Dramatic Display by K&C

King & Country shows you how, using a little imagination and a selection of our diorama buildings and military miniatures, you too can make your displays ‘come alive‘ and look a lot more exciting. Here’s a closer look at some of our own dramatic displays designed and produced by the K&C Workshop in Hong Kong.

Destination Dunkirk!

Fortress Europe Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

Operation Market Garden Arnhem Ambush


The Cost of Victory & Marines in Camouflage Utilities

As most of you already know Gordon has built several different 'beach scenes' to help display our WW2 USMC Marines and fighting vehicles. The display measures just 30"X 14" and includes most of our existing 'leathernecks' as well as some 'works in progress'!

You might also have noticed a few of our Marines wearing “Camouflage Utilities” in “The Cost of Victory” diorama. While doing photo research on these I saw that some Marines wore a full set (pants and coat) while others appeared in ‘mixed rig’ (half ‘n’ half). So, here’s a selection of what we’re working on at present. We may change or alter a couple here and there…


On The Eastern Front

Last December at the London Show we displayed a very nice "Winter Diorama" featuring our new 'Russian Farm House' SP097... At the time I remember thinking that I would like to do a second version but with a "Summer" theme... Well here it is...

Eastern Front_1

Caught by Surprise

Here is a little vignette of our Polish Cavalry taking on a small column of German vehicles that had come to a temporary halt on a country road...




The Rats of Tobruk


The Roman Fort


Beach Landing




Apache Attack!


Berlin 1945

Berlin 1945_02