Dramatic Display by K&C

King & Country shows you how, using a little imagination and a selection of our diorama buildings and military miniatures, you too can make your displays ‘come alive‘ and look a lot more exciting. Here’s a closer look at some of our own dramatic displays designed and produced by the K&C Workshop in Hong Kong.

Destination Dunkirk!

Fortress Europe Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

Operation Market Garden Arnhem Ambush


The Big Bamboo


The Black Watch On Garrison Duty


A Long, Long Trail

Hi Guys,

One of my favourite songs of the First World War is “There’s a Long, Long Trail”…
For some reason I always thought it was a British composition. Turns out it was composed and written by two Americans and published in London in 1914.

The two men, Stoddard King and Alonzo Elliott were both ‘seniors’ at Yale.
I remember hearing it in Richard Attenborough’s first directional film “Oh, What A Lovely War” (1969).

Anyway, still one of my WWI favourites and very poignant.
Also the inspiration for this little display of our ‘1917’ figures…

Best wishes and happy collecting!


US Army M113

A little ‘sneak preview’ of the upcoming K&C M113 due for delivery early in the first quarter of 2020.
The fighting vehicle itself will come with a black GI driving and a half body gunner / commander in the armoured turret.
This US version also mounts 2 x M60 machine guns.
3 x additional M113 crew figures will also be available as well as a little set of 3 x ‘Grunts’ to ride on top.


M14's in Action

Hi Guys,

For just about 10 years, the M14 was the principle US military service rifle... before being replaced by the lighter, smaller-calibre M16.

Most experts however, especially in the Marine Corps, considered the M14 to be the best rifle ever issued to the troops in the field.
The USMC has always placed a high value on marksmanship and reliability and many Marines in Vietnam would have much preferred to hold onto their M14’s rather than have them supplanted by the newer, sometimes unreliable M16.

As the old Marine cadence goes...
“I don’t want no teenage queen I just want my M14”
Well, K&C and yours truly also like the M14 and we thought it deserves to be included in our ‘VIETNAM’ series.

Here’s an advance peek at our first 4-marine set of ‘Grunts’ in action with the fabled M14.

All the best and.. Semper Fi!


As The Battle Rages… Buddha looks on!

Here is the last of the preshow previews… On the outskirts of HUE during the TET Offensive of 1968 US Marines battle their way into a Buddhist monument that overlooks the city. Although bullets, mortar bombs and RPG rounds explode all around him the ancient statue remains impassive as the battle rages.
Hope you like it…


Building The Pyramids

Here is one of the ‘CHICAGO’ dioramas we had the most fun building… ‘BUILDING THE PYRAMIDS’. It combines ALL of our new Ancient Egypt figures plus many of our existing (and some retired) pieces… It’s almost CINEMATIC in style… A touch of the ‘Cecil B. DeMille’s’ to say the least. Hope you like it!


Island Hopping to Chicago!

Here is somewhere in the Pacific, Okinawa to be exact, as a platoon of K&C’s US Marines take out a Japanese Bunker.
Backing the leathernecks up is our brand-new ‘Pacific Sherman’ and an Amtrack.
Follow the battle but keep your heads down!!!
Semper Fi!


Combined Operations: ‘Market Garden’ & ‘Overlord’

Due to lack of space we combined the French Commandos attack on the Casino at Ouistreham in Normandy together with our current and latest ARNHEM ’44 releases of British Airborne forces.
Of course some of you have already seen the ‘Casino’ building before but not the stone base on which it stands.
In real life after the French Commandos captured the Casino they moved forward to link up with the British 6th Airborne Division.
So maybe mixing Commandos and Airborne is not such a bad idea after all!


Israeli Heavy Metal in Chicago

As many of you already know I am a big fan of the Israeli Defence Forces and am particularly interested in the 1967 6 DAY WAR and the YOM KIPPUR WAR of 1973.
Some of you may also know that in 2017 we introduced our first Israeli series which included the now-retired M4 ‘ISHERMAN’.
Well to replace that in our Israeli inventory we are working on its worthy IDF successor, The Centurion ‘Shot’.
This ‘mockup’ Israeli ‘SHOT’ will be on show in Chicago next week. It’s a K&C studio adaptation and conversion from our very recent Aussie ‘Vietnam’ Centurion... Hope you like it!