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The Panzer 35(T)


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In March 1939 when the Nazis took over all of Czechoslovakia one of their most important prizes was the Czech arms industry. Among the weapons of most use to the Wehrmacht were the Czech-made tanks…notably the Panzer 38(T) and its earlier stable-mate the 35(T). As K&C collectors and dealers know we’ve already released the 38(T) to much acclaim so we thought it only fair to produce the 35(T) and here it is… The Germans seized 434 of this light tank and it saw extensive service during the invasion of Poland, the attack in the West on Holland, Belgium and France and “Operation Barbarossa”, the invasion of the USSR. Although by 1942 it was obsolete it’s still a great addition for our “feld grau” collectors who like early-battles and campaigns. Our new model comes with the tank commander and a removable aircraft-recognition Nazi flag.