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M51 'Super Sherman' Israeli Tank


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Sometimes nicknamed the “Isherman” the M51 was a much modified version of the classic WW2 American M4 Sherman. It served the Israeli Defense Forces from the mid 1950’s up until the early 1980’s... a remarkable military achievement! Israel received almost 300 of these models from France in the mid 1950’s... Sometime in the early 1960’s these M51’s were ‘upgunned’ with a powerful 105mm main gun and were also reengined with the ‘Cummins Diesel Engine’. M51’s and their Sherman stablemates the M50 saw combat over a wide area of battle during the short SIX-DAY WAR. They fought in the Sinai... helped retake Jerusalem and the West Bank and helped capture the Golan Heights. Our K&C model mounts the big 105mm main gun together with the secondary armament of a hull-mounted .30 cal. machine gun and a turret-mounted .50 cal. heavy machine gun. Two Israeli tankers come with the vehicle and the tank also ‘sports’ a broad, black-bordered white aircraft recognition stripe on top of the turret and over the rear engine compartment. And now for the infantry support... A squad of elite Israeli paratroopers in action...