Dramatic Display by K&C

King & Country shows you how, using a little imagination and a selection of our diorama buildings and military miniatures, you too can make your displays ‘come alive‘ and look a lot more exciting. Here’s a closer look at some of our own dramatic displays designed and produced by the K&C Workshop in Hong Kong.

Destination Dunkirk!

Fortress Europe Hitler’s Atlantic Wall

Operation Market Garden Arnhem Ambush


Battle Damaged Building (SP065)

In a wartime scenario, either WW1 or WW2, buildings like this one were utilized for all kinds of purposes. K&C has provided you with some suggestions and a sheet *of signs that could be attached permanently or temporarily to provide the perfect battlefield backdrop for both figures and fighting vehicles.

* The sheet includes signs and posters for the following:
1. German Field Hospital (either WW1 or WW2)
2. British Casualty Clearing Station (either WW1 or WW2)
3. Russian Factory (WW2)
4. French Auto Depot (WW2)







German strongpoint somewhere in Northern France...

As you can see our newest (and best) French “Poilus” have stormed and taken a German strongpoint somewhere in Northern France...Utilizing all of our latest “horizon bleu” French infantry and just two of the little Renault FT17 tanks can make an exciting and interesting dio.


"A Not-So-Merry Christmas"

It's our latest version of Gordon's Winter Diorama for this year's Chicago Show


The Führer's Last Line of Defense


Operation Barbarossa