Dramatic Display by K&C

King & Country shows you how, using a little imagination and a selection of our diorama buildings and military miniatures, you too can make your displays ‘come alive‘ and look a lot more exciting. Here’s a closer look at some of our own dramatic displays designed and produced by the K&C Workshop in Hong Kong.

Destination Dunkirk!

Fortress Europe Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

Operation Market Garden Arnhem Ambush


Every Dio Tells A Few Different Stories

When Gordon completes a dio / display we like to bring it out of the workshop and into H.Q. to photograph it and try out some different 'scenarios'.

Here are different display possibilities using different ranges... NA, WS, D.Day'44 and 'Fields of Battle'.


Aussies On Patrol & Jungle Attack

Following on from the successful launch of our new ‘VIETNAM WAR’ series at the recent ‘Texas Toy Soldier Show’ here is a little peek at a different side to the war... from the Australian point-of-view.

As most of you may know, Australia was one of America’s staunchest Allies during this conflict and provided troops (advisers, special forces, infantry, artillery and armour as well as Royal Australian Air Force plus other support personnel) to help South Vietnam in its struggle.

Among these Australian soldiers were men from the Royal Australian Regiment.

Here is the first small ‘Advance Guard’ of ‘Aussies in Vietnam’ which we will be launching in Australia during the Annual ‘OzTrip’ to Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne in July.

Besides, click the diorama image , you will see another little look at Gordon’s little ‘Jungle Track’ diorama... This time with some of our upcoming NVA & VC in position.


The Gallant Polish Lancers

Another Look at our recently released Polish Lancers in action against a German infantry section who have been caught by surprise when their vehicle broke down as they were moving cross-country during the Invasion of Poland in September 1939.
Even a few figures can tell a dramatic story…


Ramcke’s Desert Exercise

In this little setup Field Marshal Erwin Rommel pays a visit to watch a training exercise conducted by General Ramcke’s recently-arrived Fallschirmjagers.

As the paratroopers put on a ‘live-firing’ demonstration Rommel tells Ramcke he wishes that they had a full division of these fire, fighting soldiers… and not just a brigade!


Fighting Inside Chinatown

Most large South Vietnamese towns and cities had a 'Chinatown' of various sizes... Here our Marines battle their way through one of them during the TET Offensive.


The Road To... And Out Of...

As usual we have special gifts and prizes for our local Collectors who attend Annual King & Country Toy Soldiers Collector Event at our store in Hong Kong’s Pacific Place. Here are 3 little Vignette / Dioramas (just 12” x 12”) that Gordon created as prizes for this evening. All displays are very flexible in use and in historical time periods!


HUE'68... with Tropical Vegetation added!

Here is the 'finished HUE'68 diorama' complete with some tropical and typical local vegetation to promote our new ‘Vietnam’ U.S. Marines in action during the TET Offensive of 1968.
The building is using an adapted version of our ‘French Bank’ which has been repainted and amended with Vietnamese signage... and a Viet Cong flag!
The walls are from the upcoming 3 x Wall Section set... but painted differently to match the house.
The Marines are just some of the ‘Advance Party’ of this exciting and dramatic new series.


Ramelle Diorama


Battle on the Beach

While photographing some of our upcoming and future USMC in action we decided to do another 'panorama' shot utilising all of the above with some of our existing Marines and... a long-retired K&C landing craft.
Let battle commence...
Semper Fi!


Railway Sabotage!

Gordon was looking over his photo files of some of his amazing dios from previous years... This one brought back many happy memories. Hope you like it too!