reads, “For supreme courage leadership and devotion to duty. Lieut. Grayburn led an assault to capture the southern end of the Arnhem bridge. Although attacking with great determination he and his men were forced to withdraw under heavy enemy fire. Jack Grayburn was wounded in the process. Throughout the next day and night him and his men occupied one of the approaches to the northern side of the bridge and repulsed several attacks on their position by enemy infantry, mortars and self-propelled guns. On the 19th and 20th September he took command of the remainder of his company and other elements and fought off more German attacks. He even organized offensive fighting patrols to harass and ambush the surrounding in their locations. During this period he was wounded a second time but still refused to be evacuated. Finally as a German tank approached his position he organized the safe withdrawal of his remaining men to a new defensive position. Later that same day, 20 September, 1944, he was killed. This is our small tribute to a great soldier…..

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