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The A6M Mitsubishi ZERO (1JNS “Akagi” version)


Availability: RETIRED & SOLD OUT

K&C’s first major release of a Japanese fighter aircraft and an iconic one at that! At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor the Japanese Navy “ZERO” was, without doubt, the finest carrier-borne aircraft in the world. Fast, light and packing a punch from 2 x machine guns plus 2 x cannon it literally flew rings around its opponents. Our first “ZERO” is in the markings of Lt.Saburo Shindo flying off the Imperial Japanese Navy carrier “Akagi”...It was him who announced “Tora! Tora! Tora!” over Pearl Harbor to signal the surprise attack. This K&C aircraft includes a figure of Shindo in the cockpit of his aircraft “saluting” as he prepares to fly off the carrier on his historic mission.

Notice: Just 250 of this Aircraft have been produced.