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The Real West

King & Country - The Real West 1876King & Country - The Real West 1876King & Country - The Real West 1876

TRW108_groupTRW133, 136TRW134,141_group King & Country’s ‘THE REAL WEST’ tells two different stories of America’s ‘Old West’ and how we remember it ... in actual history and in movie legend. On one side of this exciting and colourful range we tell the epic and tragic tale of ‘Custer’s Last Stand’ where Gen. George Armstrong Custer and his 7th Cavalry met their fate at the hands of Chief Sitting Bull and his Sioux and Cheyenne warriors on the banks along Montana’s ‘Little Bighorn River’ in June 1876. Elsewhere in the series we recreate, in miniature, the exciting and dramatic movies of famed film director John Ford.  His trilogy of U.S. Cavalry movies... ‘Fort Apache’ (1948)... ‘She Wore A Yellow Ribbon (1949) and ‘Rio Grande’ (1950) inspired K&C to produce a range of U.S. Cavalry as they appeared in the Ford films... together with their Apache adversaries. So, whether you want the strictly historically accurate U.S. Cavalry of ‘The Little Bighorn’ or the movie reality of ‘John Ford’s Cavalry... We have it right here!

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